By Anne Reed

The misnamed Hope Clinic for Women, located at 1602 21st Street in Granite City, Illinois, is notorious for its life-threatening medical emergencies. The abortion business is located across the street from Gateway Regional Medical Center, a 305-bed hospital originally founded just over a century ago as a private Catholic hospital. 

Most of Hope Clinic’s botched abortion patients completely bypass this facility and are transported by ambulance across the state line to St. Louis, Missouri, where they are treated at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, a Level One Trauma Center.

Since January 2022, Operation Rescue has documented seven potentially life-threatening emergencies at this dangerous abortion clinic that kills babies up to 24 weeks gestation.

At 9:45 a.m., on February 4, 2023, employees of the facility were observed by Operation Rescue’s sidewalk advocate associates wheeling a woman, who appeared to be in her thirties, through the parking lot and across the street to the emergency room at Gateway Regional Medical Center. 

Multiple escorts, with the fanfare of rainbow-themed umbrellas, walked alongside the patient as she was helplessly pushed across the street in a wheelchair. These “escorts,” are either paid or volunteer to ensure women do not listen to the voices of hope on the sidewalk – those who might warn women of potential dangers and offer real help that does not include a dead son or daughter on a mother’s conscience.

This late-term abortion facility is inundated with scandal and evidence of callousness toward babies and women. Just three months ago, life-threatening situations were documented two days in a row. The nurse who called 911 sounded alarmingly cheerful and playful as she informed the dispatcher of the emergency later coded “High Priority.” 

“This abortion business offers us a regular reminder of the soulless behavior of those who make a living killing precious, growing babies in their mothers’ wombs,” said Troy Newman, Operation Rescue President. 

“But it is also a reminder of our responsibility to pray for these evildoers who are not beyond the grace of God. We have seen many respond to that grace and be welcomed into the Kingdom of God, as well as the pro-life community. 

“We must also pray for each other as we work together to expose this dreadful, ongoing evil of our day.” 

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