Washington, DC – Over the objections of the majority of Americans, and even President Obama’s promise that no Federal funds would go to pay for abortions, the Senate voted 54-45 Tuesday to defeat the Nelson Amendment that would have prevented tax dollars from funding abortions.
“The so called ‘health care’ bill has become nothing more than a massive abortion bail-out masquerading as health care. Now we must turn to defeating this entire bill. It is perhaps the most important task for us to put forth our collective efforts as a movement at this time,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “If this bill passes, we will be forced to bail out a failing abortion industry and that could set back efforts to protect the pre-born twenty years.”
Yesterday, Operation Rescue released a report showing that over two-thirds of the nation’s abortion clinics have closed in the past 18 years.
“The abortion industry is in serious trouble,” said Newman. “The pro-life movement is successfully winning the hearts and minds of the American people through its tireless efforts to expose the truth about abortion. In addition, news that shoddy abortionists are losing their licenses, facing criminal charges, and even going to jail are causing women to shun abortion. The only thing that can save the crumbling abortion industry is an influx of our tax dollars – and Barbara Boxer and those of her ilk know it.
“Make no mistake. This health care bill is all about funding and preserving a dying abortion industry. That is why the radical abortion supporters in Congress have ignored the will of the vast majority of Americans and placed the entire prospect of health care reform at risk – along with their own re-election prospects. It is an act of desperation on their part.
“Every Senator and House member needs to understand that if they vote for abortion funding, on Election Day they will find themselves out of a job.”