Project Daniel 5:25 – Numbering the Days of ‘Legal’ Abortion


Project Daniel 5:25 is named after the Biblical story of Daniel, who was able to read the handwriting on the wall and predict the fall of a wicked kingdom. Daniel told the king that God had weighed his kingdom in the balances and found it wanting, therefore its days were numbered.

In that same spirit, Operation Rescue has looked at the “handwriting on the wall” as far as the abortion cartel is concerned and determined that it is a failing industry whose days are numbered due to changing attitudes toward abortion and decreased demand because of those changes. In addition, Operation Rescue and other pro-life groups are increasingly working to expose abortion clinic wrong-doing, which has led to the closure of dozens of abortion clinics, the arrest of several abortionists, license revocations, and in some cases, jail sentences.

We conducted an extensive research project to determine exactly the number and location of every surgical abortion business in America. This research will be the basis of a number of projects planned for the future that will use peaceful, legal means to close abortion clinics.

In 1991, there were nearly 2,200 abortion clinics. Today there are just 678. (As of Sept. 28, 2011) The pro-life movement should take encouragement in the fact that since 1991 over two-thirds of all abortion clinics have permanently closed.


Project Daniel 5:25 lists the names and addresses of the surgical abortion clinics in order to encourage pro-life activists to maintain a prayer and sidewalk counseling presence at these sites and act as watchdogs over the abortion cartel. We encourage pro-life supporters to carry cameras and other recording devices and document incidents of abortion injury and other wrongdoing, so that it can be reported to the proper law enforcement or oversight authorities.

Operation Rescue offers guidance to pro-life activists who not only want to protest abortion and pray for its end, but also are willing to work though legal channels to close the abortion mills for good. Please contact us at or at 1-316-683-6790.


We know from experience that closing abortion clinics saves lives. In 2006, Operation Rescue bought and closed Central Women’s Services, an abortion clinic in Wichita, Kansas. On the day we took possession of the building, we were able to speak with one woman who came for an abortion, but chose instead to keep her baby. The building was completely renovated and now serves as Operation Rescue’s national headquarters.

Over the ensuing months, many women have come to our offices seeking abortions. We have referred them to a pro-life pregnancy center next door where the director tells us that every woman who has come to them seeking an abortion at our former abortion building has instead made the decision to chose life for their babies.

Since the closure of Women’s Health Care Services in June, 2009, Wichita has become an abortion-free community. That same pregnancy center reports a dramatic increase in business and in requests for adoption information. Since abortions are not available in Wichita, more and more women who would have resorted to abortion as a quick solution to their problems have instead sought the help and support they needed to cope with their crisis pregnancies in ways that did not include the intentional death of their babies.


This trend is documentable through available statistical data. In fact, statistics show that the abortion rates have continued to decrease each year from a national high of 25 per 1,000 in 1980 to a national rate of 15 per 1,000 in 2005, the latest year for which there is available data. As public opinion shifts toward the pro-life position and as access to abortion services decreases, women are increasingly rejecting abortion in favor of life for their babies.


Below you will find an interactive map indicating the location of every abortion clinic in America. Click on pins to see information on each clinic. Purple pins indicate Planned Parenthood abortion clinics. The red pins indicate all other abortion clinics. You can zoom in for a closer view.

Below the map we have listed each location by state. In that list you will find the number of clinics per state, the ratio of women aged 15-44 per abortion clinic, and the abortion rate per 1,000 women aged 15-44 in that state. We have also ranked each state for ratio of women per clinic and for abortion rate. We have also provided charts and a graph where the statistical information can be easily viewed. (Map and charts current as of December, 2009. Some change has occurred since this data was compiled, and is reflected in the clinic list below.)

View Chart: Ratio of Women Ages 15-44 Per Abortion Clinic (Source: Operation Rescue)
View Chart: American Abortions (Source: The Guardian)
View Graph: Relationship Between Ratio of Women Per Abortion Clinic and Abortion Rate (Source: Operation Rescue)

The number of abortion clinics and their locations were complied by Operation Rescue with the aid of resources supplied by Life Dynamics, Inc. Information concerning the ratio of women per abortion clinic was based on data obtained from the Center for Disease Control. Information on the abortion rate was taken from a report compiled by The Guardian that was also based on CDC data.

This is a searchable database that is updated daily and provides much more information in an easier to access format. Click to visit

  • Michelle

    Mabel Wadsworth Women’s has moved. they are now at:
    700 Mount Hope Avenue
    Bangor, ME 04401
    right next to a huge cemetary

  • Candi

    I pray all these close down in Jesus’ Name! Let all with hearts of stone be given a heart of flesh. Let hands cease to shed innocent blood. Let all darkness and deception flee and let Truth reign and Life fill these states. Let all done in darkness be brought to light! AMEN.

  • m.w.j.

    Is abortionist Ava Moskin still at Mabel Wadsworth? Sadly she is Jewish too and you’d think she would have learned to respect life from learning from the Holocaust. Jews continuing to kill Jews sadly. God save the Jewish people and their offspring!

  • Sarah

    I live right down the street from the West Chester PA Planned Parenthood. There has been a pretty faithful presence there. Its a college town so of course tons of college kids drive by screaming obscenities but I feel strongly the Lord will close that place down someday!

  • In Illinois your list is accurate, but there are additional abortion providers as follows:

    Ryan Center at Univ of Chicago
    (elective termination of pregnancy and termination due to missed miscarriage) scroll down to:
    The UIC Center for Reproductive Health
    is a comprehensive and expert abortion practice at the UIC Medical Center that provides care for women who seek elective abortion and women who desire termination due to missed abortion.

    Other university medical centers (e.g. Northwestern University) are very likely to provide abortions as well, but I was not able to locate the proof with the Internet searches that I performed.

  • Kim

    Thanks for this website. I live in the state with the most clinics. Definitely we need to fast and pray in this cause. This is a spiritual battle! Please pray for chastity programs in each and every church throughout America. We must go to the root to get rid of the weed.

  • Melissa

    You guys are soooo amazing, this post really gives me hope. It breaks my heart to see all the places where abortion takes place because it is mind boggling that it’s even legal, but you guys are sooo on top of it. Seriously, God bless you all and keep up the amazing work. Your mission is my mission and O.R. will remain in my prayers.

  • ninek

    Golden Gate Community Health at 1866 B Street in Hayward has closed, effective Jan. 18, 2011.

  • Brenda

    Unfortunately, there are two new abortion clinics in the metro-Atlanta area of Georgia. Both are Planned Parenthoods and they both do RU-486 abortions. They are open on opposite days, with apparently the same staff going back and forth. Their addresses are as follows:

    Planned Parenthood– Gwinnett Center
    798 Lawrenceville-Suwanee Rd. Suite 300
    Lawrenceville, GA

    Planned Parenthood–Cobb Center
    220 Cobb Parkway
    Marietta, GA

  • John Leslie

    Your missing the Great Falls Montana Planned Parenthood

  • Operation Rescue

    Hi Brenda and John Leslie,

    Thanks for your input! Those clinics do medical abortions only. Project Daniel currently lists only surgical abortion clinics. Input from local activists helps us keep our list as accurate as possible and we do our best to check out every lead. Thanks for your help!

  • Ron

    Let’s Keep Up The Good Work and Stop the Baby Blood Shed !!

  • Dr. Chriss

    I am a man, having read the 281 page grand jury report, who is deeply saddened by abortion in general; however, the story of the Philly abortionist along with all those involved is most frightful along with all the loss of life there appear to do little to generate concern amongst women to put an end to this crime. What will it take for the women in society to end the murdering of babies?

  • Daniel McBrayer of AB services in ATlanta was arrested for road rage and according to this newspaper report he was disciplined for performing second trimester abortions in his office.

  • Judy Rogers

    Thank you so much for all your hard work, God bless you for being the voice for those who are unable to speak. I “shared” your site on fb, put a plea for anyone who goes to my page, if anyone responds you will be my first contact. How can I help your organization, I’d like to see all clinics closed quickly!

  • sue prullage

    I live in Illinois and work at the local pregnancy resource center. You did not list one of the worst late-term abortions clinics. It is called Hope Center in Granite City, IL. It performs abortions up to 24 weeks but we have had reports of up to 32 weeks.

  • Operation Rescue

    Hi Sue,

    The Hope Clinic in Granite City has always been on this list. You must have overlooked it.

  • Joan Brislin

    I thank you and your organization for all you done. May we all work together to end abortion and save the lives of all children. Almighty Father, please show us the way!!!

  • Sr. Marie Teresa

    Dear Troy,

    It is so heartbreaking that there are so many providers who take
    advantage of the disadvantaged, nurses especially. We were taught first do no harm. I wrote to all the clinics in Maryland. I reminded them of this teaching. Only half accepted. The rest returned to me.
    Mary’s land. Until the laws change our youth will remain confused.
    They trust that those who have credentials have morals. Perhaps
    that others risk so much to advocate will continue to move their hearts
    to protect their unborn. Thank you for your love and care and justice.

    In the Two Hearts,

    Sr. Marie

  • Clare Laurino

    It is true, as I have seen on EWTN, that the best way to close these abortion clinics is to open clinics to help women have their babies? I know this is very hard as resources are very scare. The women in California on EWTN who are doing this said that the abortionists told them that they were most afraid of pro-life clinics opening up.

    Is there a way for a regular person without much means to do this? I live in NYC and there are so many abortion clinics, although I do see signs in the subway for pro-life clinics also.



  • Operation Rescue

    We are in the process of updating. Look for big changes coming soon!

  • Dan

    Hi, I’m happy to report Michigan has 3 less than your list says. Three of them clandsed! Womans choice in Saginaw, MI, and in Lansing also Womancare of Lansing. Thanks for your work. God bless.

  • Dan

    “Closed” woops, tiny text buttons!


  • transgender4life

    Uh oh….. Dr. Marci Bowers is on the list. She’s listed under “Seattle Reproductive Health”. If any of you thought she was a hero, think again.

  • theyslaughtertheinnocent

    THE DAY OF THE LEGAL SLAUGHTER OF UNBORN HUMAN LIFE WILL SOON COME TO ITS OWN DEATH. AMERICA IS NOW PRO-LIFE!!! planned parasite can hide no more its EXPOSED corruption and its BUTCHERING OF BABIES, these baby-killing monsters are falling, along with this despicable pro-abort anti-life administration, all have walked right into their pit of fire to burn for all eternity.

  • Lisa White

    Im so happy to find pro-life friends. I’ve cried the entire time while reading your post’s. I’ve argued my pro-life position on FB to some very cold hearted men and women. Im shocked at how blind they are to what they defend, BABY MURDERS. They call me crazy for defending babies lives! What has happened to our country, has everyone gone insane? Theyre ranting about a ‘probe’ in VA before an abortion. I asked why they didn’t want to see what they were killing, an alive human being. They should be made to watch a video of a live abortion before they’re allowed to have one, I bet they would change their minds real fast. Anyway, thank you and God bless you all for your work. May God be with you in your fight to end this horror in His nation and soften the hearts of the blind and mislead.

  • Marlene Willis

    I came to know Operation Rescue and the work of Troy Newman, whom I respect very much.
    I believe him to be totally committed to his work. I like the idea of Pro Life clinics. I know you need a lot of money for all of this.

  • yters

    If so many abortion mills are closed, why has the abortion rate not dropped significantly since 1994?