By Cheryl Sullenger

Cleveland, OH — According to public 911 records obtained by Operation Rescue, an ambulance was called last week to Preterm, an abortion facility in Cleveland, Ohio — a known abortion training site — for a 21-year-old woman who was suffering “possibly dangerous bleeding” after an abortion.

Fred Sokol, a pro-life activist who regularly prays and offers aid to pregnant women outside Preterm, verified that he saw Preterm’s Medical Director, Mitch Reider, at the facility on the day of the medical emergency.

Reider is also responsible for overseeing the Kenneth J. Ryan Residency Training Program in Abortion and Family Planning, which is hosted at the Cleveland Clinic, a health care organization that operates medical facilities worldwide.

It would be Reider’s responsibility to be present on days when Ryan Program trainees were conducting abortions at Preterm.

The Ryan Program is affiliated with the Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health at the University of California San Francisco.  This program is the fruit of a globalist depopulation agenda that is funded by the likes of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, along with a host of other foundations and groups that promote abortion around the globe. 

The medical emergency occurred at 11:36 a.m. on Friday, September 10, 2021.  Photos provided to Operation Rescue that were taken by a pro-life activist on the scene showed the woman as she was wheeled out of Preterm on a gurney and loaded into an awaiting Cleveland EMS ambulance. 

The brevity of 911 call recording implied that emergency calls from Preterm are a matter of routine.

911:  And what do you have?

Preterm: Um, we have a stable patient.  Uh, she’s experiencing bleeding, um, and we need to get her to the hospital.

[Question about patient age.]

911: Twenty-one-year-old female and bleeding vaginally.  Conscious right now and breathing?

Preterm: [Long pause.]  Yes.

The woman was later transported to a hospital emergency room.

The heavily redacted Computer Aided Dispatch printout (CAD) blacked out the name of the medical facility to which the hemorrhaging woman was transported.

Preterm’s medical director, Mitchell Reider, was at the abortion facility the day the September 10, 2021, medical emergency occurred.
He is affiliated with the Cleveland Clinic, which hosts the Kenneth J. Ryan Residency Program in Abortion and Family Planning.

“It is obvious that the City of Cleveland is working with the hospital to cover up the fact that they are treating Preterm’s botched abortion patients,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue.  “This raises questions as to whether the politically powerful Cleveland Clinic was involved in Preterm’s latest medical misadventure and whether the Ryan Program training sessions are safe.  There is ample evidence they are not.”

This emergency is the twenty-first known time a woman was transported by ambulance from Preterm after suffering serious abortion complications and the second known botched abortion emergency at Preterm this year.

In 2014, Lakisha Wilson, 22, died after suffering horrific injuries from a late-term abortion at Preterm.  No one ever held responsible for Wilson’s death.

September 10, 2021: This ambulance arrived at Preterm, an abortion facility in Cleveland, Ohio, to transport a hemorrhaging 21-year-old woman to a hospital emergency room after an abortion.

However, the abortionist who conducted Wilson’s fatal abortion, Lisa Perriera, was later given an award by the Physicians for Reproductive Choice then promoted to a position as the Ryan Residency Program Director at Thomas Jefferson University School of Medicine, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  She continues to conduct abortions at the Philadelphia Women’s Clinic and serves on the Board of Directors of the National Abortion Federation, where she helps to develop national “clinical standards” for abortionists.

“Maybe Mitch Reider is striving for his own award and promotion,” said Newman.  “It seems that butchering women and their babies during shoddy abortions will get one far up the ladder in the Abortion Cartel nowadays.”