This video has been updated with actual 911 recording!

The age of consent in Washington is sixteen. Was a report of suspected child sex abuse filed?

By Cheryl Sullenger

Tacoma, WA — As pro-life activists peacefully prayed outside the Cedar River Clinic in Tacoma, Washington, on Monday, July 15, 2019, they noticed a woman who was taking her young daughter into the abortion facility.

One of the pro-life activists reached out to offer assistance to the mother and her pregnant daughter, but those offers were unfortunately refused.

What happened next may have made that mother wish she had taken the time to listen.

Once inside, her 15-year old daughter was prepped for a two-day late-term abortion in what was likely her second trimester of pregnancy.

The next day, July 16, the mother and daughter returned to the Cedar River Clinic for the last day of the abortion.

A Dilation and Extraction (D&E) dismemberment abortion procedure is standard in second trimester abortions, but carry more risks than the first trimester variety.

As might have been predicted, during the girl’s procedure, something went terribly wrong.

A recording of the 911 call placed by a Cedar River Clinic employee, which was provided to Operation Rescue by 40 Days for Life Tacoma, explained the cause of the medical emergency.

911: Okay, and what’s your emergency?

CRC:  We just need a patient transferred to Tacoma General for a possible uterine perforation.

. . .

911: How old?

CRC: Fifteen, and her mother is here with her.

911: Okay, and she can’t go POV [personally-owned vehicle]? Is she unable to go POV – private vehicle?

CRC [Hesitantly]:  Yes, um, the doctor said she prefers if she goes . . .

911: By ambulance?

CRC: Yes.

Pro-life activists watched as the ambulance rushed the teen away to the Tacoma General Hospital.

There are several female abortionists that have been known to work there, but the one involved in the July medical emergency has not yet been identified. 

Life-threatening injury

A uterine perforation is when a hole is punctured or torn in the uterus. It can cause extreme pain and hemorrhaging and is considered a life-threatening condition. If the perforation lacerates the nearby uterine artery – a relatively common occurrence – a woman can bleed to death internally.

Operation Rescue has documented cases where women have died from uterine perforations, including that of Jaime Morales, whose abortionist Robert Rho was convicted of Negligent Homicide last year for her death, and Cree Erwin, whose fatal uterine perforation went undetected until an autopsy was performed in 2017.

“We frankly do not know if this young lady even survived her botched abortion experience.  So many others with similar injuries have not. We pray that the Cedar River Clinic abortion chain will soon close permanently so the human suffering that occurs there daily can end.  It will take an act of God the liberal state of Washington, but God can do anything,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “We pray for social and political transformation in the state of Washington to a culture that embraces and protects life.”

Age of Consent

In the state of Washington, the age of consent is sixteen.  That means suspected child sexual abuse should have been reported by the abortion facility but it is unknown if that was ever done.  Abortion facilities are notorious at concealing episodes of child sex abuse and trafficking.  Instances have been documented by several pro-life groups, including Operation Rescue, Life Dynamics Inc., and Live Action.  

Unpopular left-wing ideology

The Cedar River Clinic in Tacoma is part of a chain of three abortion facilities in Washington operated by the Feminist Women’s Health Center, a radical leftist abortion organization that has operated for over 30 years.  They changed the clinics names to Cedar River Clinics in 2004 due to an inability to find anyone who would rent space to them and to deflect from their unpopular left-wing fringe history.

The Cedar River Clinics openly conduct abortions through the second trimester of pregnancy, and also advertise their willingness to do “fetal indications” abortions, which could easily run into the third trimester of pregnancy.