By Anne Reed

Updated 7/7/23, 5 p.m.

After the Indiana Supreme Court ruled last Friday to uphold the state’s abortion ban, signed into law last August but blocked the following month, 15 states will be abortion free after the law takes effect again later this month.

However, following the overturn of Roe v. Wade, other states have removed all gestational limits on the murderous procedure. Minnesota’s gestational limit previously based on the ambiguous point of “viability,” has been removed altogether. After a bill containing the language to repeal the gestational limit stalled in committee, pro-abortion Democrats found another way.

In lieu of a stand-alone bill, the language was buried in the state’s enormous 2023 Health and Human Services omnibus package approved on May 22, the last day of the legislative session. This came after Gov. Tim Walz (D-MN) signed the “Protect Reproductive Options” (PRO) Act on January 31. Though PRO broadly established a “fundamental right to abortion,” the legislature had yet to specifically address a gestational limit beyond the previously enacted viability limit. 

“Most Minnesotans are likely completely unaware that their state became the seventh U.S. state to allow abortion up to birth,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

Maine is on the brink of becoming the eighth state to allow babies to be killed at any stage of pregnancy – up to nine months as long as the child is still inside his or her mother’s body. Gov. Janet Mills (D-ME) introduced LD 1619, which removes gestational limits – currently based on “viability.” The bill narrowly passed the House and easily passed the Senate last Tuesday and is yet to be signed into law.

Click HERE for Operation Rescue’s regularly updated interactive map identifying gestational limits for each U.S. state.  

“Though we absolutely celebrate the growing number of states protecting innocent children, we are distressed to see other states killing these precious little ones at such an incredibly late stage in their development,” Newman lamented. 

“Sadly, we expect to see more women horribly maimed and killed in these states where dangerous late-term abortions are permitted. 

“Operation Rescue will continue to bring the truth to the American public about the dangers of abortion and the evil nature of the abortion cartel, all while doing everything within our power to legally close these dangerous, heartless facilities. 

“Those who operate these abortuaries claim to provide needed healthcare to women in desperate situations but act as hitmen instead. Too often these mom’s inadvertently subject themselves to intense suffering, or even their own demise.”

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