Operation Rescue Denounces The Killing of Abortionist Tiller

Wichita, KS – It has been learned today that George Tiller was shot and killed while entering his church on Sunday morning, May 31.

Operation Rescue releases the following statement:

We are shocked at this morning’s disturbing news that Mr. Tiller was gunned down. Operation Rescue has worked for years through peaceful, legal means, and through the proper channels to see him brought to justice. We denounce vigilantism and the cowardly act that took place this morning. We pray for Mr. Tiller’s family that they will find comfort and healing that can only be found in Jesus Christ.


  1. And on Pentecost! I hope he asked forgiveness at some point in his life.

  2. *Dr. Tiller, not “Mr. Tiller”. Thanks.

  3. Anne Robertson says

    While I would never encourage or condone such action I cannot pretend to feel sadness at his passing. He has taken the last infant life that he will.

    I am sad for his family and they have my condolences.

  4. Bill Gamelson says

    May God have mercy on his soul.

  5. And we just finished a novena for Tiller’s conversion. When I said the Rosary last week, my petition to Our Lady included, along with his conversion, “an end to his demonic career.”

    We certainly got that, though not in a manner any of us anticipated.

    Get ready; now the hammer falls. This is all the excuse Obama, Napolitano and jackbooted “law enforcement” at all levels need. This shooting will be spun by the anti-life lobby to demonstrate that all pro-lifers are latent terrorists.

  6. Some days I don’t know if “peaceful, legal means” would ever get the job done with such an inactive court system here in the U.S., but I guess it can’t just be said like it used too with a standard statement of the pro-life community being against guns and killing.

  7. I would take issue with the statement that comfort and healing can only be found with the Christ-ian religion.

  8. Bitter Scribe says

    And thank you, John Francis Borra, for reminding us who the real victims are here.

  9. Michelle says

    I wouldn’t put it past Obama and Napolitano to have done this so they have an excuse to start rounding up pro-life “radicals” and “terrorists”. Fits right into the way they seem to operate.

    If it was an self-motivated individual, wow, what a big mistake. I hate violence of any kind for any reason; it does the pro-life cause no favors and only serves as an opportunity for pro-aborts to dismiss the entire pro-life movement in its entirety. Exposing the truth about abortion through education, activism, and changes in the legal system are the only way to legitimately fight this fight. Violence is simply a reaction to frustration at the slow pace of progress and the temporary loss of focus and self-discipline.

    Sir or madam, please turn yourself in and have the courage to face the consequences of your actions, then ask the Lord for forgiveness. God bless you.

  10. I too take issue with the statement that comfort and healing can only be found in Jesus Christ. One certainly doesn’t need to be Christian to find comfort or healing. What shallow thinking.

  11. I am saddened for our prolife community today in this murder. Killing in any form is wrong.

  12. 1. I doubt very much that the person who killed Dr. Tiller had done all he could legally to stop him before he shot him. The taking of life should always and everywhere be a LAST resort in protecting it. Slash his TIRES for Pete’s sake, or something before you choose to kill someone. I pray that the damage done to the pro-life movement will be buffered by God’s mercy and special aid.

    2. The statement didn’t say the Christian religion, it said Christ. Christians believe that Christ is the second person of the Trinity, which is a way of describing God: 3 persons in one God. Comfort and healing, like all good things, come from God.

  13. Kiki Comps says

    @ Samir: don’t take it personally. Seeing as how Dr. Tiller was murdered in a Lutheran church, I would guess that statement was made in the spirit of shared spiritual values.

  14. Jennifer Neef says

    No one who truly loves life is rejoicing today. This was the taking of life and will never further the cause of innocent children. Loving Jesus should only make us feel more strongly about the precious gift of life~ Jesus died for EVERY life, that He might forgive desperately wicked condition~ this is all of us… Oh, how we need Him, as individuals and a nation, that killing in our schools, streets, churches, everywhere, would be unheard of because life is a precious gift that no one has the right to take. This is a loss for the Tiller family, and for babies not yet conceived. I am pro-life, I mourn this loss, as my heart breaks for all loss of life. A sad, sad day.

  15. Tiller’s killing reminds me of some other violent actions that took place in Kansas, that being John Brown’s raids where he killed whole families in their homes.

    The abolition movement was in no way responsible for Brown’s actions, just as the prolife movement is in no way responsible for Tiller’s killing.

    And just like the abolitionist movement, the prolife movement will continue to more forward. The actions of one very angry man cannot stop the fight against the slaughter of millions of babies.

  16. brian a. hayes says

    lets work to make it easier for adaption lets have a safty net there for the children born into poor families. if we are pro life lets not forget the children after they are born. lets talk about what needs to be done for the children. this is stuffs that this and other pro life websites need to talk about. dailogue is needed. not talk about an eye for an eye. i am pro life i am pro women. as a man i feel i have no right to tell women what to do with their body. why do men want to frame the debate about this issue. this issue should only be dailogued between women.

  17. I had just been praying every night for two weeks when it came to abortion to save their souls or slay them dead! and now Tiller is dead!

    Now I know God does NOT condone murder and this was not an order from God’s thrown…yet God ALLOWED it to happen. Even though Tiller was a heartless murderer of children I DO feel sad that he was killed. He was a human life too and now he is forever cut off from God. He never repented and you can read in the Bible what lies in store for those who do not repent of their sin (ANY sin–not just “big” ones) Tiller’s killer will suffer the same fate if he doesn’t repent of his sin too!

    Now you can expect pro-lifers to be harassed and our rights trampled because of Scott Roeder and his insanity! More children will die because of this than be saved. Women in crisis will be afraid to approach pro-lifers for help fearing we are crazy killers and legislation will be enacted to make us even more ineffective….just you watch! The clinic will open under Carhart next week anyhow so what good did it do to kill Tiller? I would rather see all abortionists repent and brought into fellowship with God. God saved Bernard Nathanson who aborted over 60,000 babies (including his own!) and Norma McCorvey who was Roe in Roe v Wade. God can forgive and restore….murder is Satan’s tool not God’s!

    God controls the UNIVERSE….if He wanted to end Tiller’s life , He could! He made Tiller’s body…formed Tiller in his mother’s womb…God could have very easily given Tiller a heart attack or whatever. God does not NEED us to manipulate situations. and it is never right to do wrong in order to get a chance to do right.

    My sympathies to Tiller’s family. truly.

  18. Grieving in Wichita says

    I wish to thank Operation Rescue and all other local right-to-life organizations who, with dignity and grace, have denounced this appalling tragedy.

    Thank you for your sensitivity to our surpassing grief; we, in turn, recognize your right to practice your faith.

    To the (very minuscule) minority who have not exuded these virtues at this horrible time: I not only deplore your callousness but the media who grant you coverage.

    This is not the time for egotism. This is not the time for self-aggrandizing. This is not the time for debate – religious, philosophical or otherwise. (I very nearly terminated a recent phone call with my mother for this very conviction.)

    As anyone who has suffered grief and loss knows with crystal-clear clarity: Healing can be agonizingly slow, if it indeed ever occurs.

    I understand that evangelical Christians believe that this peace can only come from Jesus Christ. I am all for prayer. I am all for peace and love. I don’t know exactly where God was at 10:00 a.m. on May 31, 2009 – but I pray He will reveal himself to ease the Tillers’ grief – even if I am not capable of realizing it myself.

  19. John Urda says

    Murder is murder, and is a sin. Murdering an abortion doctor is a sin. Anyone who condones such action is a sinner. If the left began systematically assassinating NRA executive, the right would be furious, condemning it as the sin it is. This is the same and NO one should think otherwise.

  20. Pro-life. Seems rather self-explanatory. Thou shalt not kill. That includes people that you disagree with.

  21. Dr Tiller his family many members of The united states government also His elca church family and the women who wanted the abortions are all guilty, For so many young children being murdered .
    They all cooperated or supported or simply did not do anything or enough to stop the murdering rampages against the most innocent
    there the ones that are cowardly act. I dont believe for one second it was right for
    the fellow who finaly killed Dr Tiller . It was not his place to do so it was this governments.

  22. Tiller lived by the sword and now died by the sword. A sick cycle of violence. Ironic. I’m saddened that it appears his heart was not softened before meeting his maker.

  23. Murder is not ‘civil disobedience’ against a law you don’t like. It’s just murder, plain and simple. And those that perpetrate it, and those who support the act, are simple thugs. Who are the real ‘killers’here?

  24. Killing a human being inside or outside of the womb is murder no matter how you slice it. Planned parenthood now admits abortion is killing a baby. Shooting abortion doctor George Tiller was murder just as he did with so many late term abortions. May God have mercy on his soul.

  25. To say I am conflicted over this murder is an understatement. I am vehemently opposed to abortion and everything Tiller did. He killed over 60 THOUSAND babies during his “career”.

    Every legal means was employed to stop him and every time, he walked away free. Had this not happened, he probably would have killed yet another 60 THOUSAND babies.

    Now someone else will assume his “work” and the slaughter of the innocent will continue. Our own president is radically pro-abortion and has no regard for life in the womb.

    Tiller is now a martyr for the culture of death in our country.

    When will it all END?

    What can we DO?

    Pray people…pray VERY hard that hearts and minds be changed, that human life regains it’s dignity in all stages and that the leaders of this once great nation of ours wake up to the fact that without respect for LIFE, we are all royally screwed.