Ambulances Transport Two Patients from Nation’s Largest Late-term Abortion Clinic in Albuquerque

By Cheryl Sullenger

Albuquerque, NM – Project Defending Life is reporting that an ambulance was called yesterday to Southwestern Women’s Options, the nation’s largest late-term abortion clinic. A woman was transported to the UNM Medical Center for emergency treatment. Her condition is unknown.

Tara Shaver of Project Defending Life told Operation Rescue that pro-life activists on the scene who photographed the incident indicated that police were the first on the scene and attempted to aggressively persuade activists to leave the clinic area. When they stood on their First Amendment rights, the police retreated to their squad car and observed them while the ambulance was at the clinic.

This is the 16th medical emergency documented at Southwestern Women’s Options since 2008. The clinic is one of the few in the nation to conduct abortions throughout all nine months of pregnancy and is staffed by California abortionists Shelley Sella and Susan Robinson, former associates of the notorious Kansas late-term abortionist George Tiller.

Another medical emergency that took place at Southwestern Women’s Options on February 13, 2014, also recently came to light. Again pro-life activists photographed the ambulance parked outside the abortion clinic as paramedics provide life-saving emergency care to a patient inside, who was later transported to the UNM Medical Center.

“Since the New Mexico Department of Health and the New Mexico Medical Board refuse to protect unsuspecting women seeking abortions we rely solely upon those who volunteer their time at local abortion clinics to document these injuries. It is long overdue that local and state authorities acknowledge and act on this serious crisis,” said Shaver.

New Mexico was chosen as the location for the late-term abortion business due to an absence of abortion laws that might provide oversight or even minimum safety regulations. Currently, New Mexico abortion clinics are completely unaccountable to any kind of oversight agency.

“Our prayers are with this woman and those like her who will continue to be injured at Southwestern Women’s Options. Those in authority in New Mexico who continue to turn a blind eye to the abortion crisis here in Albuquerque bear direct responsibility due to their inaction,” said Shaver.

[Photos provided by volunteers with Project Defending Life and the AHA/Abolitionist Society of Greater Albuquerque Area.]

University of New Mexico’s Abortion Clinic Forced Out Due To Pro-Life Campaign

By Cheryl Sullenger

Albuquerque, NM – The University of New Mexico Center for Reproductive Health (UNMCRH) abortion clinic is being forced out of its long-time location at 1701 Moon St. due to a pro-life presence that has ramped up in recent weeks. March 25 is scheduled to be the clinic’s last day at that location.

Recently, Project Defending Life launched its new PROTEST ABQ campaign that focuses on the UNMCRH where medical students from the UNM School of Medicine are trained to do abortions up to 22 weeks. PDL and Operation Rescue had previously exposed a series of botched abortions that required the emergency hospitalization of several UNMCRH patients.

The increased focus has had the effect of driving out the abortion clinic. According to Tara Shaver of Project Defending Life a “trusted source” informed them that the move was directly related to the increased pro-life protest led by Bud Shaver.

“Their exact words to our source were, ‘We are moving our location because we are being protested,’” said Tara Shaver.

“This is a huge victory for this neighborhood,” Tara Shaver continued. “Due to Bud’s faithful public presence over the past 3 years, neighborhood residents often voiced their shock and dismay to Bud once they realized that an abortion clinic was killing children each day in their neighborhood. Their question to Bud was often, ‘How can we get this abortion clinic out of our neighborhood?’ Well, PROTEST ABQ has proven to be the answer.”

Last year, the UNMCRH failed to renew their lease and began renting month to month in anticipation of a move, but it was not until the launch of PROTEST ABQ that the clinic sought a new location in earnest.

The abortion facility is scheduled to re-open at their new office located at 2301 Yale Boulevard SE, Building E, in Albuquerque on April 1.

PDL will hold a press conference outside the UNMCRH’s new location on Tuesday, March 18 at 4 p.m. (MDT) to announce efforts to prevent the abortion clinic from relocating.

“This baby killing mill is scheduled to open April 1st. We can keep this mill from opening!” said Fr. Stephen Imbarrato, founder of PROTEST ABQ. “The only thing that will allow this mill to change locations and open here is…apathy from the people of ABQ. If the people rise up the way they did for the petition last summer and the referendum, this mill will not open! We need to Protest ABQ and we need to do it now. Join us at the press conference at the new location this Tuesday! All are welcome”

“Because the UNMCRH is training abortionists who will eventually work at abortion clinics all over the country, this move is of national concern,” noted Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “We urge everyone possible to contact those who intend to lease to the UNMCRH and ask them not to do business with the abortion clinic.”

The public is asked to respectfully contact the UNM Medical Group and voice opposition to the UNM Center For Reproductive Health’s new abortion clinic location at 2301 Yale Blvd SE Building E.

Please contact Al Montano: 505-247-0444 and the UNM Medical Group BEFORE April 1st at this number: 505-272-3203.

Marching On: ABQ Pro-Life Initiative Advances in Neighboring County

By Cheryl Sullenger

Albuquerque, NM – Before the vote was in on the Albuquerque Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Ordinance, activists in Valencia County, just south of Albuquerque, began the process of passing a similar law on the county level. Last week, County Commissioners voted 3-2 to forward the ordinance to a public hearing set for December 11.

While no late-term abortion clinics exist in Valencia County, citizens were concerned that Southwestern Women’s Options, one of the few abortion clinics in the nation that will abort babies through all nine months of pregnancy, might attempt to relocate there if the Albuquerque effort had been successful.

With help from Bud and Tara Shaver of Project Defending Life, who gained valuable experience during the Albuquerque campaign, Valencia County activists continue to pursue their ordinance as insurance in the event a future attempt to ban late-term abortions in Albuquerque is successful.

In Valencia County, the legislative process differs from neighboring Albuquerque, where signatures were required to send the initiative to a city-wide vote. Already, the Valencia County effort has cleared several hurdles on its way to becoming law.

“This is a small glimpse of what we hope will spread across the nation as pro-lifers work to end abortion altogether at the city and county levels,” said Tara Shaver. “We applaud the Valencia County commissioners for taking on the responsibility to protect its citizens and the county itself from dangerous late term abortions. This can be viewed as a preventative measure that should be applied far and wide to prevent new abortion businesses from opening as well as closing those already killing babies.”

Already the Shavers are aware of several efforts in several cities across America that are organizing to propose abortion restrictions at the local level. Many activists are working quickly, with planning meetings scheduled before the year is out.

“In light of this new strategy, birthed in Albuquerque to enact pro-life laws and restrict abortions at the local level, we urge pro-lifers in every city to locate a pro-life attorney, contact their city councilors, county commissioners, and to research their city and county charters. Cities with strong conservative majorities on city councils and county boards should move quickly to introduce and enact pro-life laws. In those cities without sympathetic leaders, we urge you to follow the process and bring the vote to the people. The goal is to save as many lives as possible and this is just one way to do it effectively,” stated Bud Shaver spokesperson for Project Defending Life.

Meanwhile in Albuquerque, the city council is taking steps to change the city charter to make direct legislative initiatives more difficult. While the council justifies the changes as cost-saving measures, it is more likely that a socially-liberal majority on the council is more interested in protecting the abortion businesses that flourish in Albuquerque with little or no accountability.

While the Albuquerque Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Ordinance was voted down last month after national abortion groups, including Planned Parenthood, the ACLU and even Pres. Barack Obama’s own political action organization, outspent pro-life groups 4-1, the Shavers are convinced that the strategy of passing local ordinances to restrict abortion are a trend of the future.

“We are seeking to assist local and national groups in implementing this new strategy across America. This is a new trend that we believe will be incredibly effective in limiting or ending abortion at the local level and we look forward to working closely with local, state, and national groups to implement this strategy,” said Tara Shaver.

Those interested in implementing this strategy should contact Tara Shaver at or 505-319-7825 to learn more.