Two PA Abortionists Busted For Illegally Prescribing Drugs Along With Two Others

Harrisburg, PA — Pennsylvania Attorney General Linda Kelly announced today through a press release that two abortionists have been arrested for illegally prescribing and receiving prescription drugs.

Abortionists John Barrett, medical director for the Allegheny Women’s Center in Pittsburgh and Alton Lawson were charged with dishing out over 20,000 tablets of diethylpropion, each, to abortion clinic lab technician Mark Wagner. Wagner, who has also been charged, never paid for the weight-loss drugs, which he used apparently to treat depression and anxiety, but considered them part of his compensation for work at the abortion clinic.

Also arrested was former registered nurse Karen Kane, who was not affiliated with the Allegheny Women’s Center abortion clinic. She reportedly received ten bottles, or 1,200 tablets of diethylpropion from Wagner.

“Drug abuse and the illegal prescription drugs are rampant throughout the abortion industry,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “We have seen arrests and disciplinary action like this with abortionists all over the country. It’s one of the abortion cartel’s dirty little secrets.”

Earlier this year Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s late-term abortion mill was raided by the local District Attorney’s office after their investigations showed he was the largest supplier of OxyContin sold on the streets. After entering his clinic, police discovered a filthy “house of horrors” where semi-comotose women languished in labor during late-term abortions. Bodies of viable aborted babies were found that revealed that Gosnell was killing them after they were born alive. Gosnell was charges for the illegal distribution of drugs along with eight counts of murder.

In March, Florida abortionist Harry Perper was arrested and charged with racketeering, conspiracy and drug trafficking for his part in the operation of a “pill mill” where he recklessly prescribed OxyContin and other powerful pain medications.

“Because of these arrests, we demand that the State close the Allegheny Women’s Center. Abortionists who break the law should not be allowed to continue business as usual,” said Newman.

Read Attorney General’s Press Statement
Photo Credit: Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office

  • Anne Lastman

    It should come as no surprise about the susbstance abuses within staff of abortion facilities. Continuing the work of terminating the life of pre born infants must surely cause emotional grief (whether admitted or not) and susbtances must be used in order to continues.
    That abortion facilities are suppiers of drugs? especially pain alleviating drugs. why such surprise?
    This information should not surprise any of us because daily visuals of terminated infants must surely cause grievious pain to the soul, even where there is refusal to believe in a soul.
    No I am not surprised I deal with pain following abortion and the addictions that go with it. Not only pain killers and other illicit drugs but heavy alcohol use.