Troy Newman Speaks on Behalf of Aborted Babies in MSNBC Documentary on Tiller Murder

Wichita, KS – MSNBC will air a documentary about the murder of late-term abortionist George Tiller on Monday evening, October 25, 2010. Producers of the documentary heavily relied on Operation Rescue files and interviewed Operation Rescue President Troy Newman for the program.

“We completely understand the liberal bent of MSNBC and expect it to be heavily slanted toward the pro-abortion position. We were concerned with the involvement of talk show host Rachel Maddow, who is a radical abortion apologist who has grossly mischaracterized Operation Rescue and members of our staff on her nightly program. Never the less, we felt it was necessary to participate for several reasons,” said Newman.

The producers of the documentary wanted to tell two stories, that of the “saintly” George Tiller and that of Scott Roeder the “devil.”

“We agreed to do the show — even though we knew they would vilify us — because we had a third story to tell, and that is the story of the tens of thousands of innocent babies killed by abortion during Tiller’s long and checkered abortion career,” said Newman. “It remains to be seen whether or not MSNBC allows that story to be told, but we hope they keep their word to do so.”

MSNBC agreed to show images of aborted babies during the program.

Over a seven-year period, Operation Rescue engaged in an effort to expose Tiller’s horrific late-term abortion business and convince authorities close his abortion clinic for good. OR’s campaign publicized a shocking number of botched abortions requiring emergency hospitalization, discovered and publicized the death of 19-year old Christin Gilbert from a botched third-trimester abortion, and helped to convene two grand juries. Operation Rescue cooperated with the Attorney General’s office, which eventually prosecuted Tiller for committing illegal late-term abortions. While the criminal prosecution was unsuccessful, the attention set the stage for a disciplinary petition against Tiller’s license that was based on a complaint filed by Operation Rescue.

The following are just a few results of Operation Rescue’s seven years of work in Wichita, Kansas:

  • The number of late-term abortions dropped 54% in Kansas (based on stats from KDH&E)
  • A second abortion clinic, Central Women’s Services, was bought and closed by OR and now serves as our national headquarters.
  • Kansas State Board of Healing Arts discipline of Tiller on eleven causes of action was a certainty. (In fact, the KSBHA is now in the process of disciplining Tiller associate Ann Kristin Neuhaus on eleven very similar counts based again on Operation Rescue’s complaint.)
  • Tiller had shut down his political action committee, ProKanDo, once the largest and most influential PAC in the state.
  • Tiller had announced his retirement to his office staff just two weeks before his murder.
  • But before the KSBHA had an opportunity to act, Tiller was murdered by a lone gunman in a brutal act that Operation Rescue was among the first to denounce.

    In fact, Operation Rescue and its staff have a long history of peaceful activism and good working relationships with law enforcement agencies.

    “We fully expect to be vilified in the MSNBC Tiller documentary, but the truth of the matter is that Operation Rescue worked for seven years within the law and with governmental oversight agencies, law enforcement, and legislators to expose what we believed was criminal activity at Tiller’s late-term abortion clinic and bring him to justice. In the process, the nation became more aware of the tragic nature of late-term abortions and abuses within the abortion industry. Working with other groups, hundreds of babies were spared from abortion by tireless sidewalk counselors, including OR staffers, who never lost sight of the plight of the pre-born nor diminished in desire to save innocent lives. It is because of our combined work that Wichita today remains abortion-free and a safe haven for women and their pre-born babies.”

    The MSNBC documentary is scheduled to air October 25, 2010, at 9:00 pm Eastern time. Check your local listings for time and channel in your area.

    • e.w.

      PP is just looking for a defense and using this MSNBC as a tool to get info.

    • Anna Nordin

      this is the picture of a human being, a human baby that was killed by us. there is no other description. we are doomed as a culture.

    • I am glad Operation Rescue chose to participate in the documentary because it is always reasonable to hear both sides of a reasoned argument. While I detest the idea of abortion myself, I do not believe I have a right to tell a woman what to do with and to her body. As well one must consider the quality of life a child will face on being brought into the world. Grinding poverty, abandonment, and abuse can be the results of an unplanned or forced pregnancy. Having said that the issues highlighted here, especially those of botched abortions, need to be addressed on both sides of this issue. It is important that any medical procedure is held to vigorous regulations and standards, and that alternatives are presented, and most importantly that planning, focusing on abstinence and contraception is emphasized.

    • Mike Joesett

      How can you make judgements on a program you haven’t even seen yet? I could care less about the abortion issue but you people have no idea what the program is about!

    • Dona Wilkins

      I’m surprised that Operation Rescue is concerned about their portrayal on Rachel Maddow’s show, their own distorted view on this website sums up all any intelligent person may need to make an informed opinion on this subject.. if anything I’m pleased millions of Americans will be able to see just how Operation Rescue “operates”. The best disinfectant is exposure to light.

    • Operation Rescue

      Mike, I think we know what the program is about. We spent hours with the producers, gave interviews, and opened up our archives for the show. It took a lot of persuading for us to even consider doing this.

      Dona, You are right about disinfectant. That is why we shine the light of truth on the despicable deeds of abortionists. We have nothing to hide. We have saved thousands of babies from a horrific death through abortion and worked through peaceful, legal means to bring to justice abortionists who are breaking the law. We are proud of our work and are thankful to be able to do it.

    • Catherine Wahnsiedler

      I agree it was necessary to make the effort to reveal truth, while remaining aware that the reality is that media, particularly liberal media, will do everything possible to edit and spin that truth to create the propaganda of the intended message. As to the post about what disaster looms for women in unplanned pregnancies, there is no greater disaster to a child than execution, and no greater disaster to a woman than to live out her life with the moral weight of executioner on her mind and soul. We do not execute those in poverty, the abandoned or the abused, and to do so while yet unborn is a hopeless and indefensible act. There are absolutely no unwanted children–only unwanted pregnancies, and if you spend time at a clinic, you will soon learn that 99.9% are unwanted as a matter of convenience. So often, women who choose life do so IN SPITE of overwhelming reasons “not to,” feeling trapped by circumstances. We are all responsible to step up to the assistance of the unborn and to women who are in troubled situations.

    • Leslie Palma

      I watched Maddow’s show last night and I was surprised it wasn’t even more slanted than it was. It would be hard for viewers not to pick up on the fact that the three women who had late-term abortions and were willing to tell their stories, didn’t tell their stories at all. One said her 25-week-old baby was given a 3 percent chance of survival so she went ahead and killed her. Why not bet on the side of life? Anyway, the other two didn’t say why they waited until their babies could live outside the womb to kill them. The two doctors who talked about “maternal indications” for late-term abortions were also evasive. One said that women come in suicidal. How on earth is abortion the antidote to that?
      They did try to show the sidewalk protesters as extreme, but mostly what came through, to me, a pro-lifer, was the commitment of these people who show up day after day with no personal vested interest, just the certainty that murder is wrong.
      I don’t think the show made a case for there having been any kind of conspiracy to get Scott Roeder to commit the murder. Roeder certainly didn’t point the finger at anyone else.
      If Maddow had wanted to try her hand at actual journalism, she might have asked some of Tiller’s church friends, and maybe even the pastor, how a Christian congregation could welcome him with open arms. I know many mainstream Protestant churches call themselves pro-life, but I don’t think I have ever seen a minister on camera, being asked how he gets around that “Thou shalt not kill” thing.
      I thought Troy Newman came off very well, as did the other gentleman whose name I can’t remember. Randall Terry was very restrained, I thought. Tiller came off as smug and full of himself.
      Violence is never the answer, and as Troy pointed out, Tiller was pretty close to being shut down before he was killed. It’s too bad the legal system didn’t do it’s job.

    • jose

      “I was surprised it wasn’t even more slanted than it was.”

      Just to put it in a less hateful way, you were surprised the documentary was more balanced than what you expected. Examining our own a priori judgements is always a good thing. :-)