Operation Rescue Buys Abortion Mill: Closed Clinic Will Become OR Headquarters and Memorial to Pre-born

Wichita, KS — Operation Rescue has announced that it has purchased the building that housed Central Women’s Services, an abortion mill located at located at 3013 E. Central in Wichita, Kansas. The building will be renovated and serve as Operation Rescue’s headquarters, and will feature a memorial to the pre-born.

Quick action closes mill

Operation Rescue learned in late April that Central Women’s Services had not been able to pay its rent in months, and that the property was for sale. OR acted quickly to make an offer on the building through a third party, and specifically requested that the current tenant not be retained. That stipulation was placed into the real estate contract.

It was later learned that Central Women’s Services had come up with the back rent after the building had entered escrow, and asked to continue their rental agreement under the new owner. However, because the property was under contract, the abortion mill was instead forced to close.

“We have no doubt that if we had not moved quickly to buy that building, this abortion mill would still be in operation today,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue.

50,000 dead babies

The abortion mill, which did business under a variety of names over a span of nearly 3 decades, had operated in the current location for 23 years, opening on August 31, 1983, after relocating from an office near Pine and Emporia in Wichita. It is estimated that over 50,000 pre-born babies were aborted there.

The abortion mill captured the attention of local pro-lifers during the 1991 Summer of Mercy when a Pastor’s Rescue, led by Operation Rescue tactical director Jeff White, resulted in the arrests of 80 members of the clergy in what was likely the largest incident of civil disobedience by pastors in the history of the pro-life movement.

Small groups of sidewalk counselors have faithfully offered help to women at that location ever since.

Operation Rescue comes to town

In 2002, Operation Rescue relocated its offices from Southern California to Wichita and began a campaign to expose the abortion industry there. Since that time abortions have dropped a whopping 16% in Kansas.

Operation Rescue believes the drop in abortions has hurt the abortion industry across the board, and heavily contributed to Central’s financial difficulties. “Any company that looses 16% of their business is going to be hurting,” said Newman.

In addition to providing seasoned sidewalk counselors at the Central location, Operation Rescue purchased an empty lot behind Central Women’s Services and placed a large billboard sign there warning women of the dangers of abortion. This sign faced the main entrance, and was repeatedly vandalized. The Truth Truck was also frequently parked in the lot during abortion days.

Since the mill is now closed, Operation Rescue has donated the lot to A Better Choice, the crisis pregnancy center next door. Plans have been made to turn the lot into a park.

In recent months, Central was open for abortions only two days per month, contributing to their financial woes. Abortionist Kristin Newhaus once operated there until she quit the Central mill in 2001, finally leaving the abortion business for good in 2002 under a cloud of accusations that she had committed an abortion on an unwilling woman and other infractions. Abortionist Sherman Zaremski of Kansas City took over for Newhaus, driving three hours to Wichita to kill babies at Central. Then in December of 2005, the mill closed for five weeks. When it reopened, there was a new abortionist, Planned Parenthood employee Ronald Yeomans, also from Kansas City. Operation Rescue published exposés on all three abortionists and conducted First Amendment outreaches in the home communities of Zaremski and Yeomans.

In July, 2005, Operation Rescue documented a suspected botched abortion at the now closed abortion mill.

“God accomplishes His work through the obedient lives of His people. We believe that God brought us to Wichita to stop abortion, and that closing this mill and reclaiming it for Christ was part of His plan for us,” said Newman. “We are humbled and thankful that He chose to use us in this way.”

Selling out and leaving the horrors behind

In May, 2006, while the building was in escrow, Operation Rescue staff member Cheryl Sullenger attended a yard sale at Central Women’s Services where office supplies and equipment were being sold. She noted that the office was dingy, cramped, and dirty. The abortion business vacated the mill immediately after the sale.

During a walk-through of the vacant structure with a realtor after the abortion business moved out, the full nature of the filthy conditions were revealed.

“There was mold, and general filth,” said Sullenger. “The carpets outside the abortion rooms were stained with blood, even though it was evident that some effort had been made to clean them. The ceiling nearby was broken. All of the walls were dirty and some were covered with cheap contact paper instead of being properly maintained.”

Gruesome discovery

Newman, Sullenger, and Jeff White, who was instrumental in helping Operation Rescue obtain the property, discovered a small closet between the two “procedure” rooms. The closet contained a sink surrounded by gallon bottles of bleach and drain cleaner.

“Under the sink was one of the biggest garbage disposals I have ever seen,” said Newman. “The entire area had the stench of death. It was the sink where the suction machine bottles were washed. In fact, dried blood could be seen that had seeped out from the metal band that surrounded the sink top. There was a bucket marked ‘biohazard’ next to the sink. We were all sickened by the thought of all those thousands of innocent children whose blood had been washed down that sink. It was an experience I will never forget.”

Later that day, Newman called Norma McCorvey, the “Roe” of Roe v. Wade who once ran abortion mills but now works tirelessly to end abortion. He mentioned the sink and his suspicions that aborted babies were put down the drain there. She confirmed that it was once a common practice for abortion mills to put aborted baby remains down such disposals. “Oh, yes!” she replied. “And you can’t pour enough bleach down that drain to get rid of the smell.”

While there is no doubt that the bodies of aborted babies were once put down the garbage disposal at Central, in recent years the mill had apparently stopped the practice.

Central made news in 2005 when Operation Rescue learned that the packaged the remains were delivered by courier to Engineered Recovery Systems in Newton, KS, where they were “processed” and dumped in a landfill near Kansas City that had virtually become an aborted baby graveyard.

Out of death comes life

After the walk-through with the realtor, a woman approached the group to inquire about an abortion. Sullenger, a veteran sidewalk counselor, took the woman through the abortion mill and pointed out the general filth inside the various rooms. The young woman was clearly horrified by what she saw. Sullenger continued to discuss motherhood and the blessing of children with her. The woman decided against abortion left the scene with a commitment to keep her baby.

Redeemed in the name of Jesus

Plans for the building include a memorial to the pre-born and the conversion of one of the abortion rooms into a chapel. Part of the building will serve as Operation Rescue’s corporate offices.

“We want this building to be a testament to the redemptive power of Jesus Christ. If Jesus can redeem a building, He can redeem lives and heal hurting hearts,” said Newman.

“But before we can move in, we will have to do a lot of work to make the facility habitable,” noted Newman. “The stench of death permeates every corner, and the mold and general filth makes the building an unhealthy place to be at this time. The creative ladies on my staff have plans to transform it into a place that is warm, inviting, and functional for our work.”

Celebration planned

Operation Rescue plans to celebrate the closing of Central Women’s Services with a number of activities that will be announced soon. Prayer services of thanksgiving and blessing will be held, as well as an exorcism. Then will come the Grand Opening. Pro-life dignitaries from all over the nation are expected to come to Wichita to join in the celebration.

One more to go

“In spite of our celebrations, we know our work is not finished here as long as George Tiller continues to kill children and victimize women,” said Newman.

Tiller runs the better-known late-term abortion mill in Wichita, Women’s Health Care Services, that earned the city the dubious distinction of Abortion Capital of the World. He is currently under investigation by a Grand Jury in the third-trimester abortion death of 19-year old Christin Gilbert. Operation Rescue heavily documented that tragedy and worked with a grassroots coalition of pro-life groups to gather enough signatures of registered voters to convene the Grand Jury.

Operation Rescue plans to coordinate their activities to further expose Tiller from their new offices in the former abortion mill.

“As we continue to press forward to expose the unfruitful works of darkness that Tiller is involved with, we trust that God is continuing to work His plan here. He has not brought us this far only to have us fail, but to grant us victory. With the closing of Central, God has given us the first taste of that, and has publicly validated our step of faith in coming here,” said Newman. “God has truly been glorified though this.”

“Pro-lifers need to know that this mill closed because Christians decided to take meaningful action. We pray this victory will encourage others to act in their communities, because we have it within our ability, through God’s grace, to stop the killing,” said Newman.

Upcoming events involving prayer services and celebrations of the closure of Central will be announced soon.

View Photo Gallery Featuring Shocking Photos of Inside the Abortion Mill

  • Cheryl in southeast Florida

    PRAISE THE LORD another abortion clinic CLOSED!!!
    Keep up the AWESOME work all of you at Operation Rescue! You are an inspiration to all of us Pro-Lifers across the USA and around the world.
    I wish that my family and I could be there to celebrate with you all. We minister outside of the local abortion clinic here in our county. It is the only one left in the surrounding 5 counties……..we WILL see it closed too! God is doing a mighty work and it is because of people like you and I are standing up and speaking TRUTH and exposing the deeds of darkness.
    Thank you for all you do and please keep us in your prayers…..
    Trusting In Jesus,
    Cheryl in southeast Florida

  • Janice St. Hilaire

    Thank the Lord for people like you at ORW

  • Frank

    GOOD JOB, OR!! And it sounds like a nice piece of lawyering, vis-a-vis how the sale & contract details were handled.

    A thought, please: The sink. The garbage disposal. Other images. Might not maintaining part of the building in its present condition, for all the world to see, be a more powerful testament to the horror of abortion?

  • Thank You Jesus, I just hope now we can get George Tiller to close. We must Pray all the time. and keep the people working hard on getting him closed. but only in God’s time.
    God Bless, Carol Becker.

  • Thank you Operation Rescue for your respectful handling of this situation. I would concur with Frank’s comments above. Please maintain at least part of the building in its current condition, and allow exposure of the garbage disposal so the public can view it if they desire. It would serve as both a memorial and an educational tool, as it brings home the reality of the gruesome practice of abortion in Kansas.

    In sincere appreciation,

    Kansas State Representative Mary Pilcher Cook

  • Happy Wonderer

    Good job, ORW.

    Your press release proves that my comment to the original story of the mill’s closure was right: The business had not been sold; the killers just closed it up.

    Now, think about this: The folks that run this mill could not pay their rent for so long that they were forced to close. Then, they scurry up some money and want to pay back rent so they can keep on killing?

    These people are not pro-choice. These people are pro-death. THESE PEOPLE ENJOY KILLING CHILDREN. Period.

  • lime5


    And I heartily second Frank’s motion to somehow preserve the sink/garbage disposal, the killing chamber & machinery as much as you can…The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum includes such relics as the fire-warped truck frame used to load bodies into the Nazi crematoriums, a boxcar used to deport Jews and other “undesirables” to the death camps, the table used for dissection, removal of gold teeth, etc. of the victims…it definitely adds to the effectiveness of the permanent display. Be sure to include the crematorium when Tiller’s finally bites the dust…otherwise, clean the place up, have all available photos of the victims posted. The USHMM in D.C. has a relatively new exhibit called “Remember the Children: Daniel’s story” (check it out at http://www.ushmm.org/museum/exhibit/index.php?content=exhibit/; you may find the video especially inspiring as you set up a similar memorial to the American holocaust) …better yet, visit the USHMM in D.C. and go through this yourself. Especially at the end, where you can leave a message for all the victims and survivors (though any survivor is a victim of the indescribable losses inflicted by any holocaust) represented in Daniel’s story.

    As resourceful and self-contained as ORW is, it is difficult to imagine, but if I can assist in any way with this, you know where to find me…in the meantime, all the best and I can’t wait to see the end result!


  • Ellen Myers

    Keeping the actual killing rooms and equipment in that abortuary as part of a future museum is an excellent idea.
    If no Holocaust museums of the Nazi murders had been opened and maintained for the general public to see, the Holocaust might now be forgotten or successfully denied. By now nearly 50 million pre-born babies in America have become the victims of abortionists. These innocent human beings, like the innocent Jews Hitler murdered, should not be forgotten!

  • Debra Winter

    Thank you OR for your tireless pursuit! God Bless! I believe eventually Tiller the Killer will be out of business, too! We keep praying for an end to his madness!!!

  • John Frusci

    A museum would be most effective I also believe to show young people, because some of them may be temped to abort or assist someone else to abort. I agree with the museum people.

  • Robert

    OUTRAGEOUS! I love it!

  • We are estatic to hear that God has blessed the efforts of OR in Wichita! Many have become weary in this battle, but you continued on and God is giving you good fruit. Many babies will be saved from your efforts!

  • In addition to being an Operation Rescue supporter, I am the Executive Director of a nonprofit organization developing maternity homes for abortion-minded pregnant women in Indianapolis. Our operating model is for a group of twelve churches to collectively govern and support a maternity home in their neighborhood for their neighborhood. We believe that it is ONLY the Church (big “C”) of Jesus Christ proclaiming the Gospel and it’s freedom to the captives of abortion (both mother and child, and even the father) that can break the cycle of sin in our culture and bring true healing to these people. Everything else tried by the world simply mitigates or buries the consequences of their sin.

    In this position, I have been to many places to see the women whose lives AND souls have been saved from the ravages of abortion, but I have never been in an abortion clinic. I don’t want to. I try to think about those insofar as I am profoundly incensed the absolute injustice perpetrated upon these deceived women and innocent children and want to work harder to eradicate such evil in our world.

    In moments like these, I am reminded in my flesh of a quote by Khrushchev that I want to apply to Planned Parenthood and other abortionists: “We will bury you.” But rather we should be praying for the very souls of these perpetrators of evil so that they may one day manifest God’s incredible glory, grace, and mercy in their conversion from evil to righteousness for all the world to see (similar to Paul or former clinic owner Carol Everett).

    However, I also pray for the Church to awaken to this evil within our spheres of influence, for from 33%-40% of ALL women in America, INCLUDING churchgoers, will have an abortion in their lives! Yet little is done about this, much less any type of evil that one has the ability to confront and extinguish. I am now reminded in my spirit about a quote from the Word that applies especially to you and I, from Proverbs 24:10-12:

    “If you faint in the day of adversity,
    your strength is small.
    Rescue those who are being taken away to death;
    hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter.
    If you say, ‘Behold, we did not know this,’
    does not He who weighs the heart perceive it?
    Does not He who keeps watch over your soul know it,
    and will He not repay man according to his work?”

    Ouch. Are you today being salt and light in your community, in your church, in your very family? Go serve the Lord while you still can.

  • Operation Rescue –

    When viewing your news report of the closing of the abortion clinic in April, I had no clue what action you were taking, but I felt led to pray for you that day! I’ll continue to do so and to watch what God accomplishes through you!

  • Esther

    PRAISE THE LORD! Great job! I noticed on at least one of the pictures of the deathcamp, though, you said the mill had “patients”. Only real doctors have patients. The women and unborn children were just dollar signs, clients, and a number to them. Otherwise keep up the great work and I pray the next building you own will be Tillers!

  • Mary

    I feel OR should leave the clinic exactly as they found it, filth, stench and all. It should also be open to the public, with guided tours so as not to disturb any evidence of what went on there.
    Would conditions like this be tolerated at your local kennel? Could you even in good concience leave a dog in a place like this? How long before the state would step in if animals were boarded in these conditions? But its considered perfectly acceptable for women, who the state doesn’t seem to rate as worthy of the same consideration as the family dog.
    Please OR, open this to the public. Let the public see what little worth women and their unborn children have in our society.

  • Ashley

    Thank the Lord! You guys rock completely. At least there are some babies whose deaths may be prevented because of this! Thank you! Keep up the awesome work.

  • Stephanie H.

    Congratulations to all of you hard working anti-abortionists in Wichita. Your diligence has borne much fruit! God has truly honored your faithfulness.

    In regards to this abortion house of horrors, I really have mixed emotions in regards to it’s use. Biblically speaking, it should be razed, and burned down, thus cleansing the land from where it has stood. Maybe it could be replaced with a children’s playground and memorial? And conversely, I think about the other uses of preserving it , in it’s present state, as a reminder of the ongoing holocaust. We should never forget what happens in these slaughter houses.

    Maybe this coming October 31st, you could hold an open house? Send out VIP tickets to the clergy in Wichita, then all the youth groups of the area could forgo their pizza parties and take a tour?

    The possiblilites are endless…….and I’m sure you all will do what’s best.

    Blessings to all,

  • Jennifer

    Why don’t you religious zealots try focusing on helping the needy children that we have in this country instead of trying to meddle with peoples PRIVATE lives. Use your money to open a daycare center so parents that are strapped can work.

  • Mary

    Please Jennifer, abortion was going to SOLVE the problem of needy children, poverty,child abuse, you name it. So please enlighten me, if abortion solves the problem of needy children, and every other social ill, why do we have needy children? Shouldn’t this, and all other social problems be virtually non-existent by now? You might also want to find out how much of the millions of dollars the abortion industry has raked in is spent on needy children.

  • jt

    Nothing is more unduly meddlesome in someone else’s PRIVATE life than to violently break into that person’s only sanctuary of protection, provision and refuge, to premeditatedly murder that individual in cold blood…but that is the mortal danger faced by every unborn child in America. Yes, it should take precedence over less pressing, vital needs…to anyone with a conscience and a functioning brain stem.

  • We need to Vote all of George Tiller’s people out of office and put our’s In then we have a Chance on getting George out of his bussness of Death and maybe put him were he need’s to be. keep up the good work OR. God Bless, Mrs. carol Becker.

  • Sonja

    I used to live in WIchita and did pro-life work. It’s such great news that the Central mill is out of business! I agree with the opinion that you guysshould keep the facility like it is and encouraging people to see it- like we can tour Auschwitz. I’ve been to the Holocaust museum in Washington, and I cried after seeing all the shoes- REAL shoes from REAL people stacked high- with that shoe leather smell very prominent. Nothing is like seeing the reality, both to encourage pro-life activists to continue doing the right thing, as well as possibly educating some fence setters. God bless you–

  • R. C.

    I wanted to say thank you for this web site and the work that you are doing.

    My sister got pregnant with four babies after taking fertility drugs. The Dr. told her that she had to have a “reduction.” He said that her life was at stake.

    I tried everything in my power to stop her. I even wrote her a letter begging her not to murder these children. My whole family persecuted me for my stand. They said I was cruel for wanting her to risk her life. They said many mean things to me but I would never change my stance.

    I hope to meet those two children who’s life got cut short. I hope to meet them in heaven. Tonight is the first time I have ever read anything about abortion or pro lifers. What an eye opener. I have spent more than two hours in this web site alone and clicking on the links that it gives.

    I am in awe of the work that you all are doing. I feel a tightness in my chest because of the horrors I have read about here. Yet, I feel compelled even more, to live my life for God alone. We all must live our life for Him and help others to find their way closer to Him.

    May God bless the work of your hands and prosper you in everything you set your hand to.

  • angel of life

    this area looks like it needs a crisis center for the unwed ones to turn to as well as the memorial.so keep a few rooms as memorials,use some for your offices.as god prodives add onto it a center for the women&young girls in crisis to come to for help,with the trained staff running it as a low cost/free healthclinic.

  • Monica Ringering

    What about the clinic at:

    5107 East Kellogg
    Wichita, Kansas USA 67218

    One closed, but another one is opened :(

  • Confounded


    I can’t believe this nonsense. Why are we arguing about this? God and politics. Not things that go well together. We should all stop arguing, stop trying to force our beliefs on others, and leave people to live their own lives as they wish. do the words “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” ring a bell? Quit pitching your beliefs to people and go worry about people who are actually suffering, as opposed to something that may or may not feel pain. And don’t argue about the “feeling pain” part; there’s no existing scientific basis for that. Meanwhile, millions live in absolute squallor while we continue to bicker about something that we all have no right to bicker about! Seriously, it’s time to move on.

  • RooforLife

    Hey confounded,
    It says the “Right to LIFE, liberty and the persuit of happiness”. Over 50 million killed since 1973 in the U.S. alone, by their own mothers. We have every right to bicker about this its call the freedom of speech. I got no problem with freedom if doesnt harm others INCLUDING the most innocent of our society, the preborn. We wont move on!

  • Amanda


    I am sad to hear such hatred coming through your words… Do you realize the first word of your posting of the infamous quote “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” is indeed – LIFE? And if we all leave people to their lives as they wish, then I suppose we should never counsel a troubled teen, report abuse of any kind, or help our fellow man? That is just a shallow and immature excuse for defending the pro-choice side. As christians, we are called to reach out to others and share the gospel of Jesus Christ – who gave us LIFE and will give us eternal life through knowing him – and I am not ashamed to share those beliefs, even if they do show me people with such blame and hatred as yourself. Just another reason to keep doing the right thing! Oh, and by the way – a “fetal” heartbeat is detected as early as 4 weeks conception… and if you do your homework you will see that babies who were aborted by the saline solution have a look of unimaginable pain and suffering on their faces…tell me that is not proof that those little bodies feel pain! Have a good day!
    In Christ,

  • Viva la Pontius Pilate

    If someone decides to get an abortion it’s only between that person and God not you people. Do you guys also advocate the bombing of these clinics and the murder of these doctors and nurses who have families of their own?

  • John Trenter

    Really, where did the rest of humankind go? Are you living on an island in isolation? Should we have intervened in Germany when the Jews were being slaughtered? Who brought up killing doctors and nurses but you?? Is that wrong or your business? Think logically and deeper! Abortion is legal just as killing Jews were in Germany, that was bad law just like the abortion laws are here, but still murder. And you really don’t think God has spoken on this issue when Jesus was made flesh in Mary’s womb and John the Baptist even in the womb leapt when Mary visited Elizabet?? God already spoke on this–“DO NOT MURDER.” What if I believe God told me to murder an abortionist or an abortion supporter?? Is that no one else’s business?? Here’s my summary: Come to Jesus and find real Life for yourself.