Planned Parenthood Abortion Facilities Hospitalize Two More Patients

By Cheryl Sullenger

Virginia Beach, VA – Operation Rescue has learned that two Planned Parenthood abortion facilities have recently transported two African American patients to emergency rooms in two states.

Planned Parenthood in Boston, Massachusetts, called 911 for an emergency transport of an African American female patient on March 28, 2017. Photos taken on the scene by The Boston Rescuer show the patient slightly inclined on a gurney as she is being readied for ambulance transport.

This is the fifth medical emergency transport from the Boston Planned Parenthood documented by Operation Rescue. No further information about her condition is available.

However, much is known about another incident that took place on March 2, 2017, at a Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

An ambulance and fire unit responded to a call placed at 5:49 p.m. for an unconscious African-American patient. The Planned Parenthood worker called for emergency assistance because there was no doctor on the scene.

Louantha Kerr, a prolife activist who photographed the incident, saw abortionist David Peters return to the Planned Parenthood facility just minutes after the ambulance arrived. He had left the abortion facility before all patients had been discharged so he could get to A Tidewater Women’s Health Clinic (ATWHC), an abortion facility in Norfolk, where more abortion patients waited.

ATWHC abortion facility is approximately 10 minutes driving time from the Planned Parenthood in Virginia Beach. When he returned to the Planned Parenthood facility, he left a “parking lot full” of patients.

Peters, a former employee of the notorious New Jersey abortionist Steven Chase Brigham, is known to work at abortion facilities in four communities, often pulling double shifts.

Shoddy practices appear to be habitual with Peters. In 2001, while in Brigham’s employment, Peters was charged by the Virginia Board of Medicine for prescribing drugs “outside of a bona fide practitioner-patient relationship, as required by law.” He further “authorized the prescriptions without obtaining a medical or drug history, performing a comprehensive physical examination, providing information about the benefits and risks…and without initiating additional interventions and follow-up care.”

It took the Virginia Medical Board six years to issue discipline. Peters was reprimanded for those violations and ordered to take supplemental education courses.

After the March 2, 2017, incident, Kerr lodged a formal complaint with the Virginia Department of Health concerning Peters and his hectic schedule that often leaves surgical abortion patients still in recovery without a physician present.

Kerr was notified by the Virginia Department of Health in a letter dated March 21, 2017, that an investigation was conducted and that her allegations were, in fact, substantiated. However, there would be no action taken against Peters because the Department found no “deficiency” in deserting surgical abortion patients before they were stabilized.

“Unfortunately, we are seeing that African-American women are the ones injured and killed at Planned Parenthood abortion facilities, mainly because Planned Parenthood primarily targets Black communities for abortion,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “That says a lot about Planned Parenthood — and none of it is good.”

Operation Rescue released a chart last week detailing 37 known medical emergencies at Planned Parenthood abortion facilities since January 2016. The total is now to 39, including the death of Cree Erwin-Sheppard, who succumbed to a fatal uterine perforation received at the Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Kalamazoo, Michigan, on June 30, 2016.

Please contact your Congressman and Senators and urge them to completely defund Planned Parenthood.

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  • Sue Long

    None of this is any good whatsoever, but that smug look on David’s face (I refuse to call him a Dr., Doctors save lives, not take them) just boils my blood.

  • Bennie Payne

    What I would like to know is where is the Rev. Sharpton, Jackson, Black Lies (I mean lives) Matter, NAALCP, and all these other black groups crying fowl over these incidents? Their silence is deafening.

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  • Isn’t Danelle Roncari still working there?

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    These wack job killers, they need to be put on a work farm for life and not let out.

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    When is the black community going to wake up to this GENOCIDE? If ever the idea of BLM had validity, how about these baby butchers? Who’s going to stand up for these innocent babies being slaughtered and tossed out in the trash? And often butchers of the mothers and leaving them for dead. Criminal!

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    Those patients have a right to know this Sci_Survey is filed with fed courts & doctors can’t withhold science info from patients_for informed consent to procedures-
    @USSupremeCourt Following More EXPRESSIONS HAIR DESIGN, ET AL. v. SCHNEIDERMAN, ATT’Y GEN. OF NY. Decided 03/29/2017
    @USSupremeCourt @CivilRights Our Unborn – finally have science survey proof_they are living beings_& @TheJusticeDept Won’t Ask Doctors Q&A-
    (W-Photo Unborn need 1 doctor sign, Gov.Survey w-stamps message hell & declaration MARCH 21, 2017 motion&Affidavit 3photo)

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    I hurt so bad inside when I think of how many babies are murdered every day by the likes of that guy . He doesn’t look like a doctor . But don’t doctors have an oath they take to do no harm . Some day he will have to stand before God . Unfortunately until then business as usual. Death to the unborn .This post by Don

  • Jill M. Halbert

    Plan Parent hood what a joke of their name. They only KILL.