Perforated Uterus Led to Death of Michigan Planned Parenthood Abortion Patient

By Cheryl Sullenger

Kalamazoo, MI – The death of a young mother, Cree Erwin-Sheppard, just three days after receiving a surgical abortion at a Planned Parenthood facility in Kalamazoo, Michigan, has turned into a mystery worthy of the fictional Sherlock Holmes. Questions of why she died and who was responsible remain covered up under heavy redactions in her recently released autopsy report.

After a delay of over eight months, the Calhoun County Medical Examiner’s autopsy report is filled with strategic redactions that obscure the most pertinent parts of the report, including most of the cause of death determination.

In fact, just reading the redacted autopsy report, submitted by Elizabeth A. Douglas, MD, one would never know that an abortion was involved, much less Planned Parenthood.

While important information in the autopsy report was blacked out to remove any mention of an abortion, the toxicology reports noting trace amounts of Methadone and other pain/anti-convulsant drugs was left completely unredacted.

“It is my opinion that there is an effort on the part of the Calhoun County Medical Examiner’s office to protect Planned Parenthood while wrongly blaming Erwin-Sheppard for her own death,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “The way the autopsy report is censored, it falsely leads one to believe that unprescribed drugs caused her death, while the fact that her uterus was perforated is completely expunged from the record. Planned Parenthood corruption appears to have infiltrated the Medical Examiner’s office.”

If it was not for other bits of documentation obtained by Operation Rescue and its team, the cause of Cree Erwin-Sheppard’s death would be a complete mystery.

First, Operation Rescue obtained an unfilled prescription slip that was provided to Erwin-Sheppard by abortionist Laura Castleman at Planned Parenthood in Kalamazoo, Michigan, on June 30, 2016, the day of her abortion. That script directly placed Erwin-Sheppard at Planned Parenthood.

Operation Rescue partnered with long-time Michigan pro-life activist Lynn Mills to get to the bottom of what really caused the death of this young mother. Mills obtained Erwin-Sheppard’s unredacted death certificate that shows the full cause of death, much of which was omitted from the autopsy report. Yet, even that document contributes its own mysteries.

The manner of Erwin-Sheppard’s death was listed as “Accident,” although that does not rule out negligence. The determination of “Accidental” death is the default setting for coroners who examine abortion death cases. Most never look further into conditions and practices at the abortion facilities that may have contributed to the death.

[Redactions to this document were done by Operation Rescue.]

Cree Erwin Sheppard Amended DC v2_Redacted by Cheryl Sullenger on Scribd

The cause of death listed on Cree Erwin-Sheppard’s amended death certificate is as follows:

Complications of intrauterine pregnancy, including pulmonary emboli related to uterine vein thrombosis and uterine perforation status post early vacuum aspiration and intrauterine contraceptive device placement.

The autopsy report noted the only area of vein clotting in Erwin-Sheppard’s body was found in the uterine vein. This lends itself to the conclusion that trauma to the vein caused the clots, which later broke away and traveled to her lungs.

The only source of trauma or injury in Cree’s body was the uterine perforation, which could well have resulted in damage to her uterine vein.

Uterine perforation is a common complication to surgical abortion and is a known complication to IUD placement. However, the death certificate curiously notes that the perforation somehow happened after the suction aspiration abortion and IUD placement at some unknown place and time.

To further muddy the waters, in Box 41c of the death certificate, the medical examiner is asked to “Describe how the injury occurred.” The puzzling answer? “Use of unprescribed drugs.”

“That answer is completely ridiculous,” said Newman. “Drugs don’t cause the uterus to put a hole in itself. It’s hard to believe this is the best the medical examiner could come up with after eight months.”

The death certificate also contains other inconsistencies. Methadone use is noted in a box that asks for “Other significant conditions contributing to death but not resulting in the underlying cause given in Part 1.”

If the methadone did not result in the underlying cause of death, why is it listed as the “injury” that led to Erwin-Sheppard’s death?

Based on the information available at this time, it is logical to reach the following conclusions:

1. Cree Erwin-Sheppard received a surgical suction aspiration abortion on June 30, 2016, at Planned Parenthood in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
2. During that abortion or subsequent IUD insertion, her uterus was perforated and her uterine artery was injured.
3. On July 2, suffering from intense abdominal pain, Erwin-Sheppard was taken by her mother to Bronson Battle Creek Hospital’s emergency room, according to a police report. There, Cree was supposedly given pain medication and told to see her family physician the next day.
4. In so much pain that she was afraid to go home, Erwin-Sheppard was taken to her mother’s house and put to bed. She slept through the day.
5. While at her mother’s home and desperate to ease the pain, Cree somehow accessed a dose of methadone.
6. In the early morning hours of July 4, 2016, Erwin-Sheppard’s mother found her daughter dead in her bed.
7. An autopsy was performed by Elizabeth A. Douglas, MD, on July 4, 2016 at 8:25 a.m. A uterine perforation was discovered. Blood clots were found in her uterine artery and lungs, which caused her death. Blood and urine was sent for toxicology screening.
8. When the autopsy was finally released on March 9, 2017, all mention of the abortion, uterine perforation, and IUD insertion were redacted along with the salient portions of the cause of death while other sensitive information was left intact.

“This autopsy report and inconsistent entries in the death certificate just don’t pass the smell test,” said Newman. “It is more than a little suspicious that the one that benefits from the cover up of information is Planned Parenthood. Politics and personal ideology have no place in the investigation of Cree’s death. A full and honest investigation must be conducted by the Michigan medical board to determine who is responsible for this abortion-related death before tragedy strikes another Planned Parenthood patient.”

This is a mystery that deserves to be solved for the sake of other women who may seek services at Planned Parenthood’s Kalamazoo office. Operation Rescue will continue to seek transparency and justice on behalf of Cree Erwin-Sheppard and her family until those responsible for her needless death are brought to justice.

[All redactions in this document were done by the Calhoun County Medical Examiner’s Office.]

Erwin-Sheppard Autopsy Report – Redacted by Medical Examiner by Cheryl Sullenger on Scribd

  • jreg9304

    This disaster never should have happened. I would hang the beeoch responsible.

  • dje3

    I say that the family needs to prepare a suit against PP and then take it to the coroner’s office with an appointment (attorney and steno no client present). First, explain that the attorney represents the family in the matter of unlawful death and will be filing suit against PP. Explain that Dr X (a well known forensic expert) will be reviewing the autopsy, possibly exhuming and re-autopsy the body as well and will be expert witness in this matter in court.

    Then ask questions about the why’s and the inconsistencies of the report and of any affiliation and or contact by the PP office with the coroner office before, during or after the autopsy. Questions will NOT be answered (trust me on this).

    The atty then explains that this suit will be going forward and that the coroner will be fully deposed immediately upon the suit being filed. Let the coroner know that the questions will ONLY GET HARDER to answer at that time. Explain that since the coroner seems to have committed acts inconsistent with its charter and state law, and in fact may have filed documents to aid after the fact in a wrongful death that when depositions take place the coroner may be treated as a hostile witness.

    When the suit is filed, the atty should hold press conference. the intent would be to later include the coroner’s office or coroner personally in aiding in a wrongful death after the fact. set it up. go for it. The cost is actually minimal except for time.

  • KC135TopBoom

    Why was the Calhoun County Medical Examiner, Elizabeth A. Douglas, MD trying to cover up another death by Planned Parenthood? In this case, 2 people died, the unborn Baby, and her/his mother. The political motivation to protect Planned Parenthood by Dr. Douglas is unprofessional and unethical.

  • reginaalongi

    Another cover up to protect PP. Just like when they sold baby parts; they never wanted it to come out. PP is a complete cover up so as to be the abortion provider that receives enormous tax money from the American people. Take away the tax money and see how they survive. They are not the only abortion provider but the one and only that receives enormous monies to continue their trajedies.

  • Rev. Deplorable

    Both of them. The corruption is widespread. White feminists protecting white feminists at the expense of a poor BLACK woman and her family. But why should they care since the two white women are daughters of Margaret Sanger, racist extraordinaire? Where’s the “white privilege” outrage? Where’s the medical board? The local health department? the BLACK clergy calling for an investigation screaming racism? The local DA? State AG? How many times do we have to hear these stories? Poor, BLACK, and female and no one cares. May God have mercy on them.

  • Mark Rouleau

    This is clear malpractice on the part of Planed Parenthood and the ER that this young woman went to. I hope that this young ladies family get a really good medical malpractice lawyer. Any settlement in a case like this should not be allowed to remain confidential in the public’s interest in regulating these types of procedures, the doctors involved and for the protection of the public in general.

  • Mark Rouleau

    “[A]iding in a wrongful death after the fact”? In what jurisdiction is this a cause of action? I don’t think that there is any potential for establishing the proximate cause for the death by acts occurring after the death. Furthermore, there is the doctrine of sovereign immunity to contend with. In many states such as Michigan (Mich. Election Law 168.195, 168.203) the Coroner is an elected position. The political motivations and potential connections of this coroner should be raised at that time. These are generally low turn out elections.

    In Michigan coroners may be removed from office for official misconduct or wilful neglect of duty.

    168.207 County officers; removal from office; service of charges, hearing.
    Sec. 207. The governor may remove any and all county officers named in section 200 of this chapter when he shall be satisfied from sufficient evidence submitted to him, as hereinafter provided, that such officer has been guilty of official misconduct, or of wilful neglect of duty, . . .

    Lastly it is potentially a crime to prepare a false coroner’s report.

  • delbromm

    NOW Where is “Black Lives Matter”? You see no support for this Lady & her family because it was thru Planned Parenthood and God forbid we blame Planned Parenthood!! You may pick & choose; however, God does NOT pick & choose. Eventually, a price will be paid!!

  • subo

    The Medical Examiner’s job is to just state the cause of death, which seems to be accurate on the Certificate of Death form. It will be the job of the attorneys to follow the PP trail, as to where she was, when, etc and prove a case. The blocked out sections will become known to the attorneys when a case against PP is decided.

  • Carrie Cosgrove

    These Black lives, the baby and the 23 year old mother, did
    Didn’t matter to Planned Parenthood

  • Rick Ranson

    come on lets not make this about race. It is all about planned parenthood. Which believe it or not is where a lot of young black women go. Where is the father? Who is the father? all just a thought. This is not about color. Its about the right and the left. Once again, the left doesnt get blamed . You guys need to get smarter. This is exactly how the left wants politics to work. The kill people , get you guys to make it about race and the right suffers O-2

  • Let’s go for a visit! Bring your signs everybody! Pray for her conversion too.

    Laura Castleman SCHECHTER
    BIRMINGHAM, MI 48009-5596

  • but,but I thought abortions were very safe procedures not!!!