Panicked Massachusetts Planned Parenthood Calls Ambulance for African-American Abortion Patient


By Cheryl Sullenger

Worcester, MA – Yet another ambulance has transported a Planned Parenthood patient to a hospital emergency room– this time from the Central Health Center Planned Parenthood in Worcester, Massachusetts.

The incident occurred on Friday, August 26, 2016. Pro-life activists at the scene at the scene were told by a mailman who was leaving the facility that there was “panic inside” the Planned Parenthood.

Witnesses observed emergency responders bring out an African-American woman on a gurney. She was sitting up and conscious. No more is currently known about her condition.

The Worcester medical emergency is just the latest problem for Planned Parenthood.


Operation Rescue has documented at least a dozen medical emergencies at Planned Parenthood abortion facilities over the past eight months in the following cities:

• Worcester, Massachusetts. African-American patient with unknown injuries.
Madison, Wisconsin. Hemorrhage.
Denver, Colorado. Hemorrhage.
Kalamazoo, Michigan. 15-year old suffering a “Priority 1” life-threatening condition.
St. Louis, Missouri (3 incidents) All unknown complications due to Fire Department refusal to release information.
• New York City, NY. African-American woman taken to ambulance in a wheelchair.
Silver Spring, Maryland. African-American woman barely able to walk lifted into ambulance
• San Bernardino, California. Female patient with unknown condition due to failure of San Bernardino to release any 911 records.
• Overland Park, Kansas. Fire Department EMS response to unknown condition.
Annapolis, Maryland. Transported to hospital with non-life-threatening complications.

“The targeting of poor urban women of color is an obvious pattern in this list. Planned Parenthood is seeking out the most vulnerable women in minority areas for their dubious abortion practices,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “This list is just a small fraction of the actual abortion complications that take place since most manifest after the patient has left the Planned Parenthood abortion center.”

Newman continued, “It’s time for politicians to stop protecting Planned Parenthood and their shoddy abortion practices. Defund them now and shut them down.”

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  • BlueViolets

    There is no Friday August 29, 2016. The 29th of August this year happens to be a Monday. In fact today is August 29th.

  • provobis

    “Catholic” Massachusetts, anywhere in that state, long ago ceased to be faithfully catholic. Liberalism prevails there, as well as most if not all New England. Liberalism being the antithesis of Christianity (read Traditional, pre- Vatican II Catholicism), seeks to avoid the disciplines of truth. What more needs be said, besides “What is Truth” from modern Pontius Pilates screaming from under their rocks?

  • gerald Hughes

    Margaret Sanger will be thrilled to death, they are still working on killing Black women.

  • Cheryl Sullenger

    It was August 26. Thanks for catching the typo.

  • Colorado

    Saul Alinsky: “Organize the Organized”
    It has worked very well on Christianity
    Alinsky used “Cast not the first stone” effectively
    Not so much on the “Go and sin no more part, however”
    Calling for accountability is equated to Bigotry by Alinsky

    As for Margaret Sanger
    Who better to receive her namesake award than Hillary R Clinton?
    A murderer awards a murderer

  • Clifton Baker

    What is this I keep hearing about “It’s for women’s health” and “Black Lives Matter?” Obviously, no life matters to the butchers of abortion.

  • H D Bush

    Where are The Black Lives Matter people?

  • onesmartbroad

    Where the heck is Sharpton, Jackson and that ilk? This IS a war on black women and the only people who seem to care are those they have marginalized. Us.

  • GrizzMann

    Relax. it is going as Margaret Sanger planned for the Black projects.

  • socrates

    At least she was conscious. How do you know she was African-American?

  • Michael Bray

    Keep up the good work, Cheryl.

  • drummie

    Our government and Planned Parenthood have done as satanic powers have since day 1, They gradually turned Christian people away from the Good Counsel of the Lord, and turned to the demonic counsel of those that speak against the Truth as contained in the Bible.

    Psalm 1:1-3 (NAB) 1
    I Happy those who do not follow the counsel of the wicked, Nor go the way of sinners, nor sit in company with scoffers.
    2 Rather, the law of the LORD is their joy; God’s law they study day and night. 3 They are like a tree planted near streams of
    water, that yields its fruit in season; Its leaves never wither; whatever they do prospers.

  • disqus_JtOl9TMmfD

    Sanger never advocated for the killing of black women. Uneducated cretin.

  • Suzu M

    Calling the judges is quite a good idea! We were going to do something like in our neighborhood: We had a landlord of neighboring buildings. Druggies kept renting them out and all the neighbors would have to keep calling the police to come resolve different issues. We thought it would be SMART to call the landlord EVERY TIME the police were called in. THAT would get his butt moving on eviction notices! Eventually, the neighbors joined together and asked the courts to do something about it, and that worked.
    Anyway, good idea!

  • Deborah G

    More Democrat support for the disgusting org that targets poor black women. Racist pigs. VOTE TRUMP we want to protect women

  • Deborah G

    There is NOTHING about health or reproduction that goes on in that Nazi style butcher shop

  • Deborah G

    She advocated black population control through abortions once they were freed

  • Florenca Mcdowell

    Read a letter Margret wrote on Dec.19, 1939 to a Dr. .Clarence Gamble in Mass. I will give you a few lines google the rest for info. on who she was. She said:
    Today (1939) Eugenics is suggested by the most diverse minds as the most Adequate & thorough avenue to the solution of “Racial, political and Social problems.: As an advocate of birth control, I wish…to point out that the Unbalanced between birth rate of the Unfit and Fit.
    The poverty stricken classes should NOT be held up for emulation. WE must eliminate the Unfit for Racial betterment. Note besides the black community she considered anyone born with birth defects unfit to be here.
    Google the letter it reveals EXACTLY WHO MARGARET SANGER WAS. Her Eugenics were for birth control for the unfit who could be eliminated with Abortion

  • Florenca Mcdowell

    So a day was incorrectly written, DO YOU DENY THE POLICE CALL?
    since 1973 60 million lives have been aborted in the name of convenience I am not ready for a child. However, it seems they are ready for the immoral sex.
    Its not a health care right to murder a child who will never laugh, cry,
    walk or hug someone who cared enough to love them. Pure evil that women think infanticide in the womb is not MURDER.

  • Florenca Mcdowell

    If black lives mattered then why does Hillary and DNC promote abortion? Perhaps they are abandoning the Blacks for the new Muslim votes they are bringing into the country.

  • BTeboe

    Muslim women are encouraged to have as many children as possible to help spread the religion of peace. (sarc)

  • David

    Perhaps by her physical characteristics, although IAW transgender politics, to be politically correct we may need to ask her what her racial preference was that day.

  • Catherine Bird

    THANK YOU! I was going to post that myself. LOL!

  • Catherine Bird

    Just like every other liberal political action group, their name is a misnomer. It’s not actually ABOUT ‘black lives,’ but rather about CRIMINAL lives. They’re all about creating chaos (anarchy, unlawfulness) to force radical change upon the country through Marshall Law. That is why their main complaint is about cops shooting black people (and ignoring the criminal behavior of those being shot). Their anger is over black criminals being shot by cops–even though FBI statistics prove cops shoot (& kill) MORE white criminals than black criminals.

    That’s why we’ll NEVER see the #BLM folks protesting the 85% of Planned Parenthood clinics set up in their inner city black neighborhoods, nor protesting the black-on-black gang violence that kills most of their black youth in those inner cities.

  • provobis

    Clinton will do anything she can to further her own ambitions, including murder, genocide, abortion, lying, cheating. It just depends on who or what she’s trying to influence.

  • disqus_JtOl9TMmfD

    Oh I’ve read that paper. Sanger never advocated for the elimination of a race. That was not what eugenics was about. You’re right that eugenics isn’t a philosophy that we should strive to emulate, but the idea was culling the physically unfit and unintelligent to achieve a superior humanity. Sanger’s ideas did not contain racial undertones unlike those of Hitler and other extremists, which eugenics has now encompassed. Theodore Roosevelt, H.G. Wells, Herbert Hoover, Winston Churchill and others advocated for ideas like Sanger.

    here it is un-cherrypicked:

  • disqus_JtOl9TMmfD

    No she didn’t. These are her words on abortion: “[a]lthough abortion may be resorted to in order to save the life of the mother, the practice of it merely for limitation of offspring is dangerous and vicious.”

  • Cheryl Sullenger

    The word “culling” should never be applied to human beings. It’s appalling and repulsive. If you think that’s ok, you need to seriously realign your moral compass.

  • Clifton Baker

    Seems all of the Anti-Christ know the Stone one.

  • April Ravert-Franklin

    The article was written on Monday the 29th. The article says the incident happened on Friday the 26th. So they actually do have the dates correct. No typo there.

  • disqus_JtOl9TMmfD

    I literally said “eugenics isn’t a philosophy that we should strive to emulate.”
    My point was that the above post intentionally skews her words.

  • Mary George

    She advocated the extermination of Negroes.READ!!!!!

  • disqus_JtOl9TMmfD

    She did not. READ!!!!!

  • j anime ramen

    This is what I’m talking about they pray on women who don’t know anything and are poor we as the black community need to wake up the same way Martin Luther King and Malcolm x wanted us too all of this is because of the racist who did slavery were out of slavery now but because of that they want to kill us and we and I won’t Stand for that but one good thing is I know More black women are going to collage and are becoming the smartest in the US.