St. Louis Planned Parenthood Sends 60th Patient to Emergency Room, Illustrating Need for Oversight


By Cheryl Sullenger

St. Louis, MO — Less than a week after the U.S. Supreme Court nullified certain abortion safety laws, a medical emergency at the Planned Parenthood abortion facility in St. Louis, MO, has illustrated how women have been left in jeopardy by the nation’s High Court.

It happened on Saturday, July 2, 2016, a heavy abortion day. Paramedics were photographed by pro-life activists as they removed a Planned Parenthood patient from the abortion facility and loaded her into an awaiting ambulance.

Abortion workers and an armed security guard attempted to conceal the incident by holding up large brown tarps.

This medical emergency represented the 60th time since 2009 that ambulances have been dispatched to the St. Louis Planned Parenthood to render aid to patients that Planned Parenthood was not equipped to provide.

Planned Parenthood is currently the only abortion facility in Missouri.

Provisions that were struck down by the Supreme Court last week included required hospital privileges for abortionists that must be maintained within 30 miles of their abortion facilities. Missouri has a similar law, and if that is eventually nullified, Missouri women will be left with few, if any, protections against substandard abortionists that cannot qualify for hospital privileges.

“The situation is Missouri is bad enough without stripping way one of the only safety measures in place to protect women. If you don’t think they need protecting from quack abortionists, you have never heard of Kermit Gosnell, Steven Brigham, James Pendergraft, or any number of currently practicing abortionists that no concept of medical or ethical standards,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue.

In response to a lawsuit filed by Operation Rescue, the St. Louis Fire Department recently released a list of 58 medical emergencies at the Planned Parenthood facility from January 1, 2009 through April 6, 2016 – nearly twice the number expected. The list included the type of injuries sustained by patients, which ranged from allergic reactions to serious hemorrhaging.

It did not include yet another medical emergency at the St. Louis Planned Parenthood facility that occurred on May 13, 2016.

“In the current rush to abandon safety regulations in response to the Supreme Court decision, we should remember that abortion facilities in America remain under-regulated with little or no accountability, even to regulators, legislators, and law enforcement,” said Newman. “When abortion businesses operate without regulatory oversight, women suffer, women die, and babies die. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court drank the Planned Parenthood Kool-Aid, and now, tragically, we can expect to see many more injuries inflicted by arrogant abortionists who hold themselves above the law.”

[Photos provided by Mary Maschmeier, President of Defenders of the Unborn.]

  • SickofPoliticks

    I’m at the point where I don’t care about these women any longer. If they are so insistent upon killing their babies that they don’t want safety laws in place to protect them, then let them have at it. I really don’t see much difference, without those laws in place, between abortion clinics and back alleys.

  • hankrbradley

    So how is that safety net called Planned Parenthood working out for you liberal ladies? Taking good care of you? lol, really? Has your best interests at heart? So tell us how does it feel to kill an unborn child these days in the land of the free and home of the brave and the willing to commit murder Democrats like Hillary and Obama. God is watching you and will remember who you are. Someday you will stand before Him! What you gonna say then?

  • Shira Levin

    All of it stinks like a cesspool!

  • wrongheifer


  • redneck4Christ

    Our Lord would have us care for these women who are so lost in sin and ignorance that they will subject themselves to this abuse rather than turning to God and choosing to love and honor Him. Our Lord did not call on us to reach out to the lovable and cute but to the unlovable, repugnant, and sinful wretches like us — just the way God reached out to us. For without God and His Grace, we would be doing what they are doing.

  • George

    Sounds like they need more tax money!

  • poppopdiesel

    It’s what the abortion loving liberal women wanted..abortions with wild abandon. Now that they have it THEY want better facilities ! Well they got what they screamed for and women are being are babies but nobody sees to care about them anymore… just as long as women can have unprotected sex(mostly,not including incest and rape) then go ahead and murder another human being ,that grows inside them, with no consequences. Funny thing about karma, ‘just never know when it shows it’s smiling face. ‘Have zero sympathy for any of them, but I do pray for the aborted infants.

  • mudguy1

    This is the reason we need to have the “Convention of the States” as article IV of the Constitution says.Why should one Judges ruling dictate for all of America.


    This is approximately 10 major complications a year, or one every month to month and a half. Any physician with a record like this would long since have lost his license, and the evidence suggests that the hugely profitable and politically-connected infanticide industry, which will have be an arm of the government as wildly lucrative as the Clinton Crime Family Foundation under the regime of the bribe-taking baby-killing bulldyke, is protecting murderous incompetents and latter-day Mengeles.

  • Vivavox

    How is it that a licensed abortion facility that has ties to a medical school (Washington University) and a well-known hospital (Barnes-Jewish) including having its physicians on staff and teaching there and apparently met ambulatory surgical center standards that Missouri has in place still experiences 60 medical emergencies?

  • Sharpshooter

    I could be way off base here, but I get the feeling that the big problem with the complete lack of safe guards in these abortion mills, is the fact that the “Woman’s Movement” doesn’t want a MAN to have ANY say in what they do with their bodies , even though it is for their own safety! Talk about a short sighted murdering bunch of bitches! Sheer stupidity!

  • Blogengeezer

    With the Supreme Court agreeing with the lax regulations [Texas stringent Laws determined unconstitutional] This is to be expected. Possibly the ‘Supremes’ prefer it this way?

    ‘The Supremes’ are no longer representative of the people. They are now politically motivated.

    Whichever political party is in power appoints the lifelong ‘administrators of Justice’. as they age, their judgment falters but is nonetheless relegated as Law.

    Of course the following politically motivated group of Supremes may disagree, reversing all previous Law. Such is life [and death] in the New World of Today..

  • Susan

    Well they can thank their Democratic leadership for all the unsafe doctors and their procedures. But I say an eye for an eye so let the mother die as she did her own flesh and blood. Abortion IS NOT a form of birth control it is murder.

  • jerry

    Tell me again. Which Party is it that cares about women??????

  • Elaine

    Let’s see …. the 5 Justices who ruled in favor of removing abortion safety laws are (try to act surprised) the LIBERALS on the Court. Breyer, Kennedy, Kagan, Sotomayor, and Ginsberg. Three of them are WOMEN. The remaining 3 Justices who voted to maintain these safety laws are the CONSERVATIVES on the Court. Roberts, Thomas, and Alito. Hmmm. Somehow this doesn’t fit the liberals’ claim of a “Conservative War on Women”, does it? The simple math on this means there is roughly ONE emergency situation per month. But …. Planned Parenthood is all about “women’s health”, right?

  • Franie

    I don’t know how to say it any clearer, and I am not judging anyone, but all those who are associated with planned parenthood are violating GOD’s fifth Commandment of “thou shalt NOT kill”.

    To break any one of GOD’s Commandment’s, is to sin against GOD!!! Sinning against God, you WILL have a very special place in HE||!!!!

    Know it, and believe it!!!!

  • Franie


  • Michael Richardson

    It was awful the other day watching tv this actress said she got pregnant at 16 and got an abortion and feels good about her decision, and the news said more actresses are stating the same thing, I don’t know why women don’t see this as it is and don’t choose adoption, and it sickens me that our political fools strike down every measure to try to defund planned parenthood of our tax dollars our governor tried to pass a measure but the fools that had to approve it struck it down. these women organizations yell that they provide women services well they mostly provide abortions, that’s the truth of it,.. and hopefully one day this wrong can be made right, we need to get the abortion fueling polititions out of office first thing and fast.

  • mustangsallyann

    While it’s true, we should do as much as we can, God also warned there’d be those that would never listen and at that point, we should turn and seek those that wanted to sincerely know Him. Hence, His teaching, ‘Do not lay your pearls before swine.’ I imagine the time frame for that is relative to each person so I always go to Him for guidance when having to make that final decision about another. But not knowing what brings another to say enough and make the choice they make, I reserve making judgment as only God truly knows the heart of others.

  • mustangsallyann

    Personally, I believe once you’ve shared your body with a man and become pregnant, that man should have some say in what happens with the pregnancy. If he wants the child, she should be made to carry to term and then hand him/her over to dad, no string attached. It’s terrible that only women have a say in the outcome of the pregnancy and certainly isn’t fair. If it’s your body, keep it to yourself and buy a vibrator. Once you’ve shared it with another, both parties should have a right to have a say in what happens with the baby. It’s a darned shame what women’s lib did to this country, it destroyed families and took all common sense along with it as well.

  • JOE

    liberalism,Is It Mental Illness or Demonic Oppression?

  • I’m sure more women would carry their babies to term if the men that wanted them agreed to pay for the prenatal care and birth of the child. Both should be responsible, but obviously the woman will lose more time at work because she is carrying the baby.

    The men absolutely should be held responsible for hospital bills equally with the women when both choose to keep their babies.

    Anything that cut down on the awful amount of abortions would be a blessing.

  • Both

  • Little Blue Bird

    Just as Kermit Gosnell’s horror shop[abortion clinic] news was all but silent from the liberal media,this too,will go unnoticed.To win the war for these unborn,silent victims,we must address the bigger enemy……the media puppets.These people,who call themselves journalists,are not.Journalists,true journalists,seek out the truth,disregarding their personal agendas and convictions[or lack of] and seek truth.There was a time when true journalists would seek out truth,even if it meant the truth would contradict what they believed.Same can be said of Scientists.Many who start out trying to disprove Creationists,come to be Creationists themselves.It all comes down to this….Does anyone want the truth,or just a comfortable lie….

  • Matthew Barnard

    You can be against it religiously but please don’t make your religious views legal issues.

  • Little Blue Bird

    So,you believe in murder? For anyone to murder anyone else? Do you know what keeps America from becoming like the Middle East and ISIS? It’s because our laws here in America are based on the 10 Commandments…they are even etched withing the walls and buildings of Congress and other famous buildings from when our country was a brand new nation.Our Commie liberal school system has erased so much truth to Christianity’s influence in this country.As a country of freedom and Constitution,we cannot stand by and say nothing about the unborn.Are they not covered by the Constitution that protects both you and I? Or are you prepared to live in a country that rapes little girls and makes bashi boys out of young boys? What about throwing people off buildings and hanging them and beheading them without a trial? Watch this documentary that was made after a guy stumbled into a Communist group and found out what has been taking place for over 100 years….. AGENDA:Grinding America Down

    here’s the list of 45 Communist goals,many of which,ave already been implemented within our country…..

  • Carol

    SIXTY patients at one clinic? And no one thinks there’s something wrong with this?

  • mustangsallyann

    Unfortunately, I’ve seen numerous men that wanted the baby and the mother chose to abort anyway. If they don’t want to keep it, most don’t want to risk any changes to their bodies. It’s tragic and just plain cruel imo.

  • Free country. Freedom of speech applies to everyone, even people with “religious views.”

  • That’s sad. But tragically, men usually don’t want the baby either.
    And women cite financial stress as the biggest reason for aborting. If the financial stress were taken away or at least shared …..

  • mustangsallyann

    You’re right, both parties each seem to have their own set of issues. I knew a girl in school that had 5 abortions before she was 23. We weren’t good friends, I’ve no respect for anyone that uses abortion as their primary means of birth control. Once might be a true accident in their eyes, more than once is totally unacceptable and is murder imo.
    Unfortunately, I’ve seen more men lose a child to abortion that they wanted and were willing to foot the bill, than women willing to include them in their decision.

  • I’ve seen it both ways. But the final decision lies with the woman carrying the child, even though it takes two to tango.

  • mustangsallyann

    And my being a female, I can still say this. Just because someone can do something, doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. There’s a whole lot of women that should be very happy that I’m not our president.

  • mustangsallyann

    That’s right. They’d rather kill themselves rather than carry to term and give the baby up for adoption. Oh, what a wonderful world it is.

  • mustangsallyann

    How about this. Why do most of the clinics fight anyone wanting to give that confused mom info on the future if she goes through with an abortion. You may not care but there’s a very high percentage of women that go through mental anguish until the day they die once they’ve aborted a child. Most regret it forever but since that nightmare isn’t the man’s, they’ll push it anyway so they don’t have to take any responsibility. On the flip side, of the limited clinics that require the mom to view videos of the procedure and counsel them, giving them the true outcome of what most mothers go through later, a high percentage end up changing their minds. It would be one thing if these girls or women were given all the info but they’re not. The clinic only cares about the money and once the girl walks out the door, what she goes through is no longer any concern to them.