New York Abortionist Charged with Manslaughter in Late-term Abortion Death


By Cheryl Sullenger

Queens, NY – A New York abortionist, Robert Rho, 52, has been indicted on one count of second degree manslaughter in the death of one of his patients, 30-year old Jamie Lee Morales of Buffalo, who died on July 9, 2016, after a severely botched second trimester abortion.

Rho was charged on Tuesday during a court appearance in Queens, and was released on a $400,000 bail bond. He has promised not to engage in the practice of medicine.

Rho’s attorney told news media, which have already given this case national attention, that Rho closed his abortion facility voluntarily after Morales’ death.

Morales went to Rho’s Liberty Women’s Health Care in Flushing on July 9 for an elective second trimester abortion. According to news reports, Rho thought the abortion went without complication until staff noticed she was bleeding heavily in the recovery room. Rho determined that she required a second procedure, but that did nothing to control the bleeding.

Despite being woozy and having collapsed once at the clinic, Rho released Morales to her sister, who put Morales in her car and began the trip to the sister’s home in the Bronx. Along the way Morales fell off the back seat and became non-responsive as the result of heavy hemorrhaging.

Morales was transported by ambulance to a Bronx-area hospital where she was pronounced dead later that evening.

moralesAn autopsy was performed where it was learned that Rho had lacerated her cervix, punctured her uterus and sliced her uterine artery. Any one of those injuries would cause heavy bleeding, but together, they proved catastrophic.

Prosecutors charged Rho, saying he had been “reckless” in failing to provide adequate medical attention in a timely manner.

“From statements news reports, it seems that Robert Rho’s attorney thinks we should just shrug off the death of Jaime Lee Morales as an unexpected abortion complication. But when a mistake by an abortionist takes a mother’s life, we cannot simply take a ‘things happen’ attitude,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “Rho didn’t just make a small mistake, he literally butchered her then kicked her to the curb. We have high praise for the prosecutors that had the courage to seek justice.”

Operation Rescue was aware of Rho and his Liberty Women’s Health Care abortion facility, which were listed at, but little was known about them. Rho had been conducting abortions along with female genital reconstruction surgery for 23 years. There is no record of any previous disciplinary action on his New York medical license profile that may have attracted attention.

Morales is the second woman this year known to have died after an abortion. On July 3, Cree Erwin died in her mother’s bed after receiving an early abortion by Laura Castleman at Planned Parenthood in Kalamazoo, Michigan. An autopsy is still pending in that case.

  • Glennfriend67

    Good! I hope he’s never allowed to “practice”(I use that term loosely) medicine ever again. He is an evil servant of Satan who deserves to rot in prison. May God have mercy on his soul, because no one else will.

  • paulette barrow

    God will forgive you if youv had an abortion if you repent for it,but it just might be now when a woman has an abortion especially later term he may just let you die,its is murder at any stage

  • mousekiller

    A good prosecutor brought charges. A liberal left leaning judge will give him a slap on the wrist if he promises to be a good boy. He will then move to NJ and start all over again. These people are like ants. They are everywhere and constantly moving.

  • Martha Lucia

    There are others who should be locked up!

  • Phil Esposito

    Hang him high, I want to see his feet swing in the wind.

  • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

    That’s how far our society has evolved, it’s illegal to destroy a human life. I guess next will be the mentally challenged, then senior citizens.

  • jhforsythe

    It should have been murder – killing an innocent young child for money. SICK!

  • ivca56

    What about the baby’s murder–when a pregnant woman is murdered, it is considered a double homicide! Why not here!!! How can we look at this so callously!

  • Vivavox

    According to the Daily News article:
    “The fetus was recovered from a black garbage bag outside the clinic door.
    Lichtman (defense attorney) said that he could understand charges if Rho had a history of botched operations. But, he said, Morales’ death was the first in thousands of Rho procedures.
    “There was nothing that was particularly different about this case,” Lichtman said.
    “This is a highly trained, highly experienced doctor who handles difficult abortions. I think this is a civil matter.”
    He said he could not recall a similar criminal case in about two decades.
    “There’s a reason why decades have gone without anybody being charged with homicide in an abortion case in New York,” Lichtman said.
    “Prosecutors have realized that there is some risk to these procedures, and sometimes unforeseen complications can occur, and sadly, women die on rare occasion.”

    I find it disgusting that her pre-born baby was found in a garbage bag by the door and that the abortionist’s attorney feels that Rho should get a pass because apparently he botched only one abortion.

  • Linda

    It already is.

  • Ross Blankert

    Remember Hillary is all for Planned Parenthood and wants you to help pay for these murders. Planned Parenthood always sets up their butcher shops in black or poor neighborhoods. The most dangerous place for a black baby to be is in the womb. In this case, the lady was hispanic. Now she is dead and so is her baby.

  • ADRoberts

    So this self-centered woman bought the libbers argument about “choice” and decided to kill her own baby. And in the process, she killed herself. Sometimes God provides justice here on this earth. I try to feel sorry for her. But she died in her sin.

  • Shira Levin

    Justice was not FULLY served. Rho should have also been charged for the death of the baby in the womb.

  • conservmrs

    This is what the Democrats call “Women’s Health” care!!!

  • Mac Bishop

    That is exactly what Hillary had planned if she won the election