Chilling 911 Call: Mom Finds Daughter “Cold as Ice” After Abortion

By Cheryl Sullenger

Battle Creek, MI – Usually an anticipated time of fun-filled family festivities, the Fourth of July was anything but a day of celebration for the family of Cree Erwin. In the early morning hours, Cree’s mother, Tanya, made a gruesome discovery. Her daughter, Cree, lay dead in Tanya’s own bed, cold as ice.

While important questions remain, 911 records just obtained by Operation Rescue, along with a police report provided by long-time Michigan pro-life activist Lynn Mills, shed a bit more light on what happened to 24-year old Cree Erwin in her final hours of life as she struggled with complications to an abortion she had less than four days earlier.

The records also reveal a mother’s unspeakable grief at discovering her daughter’s body – gut-wrenching grief that no mother should have to experience – the cruel loss was compounded by the fact that this young lady’s death was avoidable.

The grief in this mother’s voice is reflective of the true toll abortion takes on families, especially when something goes wrong.

“Listening to this 911 call, it becomes clear that we cannot continue to allow abortion to take such a devastating toll on families, communities, and society. The loss of this young lady’s life must not be written off as the cost of ‘choice.’ This price has been paid by far too many families, and we, as a people, cannot afford the bill,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue.

Cree Erwin

It began when Cree reported to a still unknown abortion facility on June 30, 2016, for an abortion. But something obviously went wrong. Cree began to experience intolerable abdominal pain. On the night of July 2, Tanya took her suffering daughter to the emergency room at Bronson Battle Creek Hospital. There, Cree was supposedly given pain medication and told to see her family physician the next day. She was discharged just after midnight on the morning of July 3.

Tragically, she didn’t live long enough to get to her own doctor.

Still in severe pain and afraid to go home where there was no one to help her, Cree decided to stay at her mother’s house, which was just blocks away from the hospital. Tanya had Cree sleep in her bed with her in her basement bedroom, but Cree was in so much pain that she crawled into bed crossways and did not want to move any further. When Tanya got up in the morning, she thought Cree was still sleeping.

In the afternoon of July 3, Tanya checked on her on her daughter once again. She appeared to be sleeping but her breathing seemed labored, like someone with sleep apnea.

Officer T.M. Wirebaugh, who responded later to Tanya’s frantic call for help noted in his report that he believed that Cree could have been experiencing agonal breathing.

Recognizing agonal breathing can be difficult, because it resembles normal respiration, according to the website Agonal breathing is short gasps that are inadequate to maintain proper oxygenation and is a sign of severe physiological distress requiring immediate emergency medical treatment. It sometimes accompanies a heart attack and is a sign that death is eminent.

Cree’s mother had no way to know that. With Cree still appearing to be asleep, Tanya let her rest.

Tanya decided to turn in shortly after midnight on July 4, and found her daughter still laying across the bed on her side. She tried to get Cree to move, but she couldn’t get her to wake up. She began “shaking and yelling at” her daughter, trying to rouse her, but nothing worked. She realized Cree wasn’t breathing and was cold to the touch.

Distraught and crying, Tanya phoned 911, which began recording her sounds of grief even before the dispatcher answered the call.

According to the partially-redacted and very emotional 911 recording, a desperate Tanya sobbed, “My daughter is cold…I think she’s dead.”

“What’s going on?” the dispatcher demanded.

“She’s been sick. She was sick –,” the mother cried. While the recording was redacted at that point, the unredacted police report with an attachment from the Battle Creek Fire Department filled in the blanks. [Personal information redacted by Operation Rescue.]

fire narrative-cap

The Battle Creek Fire Department dispatch narrative read, “According to the female caller, the patient had an abortion a couple of days ago and has been sleeping all day.”

The dispatcher tried to get Tanya to roll Cree over on her back and begin chest compressions, but Tanya could not push Cree onto her back. She began wailing, “She’s too heavy!…I’m trying! I’m trying! I need help!”

The dispatcher continued to ask Tanya to push her daughter over and begin chest compressions, but the wailing mother could only sob, “She’s cold as ice.”

With that, the dispatcher assured the grieving mother that help was on the way. Within moments, paramedics and police arrived. According to the police report, it only took the medics about 15 seconds to determine that Cree Erwin was deceased.

“That 911 call was the most heart-wrenching I have ever heard,” said Newman. “This is what abortion does. The sorrow is deep, it is raw, and it is very, very ugly. No mother should ever have to face the loss of her child, especially when that death was so avoidable and unnecessary. Our prayers continue to go out for the family.”

With their difficult job done, the medics left the scene and police contacted the medical examiner’s office. The police were provided with Medical Examiner Case Number 0704-16-JC-207-CC. A Crime Scene Tech was dispatched to the scene, which he photographed, but no evidence was collected. Later, an autopsy was performed.

The police inquired about several bottles of prescription drugs that were found in the bedroom, which were prescribed to either Tanya or her husband. There was no mention of the pain drugs that were supposedly given Cree Erwin by emergency room staff.

“While drug overdose remains a possibility, the fact that Cree was incapable of even adjusting herself on the bed makes it appear unlikely that she got up and took drugs,” said Newman.

Cree’s one-year old son was left in the custody of Tanya and police advised her to go to court to get legal custody of the boy.

Cree’s grief-stricken family and friends gathered for her funeral ten days later.

Questions that remain to be answered include:

• Where did Cree Erwin obtain her abortion?
• Did she have a surgical abortion or was she given the abortion pill?
• Who was the abortionist responsible for the abortion?
• What was the official cause of death?
• How culpable is the hospital that discharged Erwin, who was just hours from death?
• What was the result of the homicide investigation first reported by a local news station?

Operation Rescue was told last week by the Battle Creek Medical Examiner’s office that neither the autopsy report nor Erwin’s cause and manner of death would be available for 30-60 more days. In the meantime, a death certificate obtained by Lynn Mills notes that her cause of death is pending an investigation.

The nearest abortion facility is the Planned Parenthood in Kalamazoo, just about a half hour away from Battle Creek. Operation Rescue has confirmed that it conducts both surgical and medication abortions on Thursdays, the day Erwin had her abortion.

Another facility that is an hour and 20 minutes driving time from Battle Creek is the Planned Parenthood in Ann Arbor. That facility also conducts surgical and medication abortions on Thursday, Operation Rescue has confirmed.

“While we must wait for more information, it is obvious that if Cree Erwin had not walked into an abortion facility, she would still be alive today. Those responsible should be held accountable by authorities for her senseless death and for the horrific and completely unnecessary heartache it has caused her friends and loved ones,” said Newman. “We have seen so many women die from negligent abortions that we must try to ensure that this kind of tragedy never happens again. But the truth is, these tragedies will continue to happen over and over again as long as abortion is allowed. To stop the heartbreak and loss of innocent life, we must stop the barbaric practice of abortion.”

Read the police report.
View the death certificate.

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    f-ing murder!!!!!!

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    So as B.O. Tells us about guns. If we can save even one life it would be worth it. But when it comes to abortion and if we can save even one life. Crickets.

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    This is Women’s Health!

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    Abortion not only devastates the pyschis of mothers who pay reprobates to butcher their young, it often times takes the life of the mother.

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    All these women screech about reproductive rights, and the right to choose, and how much better everything is now that there are no more “back alley abortions.” Really? REALLY?! Some of my sex are just so selfish and stupid it’s embarrassing. If it’s so much better, why are women dying at an even faster rate from abortion than ever? No medical oversight on these clinics means they can do whatever they please, so they do. It’s disgusting. Worse, Margaret Sanger is getting exactly what she wanted- the systematic destruction of the black population. And here I thought black lives mattered. Guess not so much. As long as these useful idiots support abortion, you might as well say No Lives Matter.

  • Royce Beasley

    This is unbelievable, so sad. Rest in peace !!! RIP !!! Cree

  • I truly , truly feel sorry for the family’s loss. They lost the baby they have never seen and the daughter they will never have back. If women and girls would quit going to these abortion clinics and adopt out their children, it would be better…but what would be a more guarantee, would be if they would stop having sex before marriage.

  • watebabies

    There is no methodical system for reporting abortion deaths in the U.S.A. So called CDC Abortion surveillance has never had a reporting requirement for abortion injuries. We need state by state requirement for abortion deaths and injuries to be reported to a politically neutral and scientifically reliable authority.

  • Let’s alert Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette to this abortion related death at

    Thank you

  • Billy

    That’s correct! Not only is it murdering an innocent life it’s also murdering the women that decided to go to these butchers! If they don’t want the kid, why not put it up for adoption rather than letting a murderous organization harvest the babies organs? This country needs to bring 3 things back. 1) God. Ask God for forgiveness on turning our backs against him in all federal government,state,local and schools! 2) vote a real potus in! Not an imposter that gets his power from the devil! Also not to vote for a satanic worshipper known as HITLARY! 3) CLOSE DOWN EVERY ABORTION CLINIC FROM THE NORTHERN BORDER TO SOUTHERN BORDER AND FROM THE EASTERN SEABOARD TO THE WESTERN SEABOARD!


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    I knew this would happen. At least once every year, a woman is killed by abortion. It sickens me that abortionists only care about money instead of human life.

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    Might want to blame the hospital, instead of jumping over that explanation. They were the last medical personnel to see the woman.

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    Hillary wants to abort up to the third trimester,a baby can live outside the womb at this stage

  • paulette barrow

    Killary wants women to be able to have abortions up to the third trimester which a baby can live outside the womb at this piony,everything you said is right on the money especially Killary being of the devil,so is obama

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    Hmmmmm are these woman caring about a human life,in caes of rape,incest and medical issues is far less then many using abortion as a form of birth controll

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    Exactly,keep the legs closed,most abortions are not done becaue of rape,incest and medical reasons,its done because of inconveience

  • Kalee Weaver

    Probably done by the butcher Mandy that works in Kalamazoo.

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    And when the State of Texas wanted abortion clinics mandated to operate the same way as an operating room in a hospital it was shot down by I believe a federal judge. This could all be stopped if all abortion clinics had to conform to hospital operating room standards. But I guess that will never happen. The liberals want abortions to be legal but don’t want them to be safe.

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    Exactly! Far, far too many people see abortion as birth control instead of actually taking RESPONSIBILITY for their behavior! Very, very sad.

    Murder as “birth control”?? Sick.

  • ChristinaDunigan

    Sounds like an undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy to me. We shall see.

  • Cheryl Sullenger

    That’s possible. I suspect an internal injury like a perforation with internal bleeding. (Similar to Tonya Reaves). The autopsy report should give us the answer, when it finally is released.

  • GracieW

    So heartbreaking to hear this woman grieving and sobbing for her baby that she probably realizes, to her horror, is dead. If only her baby had loved her own baby that much. Let’s not pretend that abortion is only wicked because it sometimes kills the mother as well. A baby was torn to pieces at this woman’s command only days before. That is why this needs to end.

  • Crystal

    It does look like Margaret Sanger got another notch on her grave, how happy she must be, (Not really, she’s burning in Hell…) and the Abortion Mill just keeps grinding away! It’s no surprise the road to Hell is so broad, and you’re right Glennfriend67, No lives matter anymore, especially the most vulnerable!

  • Bryon

    The idea of “do what you want without any consequences” is a flat out lie.

    Abortion tells people that you can keep your secrets and face no consequences for your actions. Yet in reality Abortion adds death and murder to the already existing consequences your running away from. It’s really tragic the lie that is fed to people. This is the lie of Satan. “Turn against God’s good plan… You will not die.” In this case the woman’s body died not just a spiritual death. It’s very sad…

  • Jeannette

    This is the most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever in my life heard. May she rest in peace and may God give her family the peace they need to get through this horrible ordeal.

  • 1775concord

    When he was in the Illinois State Senate,, Obama voted to say that if an abortion was done, as intended, but the baby was born alive, it was fine to kill the baby then.

  • 1775concord

    Since this article says she (Cree) had a husband, why was the grandmother advised to go to court to get custody of he one year old?

  • Cheryl Sullenger

    You misunderstood. Tanya had a husband. Cree was never married.

  • DixieRocker94

    The clinic in your area bungles several abortions a month it seems.

  • Little Blue Bird

    Not only did this mother lose her daughter……she also lost a grandbaby that she will never know just how the glory of God would illuminate their lives.

  • Little Blue Bird

    Well said!

  • dje3

    It is time to make these abortion clinics responsible for deaths…criminally as well as financially.
    This clinic needs to have to pay for all costs of raising the other child, pus penalties and punitive damages.

    The only real question I have is why 6 days later? My guess is that there were complications and that the clinic had been notified of them. I know that there are tens of thousands of cases of complications for even minor surgeries that are overlooked by hospitals every year. My mother was killed by a hospital and that hospital refused to re-admit her three times…that is until it was too late for her. There is no doubt much more to this story!

  • Christa Hansberry

    But then Obama will strike it down; he’s kinda got a thing against states’ jurisdiction!

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    “Abortion on Demand” is plain murder. The women who have these abortions on demand, have been given a “line of Bulloney”; that their little baby is nothing but a “glob of tissue”, and it does not “feel pain” , (which it does at the onset of it’s heart beat). The evil of Planned Parenthood, is but planned murder of an unborn child. They have “educated” these young mothers-to-be, about how they don’t “really” carry a little life, but instead carry a “glob of tissue” without feelings and that it isn’t even human yet. Both lies, as this little “glob of tissue” is a real baby, being formed into a fully developed human being. And this little baby does feel pain, they say at 20 weeks, but I believe it is much sooner; at the onset of its heart beat. Planned Parenthood, is the epitome of evil, interested only in the Money they can generate from the government for “performing a Medical Procedure to ‘provide’ a young woman healthcare”. Yeah, right. They lie and steal away lives, as if they are nothing but statistics. And to PPH, they ARE nothing but Dollars and statistics; inhuman statistics. Greed is their objective. Disguised as “assisting women’s health”. They are disgusting, and have ruined countless lives. It really pains me to HAVE TO pay for these abortions with my hard earned Tax Dollars. This, I will fight against, until my last breath on earth.

  • bygraceursavd

    She wouldn’t have had to go to the Hospital if it weren’t for the butcher’s called Planned Parenthood, who care only about the Government Money they get for each abortion; who cares about the woman or child….they are just ‘statistics to both the government (Obama/Hillary), and PPH. The women are there only to generate them all money. But then the women all fall for the “it’s your body” routine, and the “it’s only a glob of tissue” routine.

  • bygraceursavd

    No matter what it was.. Planned Parenthood is responsible for her death, and her baby’s too. Although they will call it a glob of tissue, it is still a baby. PPH is nothing but a butcher clinic, always has been, and always will be. The countless deaths they have caused to both mother and child, are all being added up. God will see that they “Reap whatsoever they have sowed”.