New Houston DA “Drains the Swamp” of Planned Parenthood Cronies

By Cheryl Sullenger

Houston, TX – You may remember Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson, the faux “pro-life” Republican who refused to prosecute accused neck-twisting Houston abortionist Doug Karpen. She also later flipped a grand jury that was supposed to investigate Planned Parenthood, but instead indicted pro-life journalists David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt.

Daleiden and Merritt’s charges were later dismissed after it was revealed that Anderson had violated the law to indict them.

Illustrating that old adage, “what goes around comes around,” Anderson was soundly defeated in November.

But it gets better.

The new District Attorney-Elect Kim Ogg has decided to “drain the swamp” of corruption, which plagued the office during Anderson’s tenure.

Ogg has notified 40 prosecutors that their services are no longer needed.

Among them is Assistant District Attorney Sunni Mitchell.

Anderson had selected Mitchell to oversee the 2013 Karpen grand jury and the 2015 Planned Parenthood/Daleiden grand jury. Mitchell has been blamed for leaking information from the “secret” grand jury process to Planned Parenthood then working with them to indict Daleiden and Merritt. Her manipulation of both grand juries protected Karpen and Planned Parenthood from criminal prosecution.

Karpen was accused in a formal complaint filed by Operation Rescue of murdering babies born alive during shoddy abortion procedures, while two years later, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast was caught on film by Daleiden and Merritt haggling for the best price in exchange for aborted baby parts.

The Anderson/Mitchell 2015 grand jury never even took a vote on Planned Parenthood’s charges, citing a lack of evidence, but Mitchell was caught colluding with Planned Parenthood during the entire “investigation.”

Despite efforts to expose the tainted process, it seemed like Planned Parenthood was off the hook for good.

But more good news came earlier this month when the U.S. House Select Panel on Infant Lives announced it had referred Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast to the Texas Attorney General for criminal prosecution.

Apparently, the House Select Panel on Infant Lives miraculously found the evidence Anderson said didn’t exist.

For three years, Operation Rescue posted numerous articles and even attended a large press conference in Houston last year in an effort to expose the corruption in Anderson’s office that was thwarting justice.

That makes recent developments particularly satisfying for us.

“Part of what happens when we work to end the injustice of abortion is that corruption, which protects abortion abusers, is exposed,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “This serves to benefit everyone in society, even those who have little interest in abortion.”

Now that Anderson and Mitchell have been sent packing, Operation Rescue has plans for the New Year. We are preparing to formally request a reopening of the murder investigation against Karpen once the new District Attorney takes office in January.

Maybe with the swamp finally drained, justice can finally be found.


Correction: An earlier version of this story indicated Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast has been referred for criminal prosecution by the Senate Judiciary Committee. It was actually the House Select Panel on Infant Lives that made the referral. We apologize for the error.

  • Peatro Giorgio

    The Time has come an the time is now for Justice to be served upon the politically corrupt.

  • jim scofield

    We can only Pray that the corrupt Da and her flunky
    will be prosecuted for malfeasance in office and be
    sent to a state prison. Where some of the people they
    messed over will get a chance to thank them.

  • ch

    Yippee, it is about time and so glad to see the swamps starting to drain. Let’s get rid of this corruption once and for all. Now list their names so we all know who not to trust in their future endeavors elsewhere. They will probably go to CA, OR or WA, even CO for jobs.

  • Heavyhearts4

    We need the “Heartbeat Bill” here in Texas. Meanwhile, this article is great news to stop corruption and the killing of human life. When people reject God, he gives them up to a reprobate mind – These people had gone so far in sin, “they did not like to retain God in their knowledge,” and so God gave them what they wanted. (Dillusional, currupt, depraved mind.)

  • Truth Seeker

    Prosecuting Doug Karpen and PP is a no brainer. This should have been done a long time ago if the former worthless DA Devon Anderson would have been more interested in serving justice against criminal activity rather than fleecing her own political pocketbook.

    Hopefully the new Harris county DA will also investigate the previous DA and her fat henchwoman Sunni Mitchell for any criminal wrong doing, obstruction of justice or hindering prosecution while in office during their dealings with PP.

    Additionally, I certainly hope the new US AG Jeff Session’s DOJ will also initiate a federal investigation against the former DA and her fat henchwoman for violating the civil rights of David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt.

    Only when these lying criminal leftest liberals holding high offices of power are prosecuted, disbarred and face civil actions personally, will they learn there’s a reason why the US Constitution places limits upon their power.

  • Rev. Deplorable

    Great news! Texans know how to take care of the corrupt. How about criminal charges against Anderson and Mitchell?

    Merry Christmas!

  • davesnrakleberger

    Extremely good news. Thank you!

  • Dale

    To God be the glory! Charge them and prosecute them. So help me God

  • Joe

    It is high time that rightousness be returned to the public arena. May God shame these who harm/kill the most innocent of our society. It is beyond me how these “doctors” can do what they do. Justice will be given to these precious little ones, WHO DO HAVE A SOUL, if not in this life then the one to come.

  • American ex-Pat

    Operation Rescue will have to stay on the Harris County D.A.’s office as the newly elected D.A. is a Democrat, and Democrats are not known for being historically pro-life, plus Planned Parent is very well-funded and VERY politically connected!

  • Lori C

    Praise God!! I give thanks to our Almighty for allowing the good to shine light on the evil of all involved in the corruption of planned parenthood (planned abortionist/baby killer). This so-called planned parenthood does nothing to help people plan for parenthood, instead they are all about killing babies for profit! God will always win and those whom He uses I give thanks for and I ask God for His wonderful blessings and protection on all who are working to expose the evil and end abortion.

  • maxx

    Hallelujah !!! This kind of work must continue so that the ruthlessness and corruption of the liberals is eliminated nationwide. There have to be hundreds of charges that the demoRat party can be brought up on during the past election alone. Election tampering and vote manipulation are both federal crimes and there is video on record of demoRats, even from Clintons campaign flaunting it. Donna Brazil and her leaking of debate questions to Clinton should be considered election tampering.

  • Borninbrooklyn


  • daveveselenak

    Praise the Lord!

  • sunnyblues

    Great news!

  • Tomahawk

    It’s about time.

  • James

    What a wonderful victory for the unborn; may every state in the Union follow suit.

  • worn out 123

    Gee whiz! Ya mean there’s something wrong with selling baby parts in America?
    Wakie, wakie Houston. Planned Parenthood for prison.
    By far and away the best Christmas present I have gotten.

  • Lia Machel

    Congratulations Operation Rescue activists! It should become
    a priority to remove abortion clinics from the inner cities, and
    to promote the marriage and parenting skills needed to raise
    healthy happy children.

  • Hopeful_One


  • one happy bevo

    Great news. I think Anderson and Mitchell have earned their own grand jury investigation.

  • oglet

    Thank you Lord Jesus! Thank you Operation Rescue and its leadership giant, Troy Newman. Heartfelt thanks to all who made this victory possible through the mercy and love of our Father in Heaven and His Son Jesus Christ. How sweet the victory when it pleases Those of endless goodness and compassion. Hallelujah Amen!

  • Yahoo

    Throw away the keys to the cells, Good News about time.

  • LoloJim

    Anderson and Mitchell should be prosecuted by the new DA for hiding the evidence.

  • Snowbound

    This is such good news! Good will prevail :)

  • John Dooley

    Every one of those who violated the law, abusing their positions to collude with PP, are criminals and should be prosecuted!

  • cranemaker

    Hallelujah!! Celebrate life!!

  • Glennfriend67

    Blessings to our Immaculate Mother, whose will is slowly being done. Praise to God Almighty for choosing Blessed Mary, Chaste and Inviolate, to be the Mother of our Lord! Lord, we worship you, we give you thanks we praise you for your glory- Gloria in excelcis deo, et in terra pax! May you continue to fire our hearts with the power of the Holy Spirit to do thy will. We look ever forward to the day when our Blessed Mother crushes the head of the Evil One under her foot. Amen, Alleluia!

  • IrishEddieOHara

    It will be even sweeter if Anderson and Mitchell are prosecuted and spend some serious time in prison!!!

  • Franie


  • Franie

    And how about that elector who voted against the will of the people in the good state of Texas. Prosecute/fine the heck out of him/her.

  • Franie

    Alleluia and amen!!!

  • bobstinger

    So, does Anderson get to stay out of jail? Is there justice for her and Mitchell?

    I don’t a vengeful attitude here, I just want justice to survive, and for the future a message: “when you’re put in a position of trust…don’t cheat”

  • Marilynn Reeves

    Am glad America is inviting G-D back into our country and lives.

  • grmetalman

    Time to abort planned parenthood…LOL


    This is great news. The whole PP fiasco was a blood stain on Texas and I thank God it’s being washed clean by the new DA.

  • OzarkMom

    Come and drain the swam in Albuquerque, please!

  • rdytogo

    Outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord, THANK YOU!

  • You gotta love karma!

  • Vivavox

    I bet people in the DA’s office were moved by the sight of a shell shocked child in Aleppo and a refugee boy’s body washed up on the shore of a foreign country. Yet, somehow, the same same folks thought the pictures of two babies whose heads were nearly twisted off were not worthy of one iota of justice. Shameful.

  • ADRoberts

    The liberals never learn. Just like Target has not learned. They are so sold out to wickedness and evil that they simply cannot recognize when they are wrong or when they are beaten. Some day, they WILL face God. And they will not have a single word to say.
    God have mercy.

  • Kathy Forck

    Praise God. The tide is turning for the safety of women and babies!

  • Teresa Espinosa

    You know I believe this issue is the enemies stranglehold on our nation. We can’t seem to make any progress in any other area, because this horrible sin hangs over our nation.

  • BdgrGrrl

    Do you want to paint all conservatives with a broad brush? If not, why do you the same for “liberals”?

    Thirty percent of Democrats are pro-life, for example. See

    There is at least one secular pro-life group, too. See

    Also a life-affirming group of self-identified feminists. See

    And for the opposite point of view,

    I am a Democrat for Life, conservative on social issues and moderate to liberal on economic issues. It gets tiring to hear such stereotyping all the time. I’m not picking on you personally, ADRoberts, although it might look like it.

  • ADRoberts

    You believe ANY Democrats? Do you suppose that a Democrat who is prolife would want everyone to believe that they are NOT a very small minority? I DO.
    Now you have a list of all these HUGE prolife organizations who you claim are prolife. Not buying it. Could be as few as ONE person in each organization.
    And your declaration that you are “Democrat for life”. Surely by now, you should have figured out that the party is NO LONGER what it used to be. And yet, just like Obama and Hillary supporters, you say that you are “faithful” to the Democrat party.
    WAKE UP.
    By the way. I left the Republican party about 10 years ago.