Accomplishments: Select Panel Made Nine Criminal Referrals for Aborted Baby Parts Trafficking


By Cheryl Sullenger

Washington, DC – The House Select Panel on Infant Lives has released a list of nine criminal and regulatory referrals against abortion providers and/or fetal tissue procurement companies made as a result of their investigation into the illegal practice of selling aborted baby remains for profit.

The Select Panel was created in October 2015, in response to undercover videos released by the Center for Medical Progress that showed Planned Parenthood officials haggling to achieve the highest price for aborted baby tissue and organs that were to be provided to a middle-man organ procurement business.

“Rep. Marsha Blackburn has done an outstanding job chairing the Select Investigative Panel in the midst of vicious opposition from those involved with the Abortion Cartel,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue, who also served as a Founding Board Member for the Center for Medical Progress during its undercover journalistic study of the trafficking of aborted baby remains.

In addition to the nine criminal and regulatory referrals, the Select Investigative Panel has issued 41 subpoenas – not all of which have been met with full compliance. At least two providers, LeRoy Carhart and Warren Hern, who conduct abortions through all nine months of pregnancy received subpoenas but have not yet fully complied.

According to a fact sheet released by the Select Panel, the nine criminal and regulatory referrals include:

1. The University of New Mexico was found to have violated their state’s Anatomical Gift Act by receiving tissue from a late-term abortion facility, Southwestern Women’s Options in Albuquerque, NM. The matter was referred to the New Mexico Attorney General for further investigation and prosecution.

2. After conducting a forensic analysis of the limited financial data submitted by StemExpress, the Select Panel found that it was violating federal law by profiting from the sale of aborted baby remains. Referrals were sent to the El Dorado, CA District Attorney and the U.S. Department of Justice.

3. The Panel’s investigation revealed that StemExpress and “certain abortion clinics” were violating patient privacy rights under HIPAA for financial gain. A referral was made to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

4. It was discovered that an abortion facility in Arkansas violated the law by selling aborted baby remains to StemExpress for profit. A referral was made to the Arkansas District Attorney.

5. The Panel uncovered evidence that a university in Ohio was violating state law by trafficking in aborted baby remains. An oral referral was made to the Ohio Attorney General.

6. DV Biologics, a tissue procurement company, was found to have been illegally trafficking aborted baby remains for profit and had failed to collect California sales taxes. The Orange County District Attorney has sued and the Select Panel made a supplemental referral. (Operation Rescue uncovered a quid pro quo relationship between the owners of DV Biologics and former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who granted special favors to them.)

7. It was discovered that Planned Parenthood of Gulf Coast broke the law when it sold aborted baby remains for profit to the University of Texas. Operation Rescue’s Texas attorney, Briscoe Cain, received evidence of this illegal conduct through a FOIA request and referred the evidence on to investigators. The Select Panel referred the case to the Texas Attorney General.

8. Advanced Bioscience Resources was found to have profited from the sale of aborted baby remains to “various universities.” A referral was made to the Riverside, CA District Attorney.

9. The Panel’s investigation discovered that Presidential Women’s Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, violated the federal and state law though their relationship with StemExpress, which allowed it to illegally profit from the sale of aborted baby remains. The matter was referred to the Florida Attorney General.

“The Select Panel’s investigation has been worth every dime of money it has spent pursuing the truth. It has caused the break-up of several illegal aborted baby tissue trafficking schemes and launched investigations around the country,” said Newman. “We very much appreciate their work and continue to look forward to the final results of this investigation that is sure to provide even more criminal referrals for prosecution before its work concludes at the end of the year.”

Note: This article has been updated to omit information about a floor debate that has concluded favorably.

  • Glennfriend67

    I don’t know if I’ll ever see it in my lifetime, but I pray for the day when all these murder factories are shut down forever. I would love to be a fly on the wall when Hillary has to stand before the Almighty and explain herself. It’s my opinion, but to me, it’s so obvious she’s a servant of Satan. You can see it in her face. Her eyes are so cold. How could I ever respect a person who has no respect for human life, at all?? I truly wish I knew where this callous disrespect for human life came from. It boggles my mind how another human can be this way. Will we ever outgrow it? I pray to God we will.

  • Cindy

    I don’t see the liberal pro-abortion AGs of any of those states taking this seriously and pursuing investigation or prosecution. Especially California. Sadly, that is the state of political corruption in America. Law means nothing if it goes against your personal philosophy.

  • I have a feeling this will change when Trump and his new AG are in office.

  • Agreed. The clintons and obama are truely the spawn of satan.

  • John

    Unfortunately you know what they say one bad apple spoils the whole bushel. She is one bad apple.

  • Tyronne Shoelaces

    These people are just sick. You know you’re running with the devil when you profit from the death of babies. It’s not bad enough you’re killing unborn children, now you’re making a profit on it. How disgusting, hell is waiting for all of you involved.

  • Tyronne Shoelaces

    I’m certainly hoping so. We can always hope and pray.

  • Katara c.

    So true. I remember when they started investigating PP across the US, and I saw that in some states, they weren’t really pursuing an investigation cos the PP sites didn’t have a donation program in place. Cos of course, if they’re not doing it through donation programs, they couldn’t possibly be doing anything wrong at all, right?

    I think that’s taking “innocent until proven guilty” a little TOO far.

  • Rev. Deplorable

    Praise God for the Select Committee! It would never have happened under Pelosi.

  • Rachel C.

    Many have been praying for God to intervene in our nation and to “turn the tide.” Let’s praise God for answered in the recent elections and let us join together to continue to pray for other situations where evil is ascendant such as Roe v Wade. Let us work, pray and believe for a complete reversal of this Supreme Court decision. Nothing is impossible with our God!

  • MariansMusings

    If women must have an abortion, the earlier it is done, the safer it is. This is the reason Planned Parenthood has fought so hard against legislation to limit LATE TERM ABORTIONS. In many of these the baby is viable and able to live outside the womb; and now we know why. As of last January 58,586,256 abortions have been done, so we might have already passed the sixty-million mark. The term Planned Parenthood denotes helping women plan their pregnancies in order to avoid having to go thru so much trauma. I never hear a word from this organization concerning the avoidance of pregnancy. Whatever happened to birth control? All their money and effort seem to go into termination. MusingsbyMarian do tc om

  • Judith Ann

    Our Sick World…. Aborting babies is a big time money maker for Planned Parenthood. Baby bodies are even being used to test flavorings for Nestle, Pepsi, and others. Today’s world is pure evil and innocent babies and children are not being protected by the adults that are in control of their welfare… us.
    The biotech company using this novel process, Senomyx, has signed contracts with Pepsi, Ajinomoto Co. (the maker of aspartame and meat glue), Nestlé and other food and beverage companies over the past several years.

    The primary goal for many of these processed food companies is to make foods and beverages tasty while reducing sugar and salt content.

    While Senomyx refuses to disclose the details of the process, its patent applications indicate that part of the secret indeed involves the use of human kidney cells, known as HEK293, originating from an aborted baby.

  • MairinT

    Marian, are you saying that killing a younger baby is different to killing an older baby? It is a human life at all stages….Once the mother has had sexual intercourse at her fertile time and she has become pregnant….it is a child complete with all its DNA factors….from the moment of conception. If a woman does not want to be pregnant, she should not have sexual intercourse… is not recreation.

  • Rebecca Piche

    I posted 2014 stats… 326,0000+ abortions and 500+ million dollars received from government; what a $hit storm I created. After hundreds of comments, the main commenter confessed she had 2 abortions. She had no idea nor does she care to, that those children are alive. Not here, but alive nonetheless. These women are lied to by “Doctors ” who know but don’t care. The love of money is the root to all kinds of evil. But, my favorite scripture is “Loves covers a multitude of sins”.

    As a son of the most high God, I command the host of heaven to expose the evil princes and send confusion in their ranks that they would turn on themselves. Twart their plans, ensnare them with their own nets and take them to a dark place for judgement. Rescue the children!

    For we wrestle NOT with flesh and blood but with principalities and powers of darkness… Our weapons are not carnal!!! Love wins. Yay!

  • ADRoberts

    Houston. we have a problem.

    Who is going to make sure the the DAs and prosecuting attorneys will do their job. The panel SHOULD have put provisions in their referals to make sure the possible puppet of abortion who happens to be in a position of power will understand that they WILL be held accountable for DOING THEIR JOB.

  • ADRoberts

    The basis of ALL sin is selfishness and a desire for CONTROL
    From Adam and Eve, it was.

  • ADRoberts

    MUST?????? And just how rare do you think an abortion is a MUST? Mos scenerios are called rationalization.

  • ADRoberts

    Yes, she is. And it is called rationalization. There is a belief in so many that there are greater sins and lesser sins.
    Too bad. God does not see it that way.
    And by the way, this society has brain washed women and girls to believe that their primary function and worth is to find a male and please him.

  • MariansMusings

    You are wrong, I absolutely do not think they should be doing it at all. Since Roe vs Wade made it impossible for us to come up with a mechanism to stop it, my question is why they would wait so late. I believe it is because they are encouraged to wait–for body parts.

  • ADRoberts

    Wrong how? All I said was that the idea that a younger baby being aborted was NOT ethically different. That is like saying that a “little” sin is not as bad as a big one. Both will get you to hell. And a dead baby is still dead.
    As to why they wait, I suspect it is the woman who waits because she really does not want to kill the baby. But as reality sets in, her selfishness takes over.