District Attorney Disinclined to Investigate Ohio Abortion Patient Death

By Cheryl Sullenger

Cleveland, OH — More than four months after the avoidable death of Lakisha Wilson at the Preterm Abortion Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, there has been no action taken by the Cuyahoga County District Attorney, Timothy McGinty, despite repeated calls from pro-life groups for a criminal investigation.

Operation Rescue was recently tipped to the fact that McGinty has stated he is disinclined to investigate Wilson’s abortion-related death, prompting Operation Rescue to call on the public to urge McGinty to order police or perhaps his own investigators to look into why she died and who is responsible.

“We know that Lakisha did not need to die and that her injuries suffered during a late-term abortion would not have been fatal if she had not been neglected by Preterm staff. Clearly, criminal negligence or even manslaughter charges are not out of the question,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “We don’t want to think that the District Attorney is ignoring the suspicious death of this otherwise healthy African-American woman, but it’s not looking good.”

According to her autopsy report, Wilson died of apparent blood loss that caused her to eventually suffer a heart attack and respiratory arrest, resulting in ensuing brain damage. Emergency 911 records revealed that she was not breathing for at least 27 minutes, and very likely had not been breathing for much longer.

The Medical Examiner ruled that Wilson’s death was a “therapeutic complication” caused by the abortion.

Neither the autopsy report nor the Medical Examiner’s determination of the cause of death spoke to the possibility of practitioner negligence or criminal culpability. Both were intentionally mute on those topics.

Nevertheless, McGinty is said to have cited the autopsy report’s silence on the criminal culpability issue as reason not to pursue an investigation, according to Operation Rescue’s sources.

Medical experts consulted by Operation Rescue indicate that before suffering the heart attack, Wilson would have first gone into shock, a condition that would have been quickly detected if Preterm workers had properly monitored her after the abortion. Wilson’s condition would not have deteriorated to fatal proportions if she had been treated in a timely manner. [Read more]

In addition to suspected criminal negligence, there is concern that Wilson was farther along in her pregnancy than was suggested by the Medical Examiner in her autopsy report, who noted that she was 19 weeks, 4 days pregnant at the time of her abortion on March 21, 2014 – just three days shy of Ohio’s limit on late abortions.

Yet, the autopsy revealed that there were no fetal remains for the coroner to examine. He was forced to rely only on the abortionist’s determination of gestational age as recorded in her abortion record.

Information supplied by the abortion facility must be considered suspect since there is ample documentation to suggest that abortionists, such as late-term abortionists Kermit Gosnell, LeRoy Carhart, and others, have falsified ultrasound results to avoid having to comply with late-term abortion laws. In addition, there is a large volume of documentation that proves far too many abortionists around the country — California’s Andrew Rutland and Massachusetts’ Rapin Osathanondh, for example — have been caught and disciplined for falsifying records in an attempt to conceal their responsibility for patient deaths and other misdeeds.

“It is common for people that commit crimes to try to hide the fact,” said Newman. “That’s why we simply cannot afford to take the abortion business’ word for anything.”

There is compelling reason to believe that Wilson was beyond Ohio’s legal abortion limit of 20 weeks. That information has been passed on to McGinty, but so far, it has fallen on deaf ears.

Those concerns, which cannot yet be discussed publicly, are certainly enough to warrant a few questions by an investigator.

“Illegal abortion, criminal negligence, and manslaughter are serious charges, and if this abortion facility is engaging in such criminal activity, those responsible need to be held accountable, especially since a woman’s death is involved,” said Newman. “We simply cannot allow Lakisha’s death to be swept under the rug without even a cursory investigation. Inaction on the part of District Attorney McGinty is irresponsible. It’s hard to imagine why he wouldn’t want a proper investigation, especially if it can prevent other women from suffering Lakisha’s fate. Certainly as it stands, if another woman dies from an abortion at Preterm because McGinty fails to act, part of the responsibility for that death will have to fall on him.”

However, despite his stated reticence to become involved, sources indicate that McGinty has left the door open for a possible change of position on a Wilson death investigation.

Because of this, Operation Rescue is urging the public to contact Cuyahoga County District Attorney Timothy McGinty and demand that he order an investigation into Lakisha Wilson’s suspicious abortion-related death.

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  • Theodore O’Donnell, MD

    Dear Mr. McGinty,
    From the autopsy report on Lakisha Wilson’s death it is clear from a medical standpoint that Ms. Wilson’s death was due to medical negligence. After her late term abortion, she had acute blood loss and went into shock and dropped her blood pressure. At that time if she had been properly monitored and standard treatment administered, she would have recovered; and her condition would not have progressed to death. However, it is clear that she was not properly monitored. Her unfortunate death was totally preventable. It is incumbent on you as the prosecutor to have the case reviewed by competent medical authorities and investigate this preventable abortion-related death. Thank you for your attention to this grave matter.

  • ROCKY RIVER, OHIO: As a fellow Citizen of Cuyahoga County I respectfully suggest to Mr. McGinty, District Attorney for the County of Cuyahoga in the State of Ohio – to at least hold a public ‘press conference’ with the Citizens of Cuyahoga County – regarding the death of Lakisha Wilson while seeking an abortion in Cleveland, Ohio.
    At said ‘press conference’ Mr. McGinty should be able to answer all questions as to the reason why he may, or may not, feel further action needed from his District Attorney office for Cuyahoga County into the said death of Lakisha Wilson.
    The said press conference by Mr. McGinty, to inform the Public of Cuyahoga County of the death of Lakisha Wilson while seeking an abortion in Cleveland, Ohio would be most appreciated by all the Citizens of Cuyahoga County.

    May God Bless Mr. McGinty, Lakisha Wilson, her unborn baby, and all the people of Cuyahoga County … I ask this in Jesus Name, Amen.
    Respectfully, Fred Sokol, Rocky River, Ohio

  • Margaret Kelly

    It would appear that Lakisha Wilson’s death may well have been due to medical negligence. If help had been summoned promptly when she went into shock she might still be alive today.Obviously something went very, very wrong that day at the abortion facility. Surely you should be investigating this? It’s too late for Lakisha Wilson but maybe not for other women who may find themselves similar victims of these circumstances. I respectfully request that you investigate this very serious matter. Thank you for your consideration and I hope some good may come out of this grave injustice.


    Margaret Kelly

  • I find it incredible that Mr. McGinty will not investigate Preterm’s involvement with Lakisha’s death! It is unconscionable!

  • di from Oregon

    Such a beautiful young woman, so sad she was misguided, unloved, used and then murdered along with her child. I wish I could have known this precious soul for whom our Lord did die for, so that I could have told her the Truth. This is a profoundly sad commentary on our culture of immorality leading to death as a result.

  • Pat

    I want to know why you reportedly are refusing to investigate the murder of the beautiful young lady known as Lakisha Wilson. She didn’t deserve to die. She deserved legal protection from back alley abortion butchers who raped her with surgical instruments and took her life. She should not die in vain. There are many other women out there who deserve legal protection from back alley butchers. Why aren’t you supporting their rights? Please stop making excuses and act on this!

  • Elizabeth

    PRETERM SHOULD BE CLOSED AND INVESTIGATED! Shame on the D.A. How many more women have to die? What if it were his daughter? Lord, have mercy!!!

  • Ann Estrada

    There are far too many episodes of this nature all across the country. It smacks of criminal negligence on the part of the “clinic” staff, health departments, and prosecuting attorneys. Stop being part of the scandal and coverup. Make a difference in the health field. Shut down Preterm. Talk about “War on Women”!