ODH Inspectors At Preterm While Pro-Life Leaders Held Press Conference Concerning Abortion Death

Press conference participants outside Preterm in Cleveland, Ohio, April 2, 2014.

Cleveland, Ohio – Gathered around a spray of pink and white flowers that held a photo of Lakisha Wilson, state and national pro-life leaders conducted a press conference yesterday outside Preterm, the Cleveland abortion clinic where Wilson died. The leaders made a unified call on the Ohio Department of Health to suspend Preterm’s abortion facility license pending a full investigation.

But what participants did not know at the time was that while they addressed the media before a large gathering of pro-life supporters, officials from the Ohio Department of Health were inside the facility conducting a preliminary investigation. One news station reported that the officials were at the abortion clinic for most of the day.

In further developments, Molly Smith of Cleveland Right to Life informed the crowd that Governor John Kasich has been asked to instruct the Attorney General’s office to investigate Wilson’s death due to concerns that her abortion may have been done illegally.

It is now also being reported that Wilson was five months pregnant at the time of her abortion on March 21.

A source informed Operation Rescue that Wilson was turned away from two other clinics due to the advanced stage of her pregnancy. The legal limit for abortions in Ohio is 20 weeks gestation.

The pro-life press conference featured Cheryl Sullenger of Operation Rescue, who told reporters, “It is clear that if pro-life groups had not discovered Lakisha’s death, it would have been covered up and swept under the rug. How many other women have died from shoddy abortion practices at Ohio abortion clinics? The truth is that no one knows. This kind of cover up only adds to the illusion that abortion is safe so that the next unsuspecting woman who walks in those doors has no idea she could end up in an early grave.”

Operation Rescue’s Troy Newman confirmed today with the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s office that there continues to be no determination of the cause of Wilson’s death. The body was released to the family for burial.

Earlier, Operation Rescue filed complaints with the ODH and with the Ohio Medical Board asking for full investigations and disciplinary action. Ohio Right to Life today encouraged its supporters to all file complaints with the Medical Board against each of Preterm’s known abortionists, Mohammad Rezaee, Lisa Perriera, and Rebecca Lowenthal.

“We would like to thank each and every pro-life person who attended the press conference, either as a speaker or as a supporter. Together, we made a powerful statement to the media of our care for Lakisha and her grieving family and our determination not to rest until justice through legal channels has been accomplished,” said Sullenger.

In addition to Sullenger, Smith, and Leipold, speakers at the press conference included Dr. Day Gardner, National Black Pro-Life Union, Rev. Arnold M. Culbreath, Urban Outreach Director of Life Issues Institute, Inc., Pastor Walter Moss, Pastor Dale Henkel, Janet Porter of Faith2Action, Denver Sallee, and Mark Harrington of Created Equal.

View background with video and 911 call and the CAD transcript.

News video below.

  • Dr. Robert Schwartz

    To those who promote abortion, choose abortion or perform abortions:

    Imagine how some day in the unknown future you will face a billion young and beautiful faces lined up, all looking at you as they raise their voices with the words: “Why me?” “Why did you have me slaughtered? And right after I was conceived through God? He wanted me. He gave you the power to cooperate with Him in my conception, which you did, knowing He would allow what you did to bear fruit. Why did you do this to me. I am your child. You are my two parents. Why?”

  • It is unbelievable that a woman had the gall to display NOW’s Keep Abortion Legal poster during the press conference. It does not get much more callous than that.

  • Ed Ward

    Note the sole proabort whose sign reads, “Keep abortion legal.” Not “safe and legal,” just “legal.” I think that sign says volumes.

  • HOW DID LAKISHA WILSON 22 AND HER UNBORN BABY DIE? IS THAT SO HARD TO ANSWER? IN MY OPINION I DO NOT THINK SO. National and Local pro-lifers gathered at Cleveland Preterm abortion mill on Wednesday April 2nd , 2014 at 11 am and demanded an answer about Lakisha and about her unborn baby’s death.

    Though others may have not been at Preterm that day, we the people of the Cuyahoga County and we the people of the State of Ohio – also want to know from our State of Ohio and Cuyahoga County Officials who work for us – what happened to Lakisha and to her unborn baby – and we are not going away until we get an answer.

    I too as a citizen and taxpayer of the State of Ohio, Rocky River and Cuyahoga County – ask the State of Ohio and Cuyahoga County Officials who are paid by me and others – and who work for us – to do their job – and tell us what happened to Lakisha and to her unborn baby.

    I may seem repetitious to you by continuing to ask the same question over and over again – but other people are asking the same question over and over again as well – as to what happened to Lakisha and to her unborn baby – and no one from the State of Ohio or from Cuyahoga County have given us an answer. Why, Why, Why?

    If Lakisha and her unborn baby were your daughter and future granddaughter – and after tragically losing both – wouldn’t you want to know what happened too? I know I would. I continue to pray for those in charge of this supposed investigation and may they find what happened regarding the tragic death of Lakisha Wilson and of her unborn baby – for Lakisha and her unborn baby deserve as much. MAY GOD BLESS LAKISHA, HER UNBORN BABY, LAKISHA’S FAMILY AND US ALL.

  • Dr.Mj

    It’s a shame the mother died. But what about the human being inside her that was killed ? It has no voice to cry out please don’t it has no strength to fight off the attacker. It never harmed no one or lied and stole. It never did anything it’s only crime was to be inside a person that wanted it dead. It’s sad that in 2014 the most dangerous place for a baby isn’t Chicago Flint or New York but inside the mothers womb.