Carhart Changes His Story Again About Resuming Abortions In Kansas

Wichita, KS – Abortionist LeRoy Carhart appeared on a local Wichita television news program and stated that he intends to open up an abortion clinic, not in Wichita, but within 25 miles of Wichita by December 1, 2009.

Carhart also said that he did not think he would offer late-term abortions because of the difficulty and expense in traveling to Wichita for late-term patients.

“That never hindered George Tiller from operating the largest late-term abortion clinic in the world. If there is one thing we have learned about LeRoy Carhart over the years, it is that the things he says will happen rarely do,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “We doubt that he will ever open up an abortion clinic in Kansas, and if he does, it will be as a fall-back plan in the likely event that he would lose his medical license in Nebraska.”

Operation Rescue and three other pro-life groups have submitted to the Nebraska Attorney General’s office and the Department of Health and Human Services affidavits from four former Carhart employees telling of horrific, dirty practices, unlicensed workers performing medical tasks that it is illegal for them to do, and other violations. Carhart could face license revocation and even criminal charges.

“This latest claim is the third or fourth different story that Carhart has floated about continuing abortions in Kansas,” said Newman. “He has said he would reopen Tiller’s clinic, which didn’t happen. He said he would build a new clinic, which isn’t happening. He boasted that he would specialize in post-viability abortions, now he says he won’t. He has no credibility.

“In addition, Carhart is under investigation in his home state and has financial problems, as evidenced by his lay-off of half his Nebraska abortion staff. Now he expects us to believe he is going to expand his failing abortion business? Nobody’s that gullible.”

In August, Wesley Medical Center announced, in response to an Operation Rescue petition, that it would not allow Carhart hospital privileges nor would it make a transfer agreement with him should he attempt to open an abortion clinic in Wichita. This could be one reason Carhart has backed off his previous plans for a late-term abortion clinic in Kansas.

“Carhart may think that he can better evade law enforcement in Kansas than he can in Nebraska. However, it may surprise him to learn that Kansans are finished with the corruption that protected abortionists here for so long,” said Newman. “If on some remote chance Carhart does open an abortion clinic near Wichita, you can expect that Operation Rescue will be there to expose his slovenly and illegal practices.”

  • Fantastic job exposing his corruption. Please accept grateful thanks on behalf of America. Ignore those who disrespect you-truth is hate to those who hate truth.

  • abortion saves lives mmmkay

  • t.k.

    His abortuary looks like a dump that’s even unfit for animals!

  • Mary Adam

    Leroy Carhartless is as bad as his place looks. Like Troy says, “you can’t put lipstick on a pig”. If you are in the area, stop by his mill and pray to put him and other baby killers out of business. It’s located at the corner of Mission & Galvin Rds…right near the back gate to Offut Air Force Base. We will end abortion through “Prayer AND Action”. Your site is awesome.

  • noah richard rotimi

    the problem of today abortion is some time a generic one of those who does these act are more of people who lack or lost caring during the growing up age.and societal one of assimilation of poor developmental information either at school, home, and other place with peers.

    my own contribution to people involve with abortion is that:
    1. they should look at life as an egg which should not be broken there life as precious to God for creating it they should try to recreate it by think twice to see that the life that they are about to distroy they can not create so they should give that infant the opportunity to come to life as they have come.
    2.they should alway put God first in what ever they and to also know that no matter how far they have suffered to go on a wrong road they can still turn back.
    3.and above all learn the problem of unwanted pregnancy and see how to adjust out of it.
    thank you .
    and may the lord bless us all and this our beautiful world amen.