Appeal Is Made To Abortion Workers To Blow the Whistle On Abuses

Wichita, KS – Operation Rescue is mailing appeals to abortion clinic workers asking them to come forward with information about abortion abuses and claim a reward of $25,000 offered by the Abortion Whistleblowers Program.

In the coming days, letters and flyers will be sent to every abortion clinic in the nation, including several hospitals and non-surgical clinics that provide the abortion pill. The appeal will inform abortion workers that they may qualify for the $25,000 reward in the event the information they provide leads to the arrest and conviction of abortionists who are breaking the law.

“We want clinic workers to know that if they have knowledge that abortion-related crimes are being committed but remain silent, they could be implicated in the crimes. We have worked with dozens of abortion clinic workers and can help them come clean and get a fresh start,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation.

Several similar mailings have been made by Operation Rescue since the Abortion Whistleblowers Program first launched in January, 2010, netting hundreds of tips and several reliable confidential informants that continue to work to provide Operation Rescue with valuable “insider” information on the abortion cartel.

So far, one $25,000 Abortion Whistleblower check was awarded last year to Kim Nichols, an abortion worker in Massachusetts whose information about the death of Laura Hope Smith and attempts to cover it up led to a criminal conviction and jail term for abortionist Rapin Osathanondh. In addition, Osathanondh was forced to permanently surrender his medical license and close his two abortion offices.

“We have never found an abortion clinic that operates completely inside the bounds of the law. We have exposed abortionists that have committed illegal abortions, botched abortions, billing fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion, serious health code violations, sexual abuse on their patients, failure to report child sex abuse, drug violations, substance abuse, illegal dumping of aborted baby remains and private medical records, and the list goes on,” said Newman. “Crimes like these are not the exception to the rule, but are rampant throughout the abortion cartel.”

Operation Rescue has vast experience in working with informants inside and outside the abortion industry, and will assure that the confidentiality of those who come forward will be protected.

Learn more about the Abortion Whistleblowers Program.
Read documented evidence of abortion abuses at

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