Alive or Dead? Video Shows Ambulance At North Carolina Abortion Clinic

Onlookers are heard to express concern that the woman may have died from her injuries.

Charlotte, NC – An ambulance was caught on videotape transporting an abortion patient from A Preferred Women’s Health Center in Charlotte, NC. Onlookers are heard on the video to express deep concern for the condition of the woman.

In the video, dated December 6, 2009, the patient was removed from the abortion clinic completely covered from head to toe with no sign of movement. The videographer indicated that he had seen other women transported from that abortion clinic by ambulance, and none of them was covered or treated as this patient. There was no sense of urgency by the ambulance drivers, who took nearly 10 minutes to remove the patient from the abortion clinic property.

“Based on the footage, it is our concern is that this patient may not have survived,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Abortion clinics just don’t call ambulances unless there is a life-threatening emergency. If indeed this patient succumbed to her injuries, there is concern that the incident will be covered up. That will only endanger the lives of other women who are not aware of the dangerous history of this abortion clinic.”

“Once again, we have an incident that proves that abortion is not safe and that abortion clinics injure women,” said Newman. “And now we have a Congress that wants to fund with our hard earned tax dollars dangerous abortion chop shops like this instead of working to close them down in the interest of public safety. It is an appalling situation.”

Earlier this week, OR released a report listing abortion clinics in the U.S. and asking pro-life activists to expose and report abortion clinic abuses. Operation Rescue expresses gratitude to the men and women who were on the scene offering help to abortion-bound women that had the presence of mind to document this incident and expose it.

  • j.t.

    OR I hope you followup on this one as she is not just a number like the abortion industry counts but a person that Jesus died for. Thank you.

  • E Duncan

    If that woman had died, in many states it is illegal for an ambulance (vs. a medical examiner’s vehicle or hearse) to transport the body. If the facts apply, and North Carolina law so states, this would be a crime … just one more, but nonetheless a violation for which the abortionist could be proseduted in this case.

    God bless you and your families mightily for you critical work on the front lines!

  • Michelle Wolven

    An ambulance by law can not transport a dead body to a hospital. Get the 911 tape and find out where she was taken. If she was taken to the county coroner you know she died.
    Prayers for repentance for all involved in the life/ lives taken !
    Michelle Wolven

  • Robert ONeil

    How this can happen in a supposedly enlightened society is beyond my comprehension! I fear for the souls of these people who are involved with abortion. They will one day have to answer to their actions and what a fearful day that will be for them if they don’t repent and change their ways. Come to the foot of the Cross and ask for His forgiveness. It is your only chance at redemption. There is nothing that He will not forgive, if you will only humble yourself and ask for His mercy!

  • m.e.

    What are the abortionists name O.R. so we could know. Thank you.

  • Sarah

    The thing that struck me is that women CONTINUED to pull into the parking lot and walk into the clinic for their abortions even after seeing the ambulance parked right out front! Who in their right mind would do that? If I was having dental surgery and saw an ambulance out front, you better know I would think twice about going ahead with my surgery! What is it about abortion that makes supposedly intelligent women make such DUMB decisions?

  • Emily Paredes Maurer

    I am so sad about reading news such as this site and also appauled at the women who continue to enter the clinics after seeing the ambulance. However thes women appear to be in great denial and crisis before they even get to the clinics. These evil Dr’s who continue to preform the abortions knowing it puts women at risk are Just That; EVIL!!!

  • Daniel Parks

    I am the guy that took the video. The incident happened on Saturday Dec 5, 2009. This is the fourth time I have seen a women taken from this clinc in an ambulance. I really don’t know if she was alive or not. Her entire body from feet the head was covered in a sheet. As underhanded as abortion clinics are they could have convinced the EMS to get her because it would really make them look bad if a hearse came into their driveway. After all they convince the EMS to approach the clinic without sirens. I am tring to get the 911 tape or transcript but I really don’t know how to go about it.

  • r.t.

    Daniel, What are the names of the abortionists there? Thank you

  • Dalene Westover

    To think that years ago when I was a teen and abortion became legal. This type of “Dr.” and clinic would not be possible according to what pro choice leaders were telling us. Women would not have to go to dirty places or people that were careless or cared less.They would be treated in a clean medical facility and have good care. This and others like it are proof that we all have been lied to and are seeing many more lies come to light about an industry run for $$$$ not for true health and care for a woman and her child.
    I never believed in abortion then and still don’t.

  • Reggie Pittman

    I live 8 miles from Charlotte n. c. & I HAVE NOT seen or heard nothing about this.Must be another RIGHT WING story from Fox news