Action Alert: Prosecute, Defund, & Protest Planned Parenthood!

In response to the Congressional hearing on Planned Parenthood’s trafficking of fetal body parts and the ongoing debates on defunding Planned Parenthood and passing protections for babies born alive during abortions, Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue as issued this call to action!

Please view the video then take action!

To send postcards to Congress to encourage the defunding of Planned Parenthood, visit

To join the nationwide protest on October 10, 2015, seeking criminal prosecutions of Planned Parenthood for illegal fetal parts trafficking, visit

For the latest stories and analysis from Operation Rescue concerning the Center for Medical Progress’ Human Capital Project, click here.

Please share this video using #DefundPP, #ProsecutePP, #ProtestPP and #PPSellsBabyParts.

  • Janeys

    Regarding HR 3504 children born alive after an abortion attempt – has everyone in Washington forgotten that once born, these children are American citizens with all the rights and protections afforded each citizen under the Constitution? . No Presidential veto can take away these children’s rights as a citizens.

  • hillaryLiedAmericansDied

    THANK YOU, Troy!! Your call to action is exactly what we all need!

    Keep the pressure on the despicable, racist & misogynist planned”parent”hood that has been beaten to a bloody pulp by amazing & courageous ProLife Warriors like you & David Daleiden & the American ProLife MAJORITY!

    Together—wee will CRUSH planned”parent”hood!!!

  • m hickey

    We need a SAVE THESE CHILDREN campaign. Every woman or girl should have to be informed of exactly what is being taken from her body. She should know that at ten weeks her “Tissue mass” has a beating heart and ten toes. They should have to be informed of what that “Tissue Mass ” looks like ,she should see pictures and even an ultrasound before she makes such A LIFE changing decision. The ONE thing everyone has in common is our beginning. …..each and every one of us was a “TISSUE MASS “.

  • ElisabethThunderberr

    The cards should be free to send.