Abortion Worker Gone Wild! Carhart Hurls Invectives at Videographer During Assault

By Cheryl Sullenger

Germantown, MD – During the filming of a documentary about pro-life efforts to spare women the trauma of late-term abortions at LeRoy Carhart’s Germantown Reproductive Health Services, a clinic worker rushed out and assaulted a videographer in an attempt to prevent her from filming.

Contains attack footage!

In a video of the incident released by Two Crown Productions, a clinic worker is seen pushing videographer Wendy Wilmowski, and blocking her camera with an umbrella while Carhart gets out of a car and begins to head toward the clinic.

Carhart can be heard saying, “Hey, I wouldn’t push her if I was you.”

Wilmowski replied, “You’re talking to her, right. I’m not doing anything.”

Carhart replied, “I’m talking to you, b****.”

Later, the woman with the umbrella is heard calling Wilmowski a “fat a**.”

Later, another giggling abortion worker is seen peeking out the clinic’s front door and giving the worker who assaulted Wilmowski a thumbs up sign.

“We find nothing funny about using violence to deny a peaceful citizen her Constitutional Rights,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “This incident once again confirms that the abortion workers known as ‘escorts’ are the troublemakers outside of abortion clinics and that Carhart is a vile man that sees no problem with violence against women, inside the womb or out.”

Wilmowski is shooting film for a new documentary entitled “Saved” that features not only pro-life sidewalk counseling efforts in Germantown, but touching interviews with families who were persuaded to walk away from Germantown Reproductive Health Services and keep their babies.

Violence on the part of Carhart’s abortion clinic staff escalated after Two Crown Productions released a trailer of the film that was designed to “raise awareness and financial support for the film,” according to the company’s press statement.

Since then, Wilmowski has been attacked and prevented from filming on at least two occasions.

“Ever since we released this trailer, LeRoy Carhart and his employees have done whatever they can think of to try and stop our filming,” stated Wilmowski.

Operation Rescue has documented eight medical emergencies at Carhart’s Germantown abortion facility, including the death of 33-week abortion patient Jennifer Morbelli, who died from abortion complications two years ago on February 7, 2013.

Since 2010, Maryland pro-life activists have documented that 226 babies have been saved from abortion due to their efforts outside the largest late-term abortion facility on the east coast.

“We support the pro-life work in Germantown, which we helped establish there in 2010 when Carhart first relocated his late-term abortion business, and support the making of the documentary ‘Saved,’” said Newman. “It’s important that the truth be told about the human tragedy inflicted on women by late-term abortions and the loving alternatives that are available. We hope that this film will help women understand that life is the most precious of all gifts.”

To learn more about “Saved” at TwoCrownProductions.com.
To learn more about pro-life efforts in Germantown, visit PrayforGermantown.com.

  • Conscience PFLI

    Put on your surprise face. Note the utter disregard and disrespect abortionist Carhart shows towards Miss Wilmowski…

  • Rev Donald Spitz

    I certainly hope videographer Wendy Wilmowski files assault charges against this pro-abortion fanatic.

  • CrossHugger

    Protecting a baby killer…judgment day will be harsh….

  • patcarlson1

    Yes, file charges, if the police will even take a report. Better yet, sue her and the abortuary! While you tie them up in court, they won’t be killing children. You should be able to find a lawyer to take the case on a contingency fee. If you can’t find a lawyer, file a small claims court case.

  • Martha Jane Twenter

    Maybe if people FINALLY realize how mean and vindictive these abortionists (I can’t call them doctors, because real Doctors try to save life) really are, they will try to outlaw Roe vs Wade which makes it legal to kill a baby at any stage of pregnancy. They are not concerned about women (and certainly, not about the BABY.) Their ONLY concern is about the MONEY they are going to get to KILL this baby.

    The News Media shows people being beheaded and put in cages and burned alive, but they WILL NOT show a baby being torn from its mother’s womb piece by piece. Isn’t this HYPOCRISY of the highest degree!

  • Linda Zimmerman

    I had a clinic worker AND a police officer tell me I couldn’t film outside an abortion clinic in Fort Wayne, IN.. After a well written letter explaining MY constitutional rights by a great Constitutional attorney, Bryan J. Brown and other attorneys from the national AFA, the abortion clinic staff AND the police left me entirely alone to do my filming (which was to protect our sidewalk counselors from physical abuse from the pro-choice escorts;)

  • di from Oregon

    May God protect the warriors of exposing the dark truth to a dark death culture that values predatory sexual pursuits and resulting creation of lives who they want to murder to pay for their sexual lusts. Too sick.

  • Carol

    Two hundred and twenty-six babies saved from abortion at Carhart’s torture mill. That’s great. Wonder how much money he lost because of those saves? Probably why he is so mad.

  • ABOLISHabortionNOW

    WOMEN DESERVE BETTER than abortion. abortion KILLS an unborn HUMAN BEING and emotionally MAULS his/her mother.

    BREAK THE CHAINS of abortion! ABOLISH abortion—NOW!!!

  • ABOLISHabortionNOW

    Like that coward proabort employee at the california school that assaulted ProLife students who filed charges&got that misogynist proabort punished. DON’T mess w/ProLife!