CARHART STRIKES AGAIN: African-American Woman Suffers 8th Abortion-Related Medical Emergency in 2 Years

Germantown, MD — An African-American patient of the notorious late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart, 72, was transported to the hospital after suffering a medical emergency at Germantown Reproductive Health Services in Germantown, Maryland, on Wednesday, July 2, 2014.

This represents the EIGHTH known medical emergency for which Carhart has been responsible since March, 2012. The recently injured women include Jennifer Morbelli, who died on Feb. 7, 2013.

“Medical emergencies at Carhart’s two abortion locations are becoming more frequent. His age and grueling travel schedule compound the risks to women, who are paying for his mistakes with their health and sometimes their lives,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “Our complaints in Maryland are falling on deaf ears while woman after woman is transported to emergency rooms where Carhart isn’t even allowed to enter. The public safety emergency created by Carhart’s shoddy practices has reached crisis proportions.”

In addition to the Germantown office, Carhart also conducts abortions at his run-down abortion facility in Bellevue, Nebraska. Operation Rescue has documented the following incidents involving life-threatening complications suffered by Carhart’s abortion patients.

• July 2, 2014, Germantown, MD: African-American abortion patient transported to hospital.
March 4, 2014, Germantown, MD: Patient hemorrhaged after 2nd trimester abortion complications.
November 30, 2013, Bellevue, NE: Patient suffered 2nd trimester abortion complications.
November 26, 2013, Germantown, MD: Patient required emergency surgery. (Video with 911 recording)
July 9, 2013, Germantown, MD: Patient hemorrhaged. (Video with 911 recording)
February 7, 2013, Germantown, MD: Patient Jennifer Morbelli died of 3rd trimester abortion complications. (Autopsy Report)
March 31, 2012, Bellevue, NE: Patient heard moaning and screaming during 911 call (Video with 911 recording.)

Multiple complaints have been filed with the Maryland Board of Physicians. The most recent asked the MDBP to take a fresh look at Carhart in light of the previous seven medical emergencies. Nearly identical complaints were filed simultaneously with medical boards in Nebraska and Indiana, where he also has operated.

Nebraska and Indiana responded with letters confirming that they are investigating or considering investigating Carhart. Maryland responded with a letter as well, closing the complaint without investigation.

Take Action to Protect Women and Their Babies!

Since Carhart’s abortion business affects women all over the nation who go to him for extremely late abortions that are illegal in most states, Operation Rescue is asking the public to contact the Maryland Board of Physicians and demand an honest and thorough investigation into Carhart’s abortion practices that are increasingly endangering the lives of women.

Contact: Maryland Board of Physicians
Voice: (800) 492-6836 or (410) 764-4777

  • Sandra Robinson

    I am a firm non supporter of abortion, and I don’t understand why women would go to this man with all of the publicity and negative reports he has received. I don’t understand why, if these women don’t want children, why not use a permanent method (sterilization) and stop risking your lives? My prayers go out to them all.

  • Englein

    I simply can’t understand why the Maryland Board of Physicians, a state authority, won’t put a stop to LeRoy Carhart’s dangerous business. Talk about a war on women! Those who protect abortionists are the ones who are leaving women injured and sometimes dead.

  • Corbin

    Very sad. I use to run calls to that place. I am sure it is just as nasty on the inside. I do not recognize the medics. They are either new or volunteers. I am back running in Baltimore. There is a damn slaughter house on every corner there.

  • Dear Brothers and Sisters from Opration Rescue:-

    I translated for Portuguese this post and I placed it in my blog: –

    O Mito do Aborto Seguro!!!( The Myth of the Safe Abortion!!!)

    I also yelled, in this post of my blog, to the people, here in Brazil, to send e-mails to Maryland Board of Physicians, protesting against the situation of the clinic of abortions of Leroy Carhart, who knows them (of Maryland Board of Physicians), seeing that is having international repercussion, decide to investigate that clinic.

    Alexandre Luiz Antonio da Luz
    Former-President of the Sociedade Protetora dos Nascituros Imaculada Conceição de Maria (Unborn Children Protecting Society of Immaculate Conception of Mary)
    Pro-Life movement of the Archdiocese of Curitiba (Capital of the State of Paraná – Brazil)