Abortion Supporter Bloodies Peaceful Pro-Life Activist in Violent Beating

Albuquerque, NM – A woman who claimed to be a supporter of abortion violently attacked peaceful pro-life protesters yesterday outside Southwestern Women’s Options, a late-term abortion clinic in Albuquerque, New Mexico, inflicting wounds that left one protester bloody.

The woman was angry and told the pro-lifers that she had once had an abortion. She then began to viciously punch and kick Bud Shaver, a former Operation Rescue intern, and a woman named Chris. She used keys as a weapon, inflicting a deep gash on Shaver’s head that paramedics said required stitches.

Shaver, who works with Project Defend Life, began videotaping after the attack began, but images he captured show an angry and violent flurry of punches and kicks as the pro-lifers threw up their arms in a defensive posture. After the attack, the woman walked into the abortion clinic but left a few moments later, driving away before police could respond to Shaver’s 911 call for help. Shaver told Operation Rescue that the woman was a passerby that stopped, but she did not appear to be a patient of the clinic.

Police and paramedics eventually responded but the perpetrator was not apprehended, even though her description and license plate number were reported to the officers as well as the 911 dispatcher.

“The lax way in which the police are handling acts of violence against pro-lifer who are peacefully exercising their Constitutional Rights and offering practical help to need women is shocking,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “It sends the wrong message that violence on the part of abortion supporters is acceptable. We pray that this troubled woman is brought to justice and gets the help she needs with her anger and grief issues.”

Previously, other attacks on pro-life activists included a man threatening them with a gun and another person who jumped the curb in an attempt to run over peaceful men and women.

Ironically, this attack occurred just days after Operation Rescue released a powerful 911 recording made from another abortion clinic in Albuquerque, UNM Center for Reproductive Health, where a woman could clearly be heard struggling for life.

Operation Rescue has also obtained a series of 911 emergency recordings made from Southwestern Women’s Options where the violent attack took place that clearly indicate life-threatening abortion complications that required emergency hospitalization. OR plans to release the first of these recordings later this week.

Operation Rescue is asking the public to help protect peaceful pro-life activists and their ability to continue saving lives by calling the Albuquerque Chief of Police and demanding the arrest of the woman who attacked Shaver and his associates.

Albuquerque Police Chief Ray Schultz
Voice: (505) 768-2200
E-Mail: rschultz@cabq.gov

  • SharonG

    Got to have pepper spray ready.

  • Eugene Vigil

    I just called the Chief of Police and he was not in. the woman who answered was well aware of the situation and said she would have someone call me back. She said she did not know why the woman had not been arrested.

  • This article should contain some reference to James Pouillon. If it were the other way around they wouldn’t stop talking about tiller. And Pouillon was killed just for carrying a prolife sign.

  • Anne Tyler

    That this horrible person is still out walking around enjoying freedom she obviously doesn’t deserve is a sad statement, imo, about the state of justice today. Justice is selective who it applies to apparently.

  • Anne Tyler

    This woman is a thug. As much as I despise abortion and always will, I can’t help but think of the kind of life a child unfortunate enough to have her for a mother would have had.

    She is clearly a thug and I do hope she is off the streets asap.

  • John R. Pride

    Well I have to have to give to those folks for keeping their cool, that would be very hard to do. Hopefully the police will do their duty along with the DA’s office. Hopefully they will not be “LAWLESS” in this matter.

  • John R. Pride

    Slow down a little Anne, this lady is indeed damaged, she said as much. I pray that the Holy Spirit decent upon this lady and she comes to Christ, that is her only hope. Having been on the mean streets of america & in her “LAWLESS” court rooms & jail houses testifying to the TRUTH of Christ sometimes peoples blood get up as it did here. Lets try not to get personal please. Anne “The Lord bless you, and keep you; the Lord make His face shine on you, and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up His countenance on you, and give you peace”

  • Robert Roma

    This is deplorable.You folks should pursue it to the fullest. if the police do not respond and apprehend this woman, i strongly suggest that
    you get a lawyer and show the attorney your film. I certainly hope that there were witnesses present. also, when you folks go to protest at an
    abortion mill, you should be prepared fora possible violent attack.Pepper spray is very good. if you decide to carry it, make sure that you know the laws of the state where you are protesting, regarding the carrying of self defense weapons. Also, learn how to use the pepper spray properly.it is very potent and can rapidly disable “most” people.
    Good luck.

  • Ronny Groda

    Abortoin is wrong and this is an example of what abortion dose to people it bring out violents in people that say abortion is fine ..They have no value of human life or that human experince . We oppose the killing and even hitting people. for all are created in HIS image and HIS likeness.

  • KLR

    “I apologize that this response is generic however I am on vacation and can not answer each email individually. I want To let you know that the department is following NM law and will issue a summons by end of business today ordering the woman to appear in court. This is the process For NM law and is the same for everyone. To the people to quickly jumped to conclusions and name calling to either me or the department shame on you! Please do your homework before deciding that we were not being fair and or impartial. We have an obligation to equally enforce the constitution and always ensure that we do.” Ray Schultz

  • Has this video been blocked or taken down? All I see here or at other sources linking this video is a blank black screen. Attempting to download results in a message saying the video is not downloadable.

  • Upon further checking, it looks like all YouTube videos may be down at the present time.

  • SharonG

    Anne Tyler is right on. Hope the thug gets saved.

  • Heywood Jalisson

    Whether this thug-ette gets saved or not, she should be held responsible for her crime against society, by being prosecuted, and her wrong against the prolifers, by being sued. Getting saved does not resolve a person of his/her liability. Indeed, if a non-Christian becomes saved (for real, not just saying it), then s/he will want to make right his/her transgressions against his/her victim. (P.S. My guess is that this thug-ette believes she is a Christian.)

  • SharonG

    Hey Heywood,

    Who said hoping someone gets saved means we don’t want her to face justice? Re-read Anne’s comments.

  • Heywood Jalisson

    Who did say that, SharonG? Not me. Nor did I say that anyone else made the comment you impute to me. I didn’t say anything about “hoping” someone gets saved. You implore me to re-read Anne’s comments. I implore you to re-read my comments. You must stay in good shape jumping to conclusions!