Man Arrested After Threatening To Gun Down Pro-life Activists At Late-Term Abortion Clinic

Abortion clinic cleared “SWAT style” by police, stopping abortions for nearly two hours

Albuquerque, NM – A man was arrested Saturday, August 28, outside Southwestern Women’s Options, a late-term abortion clinic operated by Curtis Boyd in Albuquerque, New Mexico, after he threatened to shoot two pro-life women who were offering help to abortion-bound women.

The unidentified man and his wife were escorting their daughter into the abortion clinic when the wife and daughter walked over to the pro-life women to discuss alternatives to abortion. The man became angry and ushered his family members toward the clinic.

“When we come out, I’m going to put a bullet in your head if you talk to her,” the man told the pro-life women, whose identities are being withheld for their security.

Witnesses said that the man then lifted his shirt to show the women a dark object that was partially tucked into his trousers. The women recognized the object as a gun and called the police.

“The police responded appropriately and took him away in handcuffs,” said former Operation Rescue intern Bud Shaver, who arrived on the scene in time to witness the arrest and the clearing of the clinic by police.

“They cleared Boyd’s clinic to search for the gun SWAT style. Everyone, including staff, had to come out with their hands up.”

The area was cordoned off and the clinic was closed to patients for nearly two hours while police conducted their investigation.

It is currently unknown if a gun was recovered by police or what charges were brought against the man.

Death threats against pro-lifers have been viewed with greater concern in the wake of the shooting death of activist Jim Pouillon of Owosso, Michigan, who was gunned down last year as he held a pro-life sign outside a local high school. The killer admitted that he murdered Pouillon because he did not agree with his public abortion protests.

Shaver told Operation Rescue that he has been threatened a number of times since he has been in Albuquerque, but the police never responded in the way they did on Saturday.

“We are thankful that no one was injured and that the police took appropriate action,” said Newman. “Violence against pro-lifers has become something that we have to guard against every day. Those who reach out to women in front of abortion clinics should not be afraid to continue to do so, but should always have security and an awareness of their surroundings in mind.”


  • Amy

    Interesting that this man brought a gun to the clinic in the first place. Was it only to threaten pro-lifers, or was it to ensure that his daughter went through with the abortion? There was a case in Florida several years ago involving a mother bringing her daughter to an abortion clinic with a gun. She allegedly told staff members that if her daughter didn’t have the abortion she was going to “blow her brains out” and told them to do the abortion even if her daughter was “a little teary.” Given that this man didn’t want his daughter talking to pro-lifers, I wonder if this was yet another case of forced/unwanted abortion.

  • rapesurvivor

    I’m a rape survivor who concieved a child from that rape I choose life for my child and am raising him alone with no help abortion is wrong and I hate to say this but the girls father has really shown that he is a cold hearted murderer he wanted to murder his daughters child why? She choose to have sex this was a result from that adoption would have been a better option but beside that he threatened 2 kill to innocent women for simply trying to save a life so he would have killed 3 people that day if it would have came down to it which is so absolutley disgusting I hate to say this but that man should be charged with 3 counts of premeditated murder abortion is so wrong there is no excuse no exception for murder that child did not ask to be created so why kill it? Its not there fault god bless those 2 women for trying to make a change

  • Sheila

    It’s about time that those who threaten and kill pro-lifers are arrested and vilified for their evil actions. The mainstream media hardly covered, if at all, the terrible story about Jim Pouillon who was killed because he was holding a pro-life sign (because the killer didn’t agree with his message.) Yet they couldn’t cover enough how “horrible” the pro-life movement is because of the killing of “Dr.” Tiller, who killed late term babies and then threw them in his furnace to burn them like trash! It’s a nightmare that this is happening in America. I wished I was dreaming and could wake up to find out that it’s not true. Someone even called Tiller a hero! They like to attack all pro-life people when an abortion “doctor” is killed, but do not attack all pro-abortion people when a pro-life person is killed; they will just gloss over it if reported at all. It’s almost as if they blame the person holding the pro-life sign! Upside down morality. Okay to kill innocent unborn children, but not okay to hold a sign saying it’s wrong? No one had the right to take Mr. Pouillon or Dr. Tiller’s lives. That is why abortion is so wrong, because it is taking the life of another person who has a right to his/her life. The mainstream media are no longer neutral journalists as they should be, but it is clearly obvious what their ideology is because it comes through every social issue news story. If it’s about pro-abortion or pro-life, you know exactly whose side they are on. The Bible also says that there will come a time when people will call good evil and evil good. I fear what is in store for those who do this! One has to wonder why some are so adamant and focused on killing the most helpless and tinyest human beings in the womb (where they once were)! It should be just the opposite, to do all we can to protect them. The next time they (pro-abortionists) look in the mirror, they need to know that THEIRS is the face of PRO-LIFE! That is because someone cared enough to let them grow and be born and have life that was their right and still is everyone’s right. EVERYONE is entitled to a BIRTHday!