Thoughts from Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue.
Now You Can Close the Abortion Clinic
By Troy Newman

Sept. 8, 2010 — In a “Wonderful Life” every time a bell rang an angel got his wings, but at Operation Rescue, when an abortion mill shuts its doors we rock out. “Another One Bites the Dust” by the rock group Queen blares at maximum volume from our office stereo system every time an abortion mill closes. It is a time honored tradition in the Operation Rescue office dating back to 1991.
The OR national headquarters is located in former abortion mill. The rock and roll could be heard for blocks away on the day we shut down that clinic down.
Fortunately, the music is digital or we would have worn the old vinyl record thin from celebrating all the abortion clinics that have lately closed. Since 1991, over 1,400 chop shops have shut down for good leaving just slightly over 700 killing centers in the USA. The numbers don’t lie. Two-thirds of the industry has closed up shop and blown out of town. That’s something to rock about!
And the winds of change continue to blow in our favor.
In the years since the 1992 Planned Parenthood vs. Casey Supreme Court decision, the push from state legislatures has been to focus on placing restrictions and regulations on abortion mills and their staff. Although the attempts have been piecemeal, many laws have been enacted and enforced resulting in the closure of clinics in several states.
A few years ago, the Missouri legislature passed a common-sense safety law forcing abortionists to have hospital privileges in order to stay open. As a result, at least one abortion clinic was closed, and our stereo blasted at full volume.
Kermit Gosnell’s license to kill was suspended by the Pennsylvania Department of State’s Board of Medicine after they raided his death camp and declared it a “shop of horrors” after finding numerous health and safety violations. His abortion mill was ordered to close. Another one down.
Maryland regulators are finally stepping up to the plate after an 18-year old girl suffered a botched abortion at the hands of the unlicensed abortionist Steven Brigham. The state ordered Brigham to cease and desist from the practice of medicine and suspended the licenses of his two quack associates for helping Brigham evade the law. Operation Rescue is pushing the Maryland Attorney General for criminal charges. Brigham’s Elkton abortion mill is closed. Yet another one down.
The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals (LDHH) revoked the clinic license of Hope Medical Group for Women in Shreveport last week and ordered them to halt all abortions there after finding that they didn’t even bother to monitor a patient’s vital signs or physically examine women prior to abortions. The action was the first immediate suspension under the new Louisiana law, signed by Governor Bobby Jindel, which allows the State to order an abortion mill to cease operations. Another one bites the dust.
Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli recently placed abortion mills under the same standard of care required by other outpatient surgical facilities. Abortion mills around the country often operate in a gray area and outside any regulatory oversight. I predict there will be some “for sale” signs going up soon in Virginia, and I better warm up my stereo.
Laws and regulations that end with “now you can close the abortion clinic” are always a good thing for the babies. I know from first-hand experience that when abortion mills close, babies are saved.
So long live the regulators, the enforcers, and the prosecutors who apply the law and close abortion mills. We can all hold hands and sing the refrain, “bump, bump, bump, another one bites the dust!”
Kansas Conspiracy Theory
By Troy Newman

August 19, 2010 — I hope you saw the movie Conspiracy Theory with Mel Gibson. In an eccentric style all his own, Gibson’s crazed character, Jerry, drives a New York taxi cab while lecturing his passengers in the bizarre schemes of cunning people in high political offices who conspire to oppress the common folks. Jerry knew that NASA used a secret weapon on the space shuttle to cause earthquakes and had it on good information that the CIA was an elite society connected to Israel’s Mossad. The hitch for Jerry was that some of his Conspiracy Theories were actually true, and the powerful elite had to silence his prophetic disclosures before their deeds were exposed.
Jump to Kansas and the case of Mr. Eric Rucker. He has served as assistant to Phill Kline during his tenures as both State Attorney General and Johnson County District Attorney. Recently, Mr. Rucker, was informally admonished by the Kansas Ethic Panel. It was a whimper of an end to more than four years of legal harassment and a massive media onslaught meant to discredit both men and destroy their careers. Nevertheless, the local leftist media played up Mr. Rucker’s timid admonishment as a grand victory for moral principals within the legal community and predicted the soon demise of Phill Kline.
So, what did Mr. Rucker actually do to deserve the non-stop hatred of the liberal left? What was his crime against humanity? A low level employee under Rucker created a spreadsheet list of documents contained in the George Tiller abortion investigation. That spreadsheet, had anyone even known about it, could have helped identify a number of Tiller’s abortion patients. But it never did. The scrap of paper went unnoticed until Tiller’s criminal trial – two years after Kline and Rucker left office. Even then, the spreadsheet was private and useless. Rucker was ultimately admonished by the legal ethics board for not knowing something that was unknown to everyone for years and turned out to be completely irrelevant.
Why would the Kansas Board for Discipline of Attorneys spend countless man hours and “boo-koo” bucks prosecuting a retired prosecutor and his former boss (who doesn’t even live in Kansas anymore) for such a trivial matter? There is obviously more at stake than Mr. Rucker’s and Mr. Kline’s law licenses.
To understand all the fuss you have to follow closely.
Before leaving public office, Phill Kline served as District Attorney in Johnson County, Kansas, the home of a large Planned Parenthood abortion clinic. Kline filed 107 criminal charges against Planned Parenthood of Kansas & Mid-Missouri, 23 of which are felonies.
The implications of Kline’s case against PPKMM are enormous. Besides the potential for fines and jail time for its executives, Planned Parenthood would lose its tax exempt status. Gone would be the millions of dollars it receives from taxpayers and charitable contributions. Its books would be open to legal scrutiny. The latter is a fate worse than death for Planned Parenthood. In fact, close inspection of its finances could mean certain death to the entire Planned Parenthood Empire. This chink in their armor is like that little hole in the Death Star, where Luke Skywalker shot a missile that destroyed the entire mother ship.
Planned Parenthood organizations nation-wide have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Affiliates in San Diego, San Francisco, South Florida, and New Jersey have all been accused of financial mismanagement, over-billing, and fraud. In fact, when comparisons are made between a recent Governmental Accounting Office report and Planned Parenthood’s own financial records, a staggering $1.8 billion in tax funds (yes, billion with a b) remain unaccounted for nationwide over a six year period. With all that missing money and reports of financial impropriety finally reaching the mainstream media, Planned Parenthood will go to almost any lengths to block any further probing into its fiscal practices.
Therefore, masterminds in high places, (read: pro-abortion bureaucrats and politicians who get their hands greased by Planned Parenthood), must work behind the scenes to stop the criminal case against Planned Parenthood. The only problem is that Kline got the goods, so to speak, on them. Their own records, obtained by Kline through an epic three-year legal battle, incriminate them. He caught them lying, committing illegal abortions, and falsifying evidence.
When and if this case ever hits the courtroom, Planned Parenthood is going down.
At this moment the criminal case against Planned Parenthood sits on appeal collecting dust on the bench of the Kansas Supreme Court. The evidence is sealed and the judge that found probable cause to believe that Planned Parenthood has broken the law has been silenced by a Supreme Court gag order. At issue is whether the incriminating evidence should be allowed to be released to the county prosecutor for use in trial or be sealed from the public forever. A decision from the Court has been pending for over a year and a half. Why so long? What are they waiting for?
I firmly believe the Kansas Supreme Court awaits the heads of Eric Rucker and Phill Kline. One down one to go.
Here is where we see the conspiracy take shape. The Kansas Supreme Court has jurisdiction over the Kansas Board for Discipline of Attorneys, or ethics panel, which is obsessed with Rucker and Kline’s past job performance. The Kansas Supreme Court is stacked to the brim with appointees of former Governor Kathleen Sebelius, now HHS Secretary under Obama.
Sebelius is the darling of the abortion industry and the recipient of hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from it. In return, Sebelius continually blocked abortion legislation and investigations into abortion abuses. The Planned Parenthood in Kansas even threw her a big birthday party, which she attended, while the organization was under criminal investigation.
Without the money from the abortion lobby, Sebelius would not be where she is today. On the other hand, without Sebelius, the abortionists in Kansas would have been prosecuted and run out of Dodge long ago. Today, Sebelius is in a position to funnel billions of tax dollars to Planned Parenthood – but not if her part in a conspiracy to cover up criminal activity on the part of the abortion giant is exposed through a criminal trial against her favorite Planned Parenthood group.
Political favors are owed. Huge amounts of money (past and future) are involved. Is a conspiracy to cover this up really that far-fetched?
The Kansas Supreme Court has desperately looked for a way to dismiss the credible criminal charges against Planned Parenthood. The Kansas Supremes need to do this because they are protecting an ideology that helped advance many of their careers. They have become not only the lapdogs of Planned Parenthood, but their guard dogs as well.
Here is my very own conspiracy theory and prediction. The Kansas Board of Discipline will find some minute, (and probably fictitious), violation committed by Phill Kline during his attempts to enforce Kansas abortion laws. They will use this as an excuse to hang him and his Kansas law license to a nearby cottonwood tree. Attending the public execution of Phill Kline and Eric Rucker will be the radical pro-abortion Kansas media trumping up whatever trivial infraction the Board might concoct.
The former AG and his chief of staff will then be sufficiently “discredited” to provide the political cover needed for the Kansas Supreme Court to dismiss the pending criminal charges against Planned Parenthood. The Supremes will say that the entire criminal case is tainted with prosecutorial misconduct, and voilà! Poof! Planned Parenthood walks away from their crimes unscathed like O.J. Simpson walked out of the L.A. District Court.
Author Tom Clancy once said, “The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense.” But I think this conspiracy theory makes a lot of sense, especially when considering the seemingly inexplicable conduct of the Kansas Supreme Court, the rise and fall of political careers, and most importantly, the massive amounts of money at stake. Just like Conspiracy Theory’s Jerry had to be silenced, the well-tanned hides of Phill Kline and Eric Rucker must be nailed to the side of Planned Parenthood as trophies to show the rest of the world what will happen to the next prosecutor who dares to indict the world’s largest supplier of abortion services.
In most states, this kind of behavior is called corruption. Without outcry from the people, we can only expect more Conspiracy Theories to abound and injustice to continue to prevail.
Sign the Petition: Urge KS Supreme Court to Send Planned Parenthood To Trial on 107 Criminal Charges
Remember This Day!
By Troy Newman, President Operation Rescue

March 21,2010 – Even though I was only three years old I’ll never forget watching TV with my mother as Neil Armstrong put the first footprints on the moon. It was a day to remember, a day that proudly changed our nation.
There are moments in history when you just know that the events of the day have permanently changed life as we knew it, sometimes for the better, and sometimes for the worst.
I will never forget watching the East Germans stream through the gaps of the falling Berlin Wall. The world was a different, freer, safer place after that day.
I’ll never forget watching the 1989 World Series at Candlestick Park as the earth shook San Francisco to pieces.
I’ll never forget sitting in Simi Valley on a Sunday afternoon with my new in-laws watching televised confirmation hearings as Clarence Thomas was being grilled like T-bone steak.
I will never forget watching the liberation of Kuwait on CNN in the middle of the night.
Of course, none of us will ever forget the morning of September 11, 2001. I watched in horror as the second plane hit the twin towers.
In the same way, I will never forget Sunday, March 21, 2010, as Rep. Bart Stupak looked me in the eye via CSPAN, and told me he would change his health care reform vote from no to yes. Mr. Stupak said he reached a deal with President Obama to protect unborn human life. But we all knew he had caved to the political pressure and was trying in vain to salvage his party standing, his political career, and whatever normalcy he could restore to his life.
In my house watching TV is less about entertainment and more about education. It is not just uni-directional, it’s interactive. I loudly cheer for my favorite sports team, I am verbally passionate as I react to new stories, and I cried on 9/11. My family is used to my verbal outbursts. They occasionally tease me about the day I threw our television set in the trash after hearing a speech by President George W. Bush that announced the funding of embryonic stem cell research.
But on Sunday, March 21, I sent my wife and children to the YMCA after Mr. Stupak’s press conference. They shouldn’t hear the things I said to that TV. My monologue went on for quite some time, and my dog Shasta’s pinned-back ears let me know that even she didn’t like my tone of voice.
I will never forget this day! It is a day that will go down in infamy as did the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Less than 20 years after the cold war ended against, a communist-styled president sits in Ronald Regan’s office and rules with a tyrannical iron fist with the help of his Congressional counterparts. Our once-free nation has slid down the path of totalitarianism faster than if we could have been conquered by the Soviets in 1980.
March 21 did indeed change life as we knew it. The tax payer will be forced to fund abortion that will now increase, ration health care, cut benefits to seniors, and pay higher taxes. Especially hard-hit will be small business owners and middle-class American families. The new law will force all Americans to buy insurance or suffer fines and create over a hundred new government bureaucracies.
Now we can add our nation’s health care system to the list of once private enterprises now under government control along with the banks, manufacturing, housing, and insurance companies.
I won’t forget the events of this day and while they heralded a change for the worst, I vow to be part of the revolution to unravel this mess. And I know I am not alone. Polls show that the majority of the people are already with us.
While politics alone is not the cure for the social ailments that have brought us to this point, it is the vehicle we can use to insure that our changes will be lasting and protected. Let this be a clarion call to the American people that it is time to arise and reclaim our government to make it once again one that is of the people, by the people, and for the people – and that means all of us from the womb to the tomb.
It is the Substance of His Issues that Makes Us Disagree with Obama

September 27, 2009 — Martin Luther King Jr. said in his famous “I Have a Dream” speech that we must judge a man by the content of his character, not the color of his skin. Of course, he was right.
I do not disagree with President Obama based upon the color of his skin, but upon the darkness of his heart. It is the substance of his policies and the inferiority of his politics that has convinced me that he is guided by a faulty moral compass.
It is a blindfolded Lady Justice that is depicted holding the measuring balances of equity and truth. The imagery is clear and applicable to more than our judicial system. We should weigh a man according to the truth of his words and his deeds, and not on his race, creed, gender, or social class.
Therefore, I assail the core substance of Obama’s policies based on their character, not on his race.
Obama is lying to the American people. It is not hyperbole to describe the spirit of his policies to be evil, when compared to our standard of truth found in the Bible, which declares that we should not murder, nor stand idly by while others commit heinous acts.
Obama said the heart of his healthcare plan was abortion; that is evil.
Obama removed the roadblock for taxpayer funding of abortion overseas; that is evil.
Obama released a statement on January 22 in support of Roe vs. Wade; that was evil.
Obama put radical abortion supporter Kathleen Sebelius in charge of the Department of Health and Human Services; that was evil.
Obama is pushing for “universal access” to abortion worldwide and a “fundamental human right”; that is evil.
Obama signed an executive order forcing taxpayer funding of embryonic stem cell research; that was evil.
Obama’s 2009 budget includes tax dollars to fund abortions in Washington, DC while eliminating all funding for abstinence education; that is evil.
Obama’s Supreme Court appointee Sonia Sotomayor, strongly favors abortion on demand through all nine months of pregnancy; that is evil.
Obama continues to push to overturn all conscience laws that protect doctors and pharmacists from being forced to administer abortions or abortion causing drugs; that is evil.
Obama’s science “czar” John Holdren believes the U.S. Constitution favors forced abortions; that is evil.
I could continue with an unending list of Obama’s wrongheaded and evil foreign and domestic policies but I think you get the point. While I am arguing the objective facts, the radicals on the left have attempted to shout me down with ad homonym attacks and false accusations of racism.
These personal attacks are simply an indication that my adversaries have already lost the debate on the facts, and are desperately attempting to smear the messenger. They know that the American people are beginning to see through the misleading rhetoric that is belching forth daily from the Obama Administration.
On September 12, I was honored to stand in Washington, D.C. with hundreds of thousands of patriotic-minded Americans who were not protesting because of the color of a man’s skin, but on the content of his character. Obama’s broken moral compass is driving America in the wrong direction, a direction that will lead to an increase in abortions and the human misery that follows them.
The majority of American’s don’t want to go where Obama is leading on the matter of abortion, the most critical moral issue of our day. With all eyes focused on the current health care debate, now is the time to make our voices heard. To stand idly by while innocent lives are further endangered – well, that would be evil, too.
For Life,

Troy Newman
Shooting Abortionists Isn’t Just Immoral — It’s Stupid

July 29, 2009 — As I write this article, abortionist Bertha Bugarin sits in a California Women’s prison. The eleven abortion mills she once operated have closed. So many of her former cohorts, “Doctors” Rand, Turnipseed, Jones, Reich, Braemer, Dia, and Jones have lost their license to practice medicine and can no longer kill children for profit. At least five more have been disciplined or have suffered from other legal problems.
Dr. Rapin Osathanondh has been indicted by a grand jury for manslaughter in the death of Laura Hope Smith at the Women’s Health Center in Hyannis, Massachusetts. He has permanently surrendered his medical license and his two abortion mills are closed. He goes to trial in September.
The man responsible for committing 25 percent of Arizona’s abortions, Brian Finkel, is serving a 35 prison sentence for 22 counts of sexually abusing his patients. Finkel’s abortion mills have closed forever. Abortionist Bruce Steir spent six months in jail for killing Sharon Hamptlon during a horrific botched abortion in California.
During the murder trial of abortionist John Hamilton, a key prosecution witness said, “The abortionist lives an intrinsically violent lifestyle [that isn’t] sanitized because the doctor is making a nice living, dresses well, and lives in an upper social stratum,” Hamilton was convicted of murdering his wife and is serving a life sentence. His two abortion chambers are closed.
We at Operation Rescue have yet to find an abortionist that is in compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal laws. Many refuse to adhere to even the most modest health code regulations. Pro-lifers are beginning to report abortion clinic wrongdoing all over the country.
As a result, there many abortionists that have recently been disciplined, fined, or are on their way to jail.
George Tiller was no different. I have evidence that Tiller was just months away from being forced to shut down his late-term abortion mill in Wichita due to Operation Rescue’s intense strategy of working within the system close abortion mills and bring abortionists to justice.
Operation Rescue works to investigate these dirty abortionists and get the convincing evidence of their lawbreaking into the hands of the authorities. We enlist the grassroots – such as you – to hold the authorities accountable to do their jobs. Closed clinics save lives and help women seek alternatives other than abortion, which ultimately helps them have a change of heart toward child-killing.
It is putting the ax to the root of the tree verses trimming the branches. And our methods work again and again.
In the past 18 years over 1,400 abortion mills have closed down and have not been replaced. Countless abortionists have fled the once lucrative abortion trade. The rate of abortion is down, and the pro-life sentiment is up.
In Tiller’s case, one individual overstepped the legal boundaries and turned the lawbreaker and victimizer into a hero and martyr for the pro-aborts. So instead of having yet another prominent abortionist stripped of his license and forced to shut down, the abortion cartel can now extol the endless virtue of “Saint George Tiller,” who gave up his life fighting for the rights of women. No matter how you look at it, killing Tiller was just plain stupid.
For Life,

Troy Newman
My Vote for Best Pro-life Super Bowl Ad: Google’s Parisian Love Story
By Troy Newman
Although it was no game changer I believe the best family-friendly and cutting-edge Super Bowl commercial was done by Google. The Tim Tebow ad was good but like many things Super Bowl related, it didn’t live up to all the pre-game hype. Its message was so subtle that many may have missed the point.
All good advertising must mirror everyday circumstances. And who hasn’t used Google to make travel plans, find restaurants, or define an unknown word? But Google’s ad went a step further than just random searches; it told a love story that surprised me by its overt pro-life message.
Watch the ad below.

With the popular Google search engine as the sole backdrop to the story, a man looks to Paris as place to go to school, and by way of an Internet search, he finds a café near the famous Louvre. A French girl tells him he is cute, but of course the expression of amore must first be sent through Google for the English conversion. But the language of love is not lost in translation.
After a quick Internet search for chocolates and poetry, the long distance relationship culminates with wedding in a French church – yes church!
But wait! There’s more.
After a proper courtship, and a Christian wedding, the Internet surfer looks for a way to assemble a baby crib, and the commercial ends with the quick cooing of a newborn baby.
Earth shattering? Ground-breaking?
Not hardly. But that is what I liked about it. Google was not trying to forge a new path of morality for the world. It wasn’t two openly gay parakeets seeking a sordid love triangle with a mutant osprey. There was no wardrobe malfunction. There was no controversy. The ad reflected reality for most of the world. Two kids fall in love, get married, and have a baby.
Yet Focus on the Family was a target of endless (and baseless) hysteria from the National Organization of Woman and all other the militant pro-abortion, pro-gay groups. Perhaps there was a grand conspiracy by Focus on the Family to draw the collective fire on the pro-life Tim Tebow ad, then do a quarterback-sneak and pass the ball off to Google.
Or maybe not.
I think the Google ad is borne of a society that is tired of pushing the morality envelope and echoes the desire of most people for life to be normal and without the leftist drama. Boys and girls will fall in love, get married, and have a baby, which is the way God designed it.
And what could be more pro-life than that?
For Life,

Troy Newman