Hundreds Form ‘Cross For Life’ At Culmination of Summer of Mercy 2.0

Germantown, MD – Over 600 pro-life activists wearing red T-shirts converged on the corner of Wisteria and Executive Park Circle in Germantown Sunday to form a “Cross for Life” near LeRoy Carhart’s late-term abortion clinic for the culminating event of the Summer of Mercy 2.0. Addressing a “sea of red,” David Bereit of 40 Days […]

First-Time Pro-life Activists Help Keep Late-term Abortion Mill Closed

At mid-point of the Summer of Mercy 2.0, organizers are excited to see new faces joining the movement to stop abortion Germantown, MD – Organizers for the Summer of Mercy are experiencing a phenomenon they did not expect. An estimated three-quarters of the participants of the Summer of Mercy 2.0 are residents of the Germantown […]

Pro-Life Activities Extended at Summer of Mercy 2.0 as Late-Term Abortionist Carhart’s Doors Remain Closed

Germantown, MD — In response to Leroy Carhart closing his late-term abortion clinic for one week, the Summer of Mercy 2.0 leadership team has confirmed that prayer and public witness will continue on Monday, August 8 in front of Carhart’s clinic in Germantown. In addition, the team is considering an extension of the activities through […]

Summer of Mercy 2.0 Event Photos, Video Now Available

The latest photos from the streets of Germantown, Maryland, where the Summer of Mercy 2.0 is in progress, are now on line. Photos will be updated regularly throughout the event. View Summer of Mercy 2.0 Photo Album Here’s a brief video (1:35) with the first images from the event that bring the message home!

Amid Ongoing Investigations, Carhart Closes Clinic for the Week as Summer of Mercy 2.0 Intensifies

Germantown, MD – Operation Rescue and the rest of the leadership team for the Summer of Mercy 2.0 has confirmed that Germantown Reproductive Health Services, where Carhart is employed, will be closed for the week. “This is a huge victory,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “While this event is in progress no babies will […]