Former Kansas Attorney General Sues the State Supreme Court Over Abortion-Related Corruption

By Cheryl Sullenger Topeka, Kansas – Former Attorney General Phill Kline held a press conference at the Kansas Supreme Court yesterday announcing that he has filed suit in Federal Court against the Kansas Supreme Court, alleging that they violated his Constitutional Rights when they indefinitely suspended his law in 2013. At issue was Kline’s attempt […]

Kansas Court Displays Political Bias with Rapid Rejection of Kline’s Motion for Rehearing in Abortion-Related Ethics Case

Topeka, KS – Yesterday, the Kansas Supreme Court denied former Attorney General Phill Kline’s motion for rehearing or modification of its order to indefinitely suspend Kline’s Kansas law license for ethics violations related to abortion clinic investigations. “The Court took only five business days to deny a 90 page motion that proved objectively that the […]

Former Attorney General Kline Files Motion for Rehearing in Abortion-Related Ethics Case

See Update Below By Cheryl Sullenger Topeka, KS – A 92-page motion was filed on December 3 with the Kansas Supreme Court on behalf of former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline asking for a rehearing of an ethics case against him or a modification of the Court’s ruling that indefinitely suspended his license to practice […]

Kline’s Attorney: Disciplinary Administrator in Kline Ethics Case May Share Fired Tweeter’s Bias

Hazlett suggests that the term “child rape” was invented by Kline for inflammatory purposes, outrageously implying that no such crime exists. By Cheryl Sullenger Topeka, KS – In the wake of the firing of a research attorney who posted derogatory comments on Twitter during the Phill Kline ethics hearing, Kline’s lead attorney, Tom Condit, has […]

Clerk Fired for “Tweet-Attacking” Kline During Abortion/Ethics Case

Topeka, KS – The Kansas Supreme Court Chief Justice Lawton Nuss announced late yesterday that the Court has fired Sarah Peterson Herr, the Appeals Court Research Attorney that tweet-attacked Phill Kline during his ethics hearing on Thursday. He said her case has been “referred to other offices for possible ethics violations.” Herr had tweeted from […]