Wichita Pro-lifers Protest, Pray In Opposition To Plans For New Abortion Clinic

Wichita, Kansas – About seventy pro-life supporters representing several pro-life groups and churches gathered in unity on Saturday morning in spite the cold Kansas temperatures to stand in protest to plans to open a new abortion clinic in Wichita.

Holding signs that read, “Stop Abortion Now!” pro-lifers lined Harry Street outside the office of abortionist Mila Means, who has been training at a Kansas City, Kansas, abortion mill over the past several months so that she can begin her own abortion business in Wichita.

Another abortionist, Gregory S. Linhardt, has also been training with Means at the Aid for Women mill in Kansas City so he can also open up an abortion business in Wichita. The community has been abortion free for eighteen months since the family of late-term abortionist George Tiller permanently closed his abortion mill after his death.

The protest and prayer vigil was conducted smoothly. A small group of pro-abortion counter protesters huddled on a corner and unsuccessfully attempted to cover a huge sign that read “Thou Shalt Not Kill” put up by Mark Gietzen of the Kansas Coalition for Life.

“We have reason to believe that legal steps will be taken to prevent Means from opening up an abortion business in Wichita. Anyone who tries to open an abortion business here will certainly face strong public protest from this community,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

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New Banner At OR Headquarters Directs Pregnant Women To Pro-life Help Center

UPDATE, September 8, 2010: A Better Choice staff members report that the new banner is working. In two days, four women have gone to the pro-life center after seeing the banner and all have made decisions to keep their babies!

Wichita, KS – The front of Operation Rescue’s National Headquarters in Wichita, Kansas, is sporting a new look. A huge banner featuring a pregnant woman holding an ultrasound image now directs traffic to the pro-life pregnancy help center next door.

OR’s headquarters is located inside a former abortion clinic that we bought and closed in 2006. Even now, four years later, a few women come to the office thinking it is still an open abortion clinic. Those women are taken by OR staff members to A Better Choice directly next door where they are offered alternatives to abortion and practical assistance. To date, none of the women who have been referred to A Better Choice in this way have gotten abortions.

Since Wichita is now abortion-free, A Better Choice is busier than ever, seeing an increase in women seeking help and abortion alternatives. There also has been a marked increase in the number of requests for adoption information since the closure of Wichita’s only remaining abortion clinic last year.

“We decided to use the front of our building to send a pro-life message to the community while blessing our neighbors with some free advertising. The banner is beautiful and its colors are striking, making a big pro-life statement on busy Central Avenue,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “We pray that it directs many women to A Better Choice where they can get the love, help, and support they need to have their babies.”

A Better Choice is looking for new volunteers. If you live in the Wichita area, and would like to help, please contact Valerie at (316) 685-5757.

Operation Rescue Responds To Formation Of Telemed Committee

Des Moines, IA — Today the Iowa Board of Medicine issued a press release announcing the formation of an ad hoc committee to study the use of telemedicine in Iowa.

The following is a statement from Operation Rescue President Troy Newman in response to that announcement:

We were aware that the Iowa Board of Medicine formed this ad hoc committee because we attended the Board meeting on Aug. 20 where it was announced.

We are glad that telemedicine will be studied and hope that the committee will especially focus on the misuse of telemedicine by Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, which distributes dangerous abortion pills through a remote controlled push button system that denies the patient access to examination by a licensed physician as well as any meaningful doctor/patient relationship.

However, due to the way nearly 30 citizens were treated at the last Board meeting, we have concerns that the Board may not give our concerns for the health and safety of women fair consideration.

At the Aug. 20 meeting in which the Board solicited public comment on telemedicine, the Board, without notice, limited access to the meeting to only six people, then limited the total length of comments on telemedicine to only 10 minutes. The rest of the citizens, some who drove several hours to be heard, were forced by the Board to stand outside in the rain. There were health care professionals, attorneys, clergy, and leaders of a number of different groups that represented the concerns of thousands of Iowans that simply were not heard, or were limited in some cases to mere seconds of comment. Despite whatever the Board may say, that act clearly communicated to us that the Board is completely uninterested in hearing our concerns.

In addition, we have received documentation regarding the relationship between certain IBM staff members and Planned Parenthood of the Heartland that further erodes our confidence that the Board is capable of sound judgment regarding any issue related to Planned Parenthood. We plan to release our documentation on Monday.


Federal Judge Blocks Federal Funding of Human Embryonic Experimentation

Washington, DC – A federal judge issued a temporary injunction on Monday blocking any Federal funds from going to life-destructive experimentation on human embryos. This ruling negates a 2009 Executive Order signed by Pres. Barack Obama that opened up the doors to tax-payer funding of human embryonic stem cell experimentation, which had been banned by President George W. Bush in 2001.

Chief Judge Royce C. Lamberth ruled that the funding must stop because embryonic stem cell research “necessarily depends upon the destruction of a human embryo.”

“We applaud this ruling that will protect innocent human beings in the very earliest stages of development from death and exploitation through unethical experimentation,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

“Without Federal tax dollars, many of these so-called ‘research’ labs will be unable to continue their live human experimentation, which shows little or no hope of developing usable cures. On the other hand, adult stem cell research has already provided effective treatments for diseases and conditions. It is our hope that the biotech industry will abandon their unethical and immoral efforts to take the lives of innocent human beings for the purposes of their ill-conceived experiments, and will instead work to advance medicine through the ethical research of adult human stem cells.

Operation Rescue was among the first pro-life groups in the nation to oppose human embryonic stem cell experimentation and conducted the first ever protest of it at Geron laboratories in Menlo Park, California, in 1999.

Operation Rescue congratulates Nightlight Christian Adoptions and the other groups who filed this suit for their victory in protecting human life.

News reports indicate that tens of millions of tax dollars that were in the process of being released for live human embryonic experimentation have been frozen and will not be distributed to biotech facilities. The Obama Administration plans to appeal the ruling.

IA Congressman Joins Pro-life Groups In Demanding End To Telemed Abortions

Des Moines, IA – An Iowa Congressman has submitted a letter to the Iowa Board of Medicine expressing concerns about “telemed abortions” where abortion pills are distributed through a remote-controlled push button scheme that eliminates personal contact with licensed physicians.

Rep. Steve King wrote, “On April 8, 2010, Operation Rescue filed a formal complaint with the Iowa Board of Medicine raising several concerns regarding this new practice of ‘telemed abortions.’ I share these concerns and urge the Iowa Board of Medicine to reject this unlawful and dangerous practice.”

King released his letter on Friday, the same day the Iowa Board of Medicine took public comment on the telemed abortion practice.

Operation Rescue joined with a number of prolife organizations in denouncing telemed abortions at a press conference held prior to the IBM board meeting. The press conference was organized by Iowans for Life Director Maggie DeWitte, who submitted a letter to the Board signed by 57 local and national pro-life leaders asking for it to end the usage of telemed abortions in Iowa.

Approximately thirty people came to address the Board on the topic of telemed abortions. However, the Board only allowed seven people to comment. They gave the seven speakers a total of ten minutes for their combined remarks. All speakers expressed opposition to telemed abortions and no one spoke in favor of it.

Speakers included former Iowa Health Commissioner Norm Pawlewski, who now heads Iowa Christian Alliance, Attorney Tom Brejcha of the Thomas More Society in Chicago, IL, Maggie Dewitte of Iowans for Life, Jennifer Bowden of Iowa Right to Life, Monsignor Frank Bognanno of Christ the King Parish in Des Moines, Registered Nurse Michelle Locher, and Cheryl Sullenger of Operation Rescue who filed the original complaint with the IBM.

Mr. Brejcha submitted a letter detailing why the telemed abortions run afoul of Iowa law.

During the press conference, Sullenger announced that Operation Rescue had filed complaints demanding criminal investigations of illegal telemed abortions in ten Iowa counties and has refiled a request for a state audit with the State Auditor and the Iowa Insurance Commission.

“We received a letter from the Iowa Attorney General ‘s office that sounded more like a letter from a Planned Parenthood attorney than from someone who is sworn to uphold the laws of the State of Iowa. Because is it now clear that Mr. Miller is acting as an apologist for Planned Parenthood and an obstructionist in the process of enforcing Iowa law, we will bypass his office and go to the local authorities,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

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