Ask Carhart’s Landlord to Terminate Lease with Grisly Bethesda Abortion Business

By Cheryl Sullenger

Bethesda, MD — In Bethesda, Maryland, there stands a non-descript multi-floor medical office building on busy Old Georgetown Road. Passersby likely give it a second thought – although perhaps they should.

One of the more recent tenants in the Wildwood Medical Center happens to be late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart and his (ACO) facility. It is one of a handful of abortion facilities that openly abort babies throughout all nine months of pregnancy.

Now Operation Rescue is trying to persuade ACO’s landlord to terminate the abortion facility’s lease.

Carhart’s abortion business drew attention just a couple of weeks ago when it lost its waste disposal company, Biomedical Waste Services, which picked up the remains of aborted babies at Carhart’s office – some known to be as old as 31 weeks gestation – thanks to a public campaign launched by Operation Rescue.

“As far as we can tell, Carhart still has not been able to sign on with another waste disposal company. Who knows what he is doing with the remains of babies he aborts? It is likely that the amount of human tissue being stored in his office could pose a health hazard to everyone in the building,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

The building is operated by Aubinoe Management Company. Since Carhart moved in last October, local pro-life activists have tried to convince the company’s president, Alvin “Tripp” Aubinoe, III, to terminate its agreement with Carhart and force him out of the building.

Now with the biohazard threat that ACO must pose, Aubinoe has the perfect excuse to get rid of Carhart’s notoriously unpopular abortion facility.

According to pro-life activist Missy Smith, who has canvassed the 40+ offices that share the building with Carhart’s grisly abortion business, most of the other tenants – primarily dentists and orthodontists who see a lot of children – would like to see Carhart go. They have complained that they are losing business due to the presence of the late-term abortion facility.

“It is our understanding that Carhart’s lease agreements with the Aubinoe Management Company could easily be terminated for cause in light of suspected ongoing biohazard issues and lost business suffered by his other tenants,” said Newman. “Aubinoe also has plans invest a large amount of money in an expansion the office complex at that location. But who would willingly lease office space next to a troubled late-term abortion business? He stands to lose a lot of money as long as Carhart remains one of his tenants.”

Maryland is one of the few states that allow abortions with no gestational limit. If Carhart’s ACO abortion business was asked to leave the Bethesda location, it may be some time before he can find another facility to lease – if ever.

“Imagine how many lives would be spared if Carhart was forced to shut down in Bethesda and could not get another office in Maryland! Imagine how many women would be safe from his well-known sloppy abortion practices,” said Newman. “By just by making a phone call, pro-life supporters could possibly close down Carhart’s very late-term abortion business, perhaps even permanently.”

Operation Rescue is asking pro-life supporters to contact Tripp Aubinoe and the Aubinoe Management Company and respectfully ask them to terminate the Carhart/ lease immediately.


Aubinoe Management Company

Alvin “Tripp” Aubinoe, President
Office: 301-986-9070.
Cell: 240-372-4314

Take Action: Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act Scheduled for Senate Vote Today

By Cheryl Sullenger

Washington, D.C. — The Senate has scheduled a vote on the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act today, Monday, January 29, 2018, at 2:00 p.m. ET.

This bill would end abortions on babies at 20 weeks gestation and later since they are known to feel pain. Operation Rescue has long advocated for this legislation because it would save thousands of lives every year.

“Since we have an opportunity to save these babies, we should do all within our power to support this legislation,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “We wish it spared all babies, but those it will save deserve our help and the protections this law will provide for them.”

The bill passed the House last year. If it passes the Senate today, President Trump has promised to sign it into law.

However, getting the approval of the Senate will be an uphill battle since he at least 60 votes are required to break the Democratic filibuster and allow a vote on the bill.

“The fact that Democrats would want to continue brutal late-term abortions, which dismember viable babies that feel pain, really shows the depths of human depravity – and how far our nation has slipped into barbarity,” said Newman. “If this bill doesn’t pass today, the blood will be on the hands of the Democrats once again.

Please contact your Senators now and urge them to vote in favor of the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act and pray today for its passage.

Contact your Senators (Democrat and Republican).
Watch the vote live on C-Span 2. Live stream here.

Learn more about Late-term abortions.

Insights from the Courtroom: Abortion Malpractice Trial Reveals Over Half of Baby’s Skull Missed During Botched Late-Term Abortion

Baby came out is “100-1,000” pieces

By Cheryl Sullenger

Denver, CO – On this forty-fifth memorial of the Roe v. Wade Supreme court decision that decriminalized abortion in the U.S., this abortion horror story illustrates the human price of that tragic decision.

Last week, a local pro-life activist attended one day of the malpractice trail against late-term abortionist Warren Hern, who is accused by a former abortion patient, Jennifer D., of botching her abortion by leaving a piece of her baby’s skull inside her womb that resulted in a hysterectomy.

The activist, who wishes to remain anonymous, visited the courtroom on Tuesday, January 16, 2018, for Day 5 of the proceedings. The observer took notes and reported to Operation Rescue about the day’s testimony.

According to the pro-life observer, a psychologist, Dr. Robert Arias, a psychologist from Lincoln, Nebraska, who specializes in neuropsychology and behavioral sciences, gave testimony through a video deposition. He spoke of the plaintiff’s pain and suffering that resulted from her ordeal after her abortion by Hern at his Boulder Abortion Clinic in 2013.

He testified that she did not exaggerate her claims of pain and suffering, and that her claims are real and accurate. There was testimony of spousal abuse and other issues her life that made the complications she endured for 14 months after her abortion particularly traumatizing.

In addition, Arias’ testimony and other court records revealed that Jennifer had a son with severe birth defects prior to the 2013 abortion. That son died from his conditions in 2014, which only added stress and grief to an already difficult situation of coping with her abortion-related injuries.

One court record, an exhibit for the defense, obtained by Operation Rescue, stated in part:

In 2009 [Jennifer] was diagnosed with depression and incapacitating migraine headaches, exacerbated by stress. She was now (in 2015) diagnosed with adjustment disorder with mixed anxiety and depressed mood. She was grieving over the loss of her son and deciding how to proceed with her marriage. Jennifer was a victim of verbal and physical abuse; in addition, her husband had been having an affair for the first few years of their marriage. Currently Jennifer and Jason state that their marriage is a “work in progress.”

Hern’s defense attacked Dr. Arias’ testimony by attempting to belittle him.

The courtroom observer explained that Jennifer D. sat through the day’s proceedings without reaction, and appeared to stare blankly as testimony was given by Dr. Andrew Robertson, her maternal fetal medicine physician, who reviewed the gruesome details of what happened to her baby during the abortion.

Dr. Robertson reviewed the case and testified that Hern failed to follow multiple protocols that are written in Hern’s own book, which is considered the standard for abortion procedures.

Testimony indicated that when Hern conducted the abortion of Jennifer’s 25-week baby, he only dilated her cervix to 2 cm, barely large enough to insert the instruments used to dismember a pre-born baby that big.

Even though Hern conducted an ultrasound, which showed indications of a “echodensity” that should have been an indicator that something had been left behind, Hern ignored the ultrasound result and reported that the abortion was complete.

That “echodensity” was later found to have been a 3.5 cm bone fragment, which weighted five grams and accounted for over fifty percent of the baby’s skull.

Hern’s defense consisted of attacking Robertson for conducting a hysterectomy after he tried and failed to remove the skull bone, which kept chipping and breaking into fragments as he attempted removal during surgery. Hern insists a hysterectomy was unnecessary.

Another witness, C.C., who has worked for Hern for 17 years, testified that although she was not in the procedure room that day, she was the one tasked with reassembling the baby’s remains to determine if everything had been removed.

Hern removed the baby in approximately “100-1,000 pieces,” making it impossible to weigh the remains without the placenta, she stated.

There was a discrepancy in the weight of the remains and placenta with the weight of a 25-week pregnancy. 209 grams were missing from the actual weight of the remains and what should have been the actual weight. C.C. attempted to blame the discrepancy on a malformed skull, but that and the five grams of bone found embedded in Jennifer’s uterus did not account for the full discrepancy.

C.C. was obviously covering up for her long-time employer by calling him an amazing and meticulous man for whom safety of his patients is his primary concern.

“It is disturbing to hear witnesses describe the most barbaric of human abuses in an emotionless, clinical fashion, as if tearing a 25-week baby into 1,000 pieces is a normal medical procedure. It’s not normal. It’s the kind of thing a mentally-ill serial killer would take pleasure in doing. We should all be appalled and horrified,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “This is the legacy of Roe v. Wade.”

Day 6 of the trail resumed on January 17, 2018, with further video testimony from Dr. Arias, the psychologist who testified of Jennifer’s mental state, according to courtroom minutes.

This was followed by testimony from Jennifer’s husband, Jason, who personally took the stand for about an hour.

Before lunch, there was a dramatic development. After the plaintiff’s case, Hern’s attorneys made an oral motion for judgement, which would have ended the case in Hern’s favor. Judge Phillip A. Brimmer granted the motion in part by dismissing the Boulder Abortion Clinic from the suit, but he denied the motion to dismiss Hern, so the trial continued.

After lunch a Planned Parenthood abortionist Frederick Hopkins was sworn in. He testified for the rest of the day on behalf of the defense.

Hopkins’ testimony continued into Day 7 of the trial on January 18, 2018. Hopkins was followed by someone referred to only as V.H., then by Dr. Kristina Tocce, an Obstrician-Gynecologist with the University of Colorado Denver.

Day 8 of the trial was supposed to continue on January 19, however, court records for that day were not yet available.

The proceedings appear to be spilling into their third week, but the disposition of the case remains unknown. Operation Rescue will continue to monitor court records and post updates as they become available.

“We want to thank the court room observer who provided details from the courtroom. Those insights were important in helping us understand what happened to Jennifer, and how Hern is attempting to shift the blame onto others for his own mistakes. We pray for her and her family that there can be healing from this tremendous trauma,” said Newman.


Courtroom Minutes 1/16/2018
Courtroom Minutes 1/17/2018
Courtroom Minutes 1/18/2018
Defense Exhibit

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Court Docs Reveal Previously Unknown Patient Death Due to Negligence at Late-Term Abortion Facility

By Cheryl Sullenger

Washington, DC – Court documents obtained by Operation Rescue accused late-term abortionist Cesare F. Santangelo of negligence in the previously unknown death of an abortion patient at his Washington Surgi-Clinic in 2010. That facility is located in Washington, D.C.

According to a 2011 medical malpractice/wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family, Rebecca Carey Charland experienced a complicated pregnancy in the spring of 2010. She suffered from a condition known as antiphospholipid syndrome. That condition causes the immune system to attack proteins normally found in the blood, and can lead to the formation of blood clots, deep vein thrombosis, and miscarriage or stillbirth.

Unfortunately, her condition resulted in the natural death of her wanted pre-born baby in Charland’s second trimester of pregnancy.

On May 17, 2010, Charland underwent an ultrasound examination that confirmed her baby, which should have measured 20 weeks 2 days, had tragically died in the womb at 16-17 weeks gestation.

The following day, her physician referred her to Santangelo and the Washington Surgi-Clinic, an outpatient abortion facility, for a D&E procedure to remove her dead baby.

“We don’t understand by this obstetrician referred his patient to Santangelo. She should have been referred to a specialist at a hospital due to her complicated medical history. Women that have suffered the death of a baby in the womb obviously require some kind of procedure to remove the deceased child, and we have the utmost compassion for anyone who has to endure that tragic situation. But the procedures should be done in hospitals under the supervision of legitimate physicians, and not done by quack abortionists at ill-equipped outpatient clinics. In this case, the mother’s death at Santangelo’s abortion clinic was avoidable and needless,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

As instructed, Charland reported to the abortion facility on May 19, 2010, for the first stage of the abortion, which included the insertion of laminaria dilators. The family claims in their 2011 lawsuit that she was never told that her condition posed increased risks of hemorrhage and the development of another condition known as disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC), which can be fatal.

Charland was also not informed that she could have the procedure in a safer, hospital setting. However, Santangelo held no hospital privileges, meaning he would have had to refer her – and the fee he expected to earn – to another physician, which he did not do.

The following day, May 20, Charland returned to the clinic for the completion of her procedure, but she was told she was insufficiently dilated. A second round of laminaria dilators were inserted and she was instructed to return to the clinic the following day.

However, about two hours later, Charland returned to the Washington Surgi-Clinic and began to complain of abdominal pain. She was told to wait for Santangelo to return to the clinic.

Finally, at around 2:38 pm, Santangelo conducted Charland’s abortion procedure. By 2:45 pm her oxygen saturation levels dropped and she began to turn blue, according to the anesthesia record. Eleven minutes later, she was intubated. Her pulse and blood pressure continued to drop. At that time, she was given epinephrine, atropine, and bicarb.

At 2:58 pm – thirteen minutes after Charland began to turn blue – an ambulance was finally called.

The ambulance arrived five minutes later. Paramedics found Charland a bluish-purple color and immediately began chest compressions, which improved her color after only one minute of application. Santangelo, who is accused of waiting too long to call for emergency help, never attempted to perform appropriate resuscitation efforts, according to the complaint.

Then, at 3:12 pm, Charland’s pulse became undetectable, causing paramedics to use a defibrillator on her heart.

At 3:25 pm, she was transported by a D.C. Fire and Rescue unit to George Washington University Hospital where it was determined that Charland had suffered massive uterine bleeding that brought on DIC, a clotting disorder that causes more hemorrhaging and cascading organ failure.

Charland was declared dead on May 29, 2010, leaving two minor children motherless as well as a grieving husband and family.

An autopsy was conducted on Charland, which revealed a grotesque truth.

A microscopic analysis of her lungs showed skin cells, lango hair (fine hair that usually covers a baby in the womb), and fat – what the coroner referred to as “fetal debris.” This finding meant that bits of her dismembered baby entered her bloodstream – possibly through a uterine laceration or perforation — and lodged in her lungs.

The lawsuit accused Santangelo of ignoring Charland’s medical condition and the prescribed blood-thinning medication she was taking that contraindicated an outpatient D&E procedure.

He was also accused of failure to provide proper informed consent of her risks, failure to respond to Charland’s symptoms and complaints, and failure to conduct proper medical procedures, failure to refer her to a physician who could conduct her procedure is the safety of a hospital setting.

When Charland showed signs of respiratory distress, he negligently failed to apply proper resuscitation procedures, or call 911 in a timely manner.

Charland’s family sought financial damages in the amount of $80 million.

The lawsuit, filed on May 27, 2011, actively progressed until January 17, 2012, when the case was suddenly dismissed at the request of all parties just before depositions were to begin, according to court records. The dismissal is an indication that the parties reached an out-of-court settlement agreement for an undisclosed amount.

“It seems particularly tragic that this woman had to needlessly suffer and die at the hands of a greedy abortionist after enduring the heart break of losing her child. Even though this happened a few years ago, I want to extend my condolences to her surviving family, who suffered a tremendous loss of a wife, mother, child and sibling,” said Newman. “I hope they got a huge settlement out of Santangelo. It’s just too bad that it wasn’t enough to put him out of business, and halt his negligent abortion practices that continue to endanger women.”

A D.C. Department of Health file obtained through the Freedom of Information Act reveals that Santangelo’s career has been fraught with a series of troubling botched abortions. At least two hospitals that have had to deal with these bad outcomes have lodged complaints against Santangelo.

A 2013 complaint filed by a department head at George Washington University Hospital addressed concerns about several of Santangelo’s “bad outcomes related to abortion.” The review panel was reluctant to discipline Santangelo, at one point noting, “He is the ‘go to” referral for these kind of high risk cases.”

Instead the panel made the following suggestions for changes Santangelo might consider adopting:

1. Consider conducting terminations with ultrasound guidance to reduce risk of uterine perforation;
2. Improve provider-referring hospital communication; and
3. Ensure that pre-consent and consent to surgery forms are uniform and do not have any differences, thereby preventing miscommunication.

All three of these issues were present in the Charland case, yet the George Washington University Hospital complaint was closed without further action.

Another complaint was filed by a nurse at Spotsylvania Medical Center in Virginia complained of a botched abortion, which was also closed by the Medical Board, as were several other patient complaints that were all found to be without merit.

“Serious oversight issues exist in Washington D.C.’s Department of Health and Medical Board that is giving Santangelo a free pass as he continues to wreck havoc with women’s health and lives,” said Newman. “Instead of putting Santangelo’s career first, they should be protecting the lives of women and their babies first. Turning a blind eye the way they have will only lead to more dead women, dead babies, and mourning families. At some point, it has to stop.”

Source Documents:

2011 Complaint
Court timeline of case
DC Health Dept. FOIA document with complaints listed (as of 11/9/2017)

First in 2018: Ambulance Transports Woman from Famous Ohio Late-Term Abortion Facility

By Cheryl Sullenger

Dayton, OH – For the first time in 2018, pro-life activists in Dayton, Ohio, have reported that an ambulance arrived at the Women’s Med Center abortion facility in Dayton, Ohio, to transport a patient to the hospital.

The incident took place on Thursday, January 4, 2018, shortly before noon, and was photographed by multiple pro-life activists who shared their pictures with Operation Rescue.

“It is tragic that just four days into the New Year, we see yet another woman injured by abortion,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “We are dedicated to praying and working toward the day when babies and their mothers are protected from the barbarity of abortion.”

The Women’s Med Center is a late-term abortion facility owned by the nationally-known abortionist Martin Haskell, who claims credit for having invented the now-outlawed “Partial Birth Abortion” procedure.

The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) has been working since 2015 to close the Women’s Med Center for failing to provide an acceptable hospital transfer agreement. Neither Haskell nor any of his staff abortionists qualify for hospital privileges and sought a variance using a transfer agreement. That case continues to slowly wind its way through the courts.

In August 2016, the Women’s Med Center stirred controversy when it aborted a late-term pregnancy on a 31-year old woman who was so impaired by an overdose of street drugs that she could not give her consent. Despite the outcry against the forced abortion, no action was ever taken against the facility.

A recent undercover phone call made during an investigation into late-term abortion facilities by Abortion Free New Mexico and Priests for Life, revealed that the Women’s Med Center was willing to abort healthy babies through 21 weeks, 6 days of pregnancy. No medical reason was required.

However, the abortion facility’s website indicates they do conduct abortions for “fetal indication” upon referral. Abortions done when it is suspected that the baby is not perfect are known to be done throughout all nine months of pregnancy.

As for Thursday’s emergency, the condition of the woman is unknown at this time. Watch for follow up reports.