America’s Most Dangerous: St. Louis Planned Parenthood Hospitalizes 31st Abortion Patient in 7 Years

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by Cheryl Sullenger

St. Louis, MO — Mary Maschmeier, President of Defenders of the Unborn, has reported that an abortion patient of the Planned Parenthood facility in St. Louis, Missouri, was transported by ambulance to a local hospital on Friday, May 13, 2016, at about 3:00 p.m.

Maschmeier told Operation Rescue that the patient suffered a “botched” abortion that represents the 31st abortion-related medical emergency documented at the St. Louis Planned Parenthood since 2009. Operation Rescue has declared it among the most dangerous abortion facilities in America.

“The public has the right to know why so many women are being maimed at this abortion center, especially in light of the fact that Planned Parenthood continues to receive tax dollars,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

That Planned Parenthood office is the only remaining abortion facility in Missouri.

It recently came under investigation by the Missouri Interim Senate Sanctity of Life Committee, which discovered that aborted baby remains from that facility were being illegally dumped in Indiana.

The committee issued subpoenas to Mary Kogut, CEO of Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region, and James Miller, owner of Pathology Services Inc., (the pathology company used by Planned Parenthood’s high volume St. Louis abortion facility), seeking information about tissue disposal policies as well as the numerous medical emergencies that regularly occur at the St. Louis facility.

At first Kogut and Miller resisted the subpoenas, but once contempt proceedings were initiated by the State Senate, Kogut capitulated and agreed to turn over documents. Miller, whose pathology business would have been responsible for shipping the aborted baby remains out of state, took advantage of his Fifth Amendment right not to incriminate himself.

Little is known about the nature of most of the medical emergencies that take place at the St. Louis Planned Parenthood, including the most recent incident. Emergency 911 records can shed light on why women are being injured, but these records have been denied to Operation Rescue by the St. Louis Fire Department. In order to preserve the right of the public to access public records, Operation Rescue sued to access the 911 records. That case is ongoing.

“The St. Louis Planned Parenthood continues to hospitalize suffering women at an alarming rate,” said Newman. “We look forward to the day when the full truth is finally told about abuses at this barbaric abortion mill, and it is shut down once and for all.”

Aborted Babies “Cooked” then Dumped in Landfill, Says OH AG; Planned Parenthood Sues Back

Illegal dumping discovered as result of investigation prompted by CMP videos

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By Cheryl Sullenger

Columbus, OH – As a result from an investigation prompted by undercover videos released by the Center for Medical Progress that shows the involvement of certain Planned Parenthood affiliates in the illegal trafficking of aborted baby remains, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine notified the Ohio Department of Health that three Planned Parenthood facilities improperly contract with companies that “cook” aborted baby remains then dump them in a Kentucky landfill.

DeWine said his office would ask a court next week for an injunction barring Ohio Planned Parenthood abortion businesses from continuing their illegal dumping practices. To counter that action, Planned Parenthood filed suit in Federal Court on Sunday. In that suit, Planned Parenthood accused DeWine’s allegations of being politically motivated and inflammatory for the purpose of ending abortion in Ohio.

“First steam-cooking fetuses and then disposing of them in a landfill is not humane,” DeWine told the on Friday. “It will come as a shock to Ohioans to find out that fetuses are being cooked and then they’re being put in a landfill, and they’re going to be mixed in with the garbage and whatever else goes into a landfill.”

“Planned Parenthood’s suit is an obvious ploy to deflect attention from their own lawbreaking by falsely accusing the Attorney General,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman, who also serves on the Board of the Center for Medical Progress. “But perhaps the larger question is if dumping the cooked remains of aborted babies in landfills is inhumane, shouldn’t we also consider the dismemberment deaths of these babies through suction or other procedures more inhumane?”

Planned Parenthood abortion facilities in Cincinnati, Columbus, and Bedford Heights are involved in the illegal human tissue disposal scheme. These clinics contract with two disposal businesses that autoclave, or steam cook, aborted baby remains in order to supposedly kill bacteria then the remains are then dumped in an unnamed landfill across state lines.

Interestingly, a press release issued by DeWine on Friday indicated that one of the companies that contracts with Planned Parenthood in Bedford Heights “stated to investigators it does not accept fetal remains for disposal as a corporate policy.” This calls to question whether the company or Planned Parenthood has misled investigators.

“Not surprisingly, Planned Parenthood has denied the allegations, as it always does when it gets caught breaking the law. When abortion clinics commit crimes, they should be prosecuted like anyone else. Abortion businesses must not be held above the law,” said Newman.

Ohio is not the only state where aborted baby remains are cooked by steam and dumped into landfills.

In September, after a similar investigation in South Carolina prompted by the CMP videos, Planned Parenthood’s Columbia facility license was suspended after authorities discovered aborted babies were being steam cooked and dumped in landfills just like was uncovered in Ohio. The facility was fined $7,500 and forced to change its disposal policies.

“When Planned Parenthood and their cronies in the media proclaim that it has been ‘cleared’ of wrongdoing by state investigations resulting from the CMP videos, it is a flat-out lie, and legal action taken in Ohio and South Carolina prove it,” said Newman. “Right now, from what I can see, for Planned Parenthood, nothing is about telling the truth and everything is about an aggressive and deceptive public relations campaign meant to attack those that oppose them.”

Operation Rescue also discovered in 2011 that two Texas Whole Women’s Health abortion clinics in Austin and McAllen were illegally dumping “recognizable” aborted baby remains directly into landfills. That abortion businesses was heavily fined as a result.

A Kansas abortion clinic that was later bought and closed by Operation Rescue was also discovered in 2005 to have been sending aborted baby remains to a company that steam cooked them then dumped them in a landfill near Kansas City.

The Ohio investigation determined that aborted baby remains were not being sold for profit by Planned Parenthood in Ohio. However, it was never alleged by the CMP that illegal trafficking in body parts ever took place there.

Read December 11, 2015, Letter from AG DeWine to ODH Director Hodges

(Note: While Planned Parenthood continues to misrepresent to the public that the CMP videos were “faked” in some way, an independent forensics lab, Coalfire Systems, Inc., has verified that the CMP videos are authentic and were only edited — thankfully — to remove bathroom breaks, elevator rides, and travel times in vehicles, which had nothing whatsoever to do with the content or context of the conversations. Read the Coalfire System’s forensic analysis that debunks Planned Parenthood’s own dubious report prepared by political cronies.)

Illegal Dumping Uncovered at Carhart’s Maryland Late-term Abortion Clinic

Germantown, Maryland — Formal complaints have been filed against abortionist LeRoy Carhart and his late-term abortion clinic in Germantown, Maryland, after an investigation by pro-life activists uncovered the illegal dumping of biohazardous waste, private patient medical information, and dangerous drugs.

Between August, 2011, and May, 2012, trash generated by Germantown Reproductive Health Services was inspected and photographed by pro-life activists working in conjunction with Operation Rescue.

The trash contents fell into three categories:

1. Documents containing private patient information, including photocopies of patient drivers licenses, information about birth control prescriptions, and detailed information about a 15 week abortion for which the patient was charged $2,200.
2. Bloody refuse including bloody sanitary napkins and blue pads, some of which contained blood clots and possible human fetal remains.
3. Also dumped were partially full bottles of IV drugs that are classified as controlled substances and other drugs.

“In light of new clinic regulations that are set to go into effect on July 23, we are asking the Maryland Board of Physicians and the Department of Health to fully investigate Carhart’s dumping practices at Germantown Reproductive Health Services and take whatever disciplinary action is necessary to protect the public,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-life Nation.

“Lack of clinic oversight has made Maryland a magnet of late-term abortionists who seek to evade the laws in their home states,” said Newman. “Problems with these abortionists have lately spun out of control.”

Last week, Operation Rescue released the results of another undercover investigation conducted in Maryland that involved the notorious unlicensed abortionist James S. Pendergraft IV of Florida, who was caught operating a dangerous clandestine late-term abortion and fetal injection center in Forestville.

In 2010, another unlicensed abortionist, Steven Chase Brigham of New Jersey, was caught illegally operating a secret late-term abortion clinic in Elkton, Maryland.

Complaints filed by Operation Rescue related to illegal dumping have a history of success.

In Texas, two Whole Women’s Health abortion clinics along with Stericycle were fined a total of $83,000 for dumping the remains of aborted babies in open dumpsters in 2010.

Last month, Dr. Emily’s abortion clinic in the Bronx, New York, was charged after pro-life activists discovered bloody waste that included human tissue from abortions was tossed out onto a busy New York public sidewalk. The clinic also lost its accreditation with the Joint Commission for Office Based Surgery.

Bronx Abortion Mill Charged in Illegal Dumping Case, Loses Accreditation

Bronx, New York — Dr. Emily’s abortion clinic in the Bronx, New York, has been formally charged based on complaints filed by Operation Rescue in January related to the illegal dumping of private medical information and aborted baby remains and other infectious waste on a city sidewalk outside the abortion clinic.

The court case was heard on June 19,2012, just a week after Operation Rescue released information about a botched abortion at Dr. Emily’s that landed a patient in the hospital on June 12 along with information about the illegal dumping, which was carefully documented by a group of pro-life activists in December, 2011.

The case was taken under advisement. A ruling is expected within the next 2-3 weeks.

The exact charges were not specified in an e-mail sent to Operation Rescue from Josh Frank of New York’s Department of Sanitation Environmental Police Unit. Efforts to obtain more information from Mr. Frank have been unsuccessful.

In addition to the illegal dumping charges, Dr. Emily’s abortion clinic lost its accreditation with the Joint Commission for Office Based Surgery, a national organization that boasts on its web site that its accredited organizations reflect quality and meet certain performance standards.

“Dr. Emily’s abortion clinic is a repeat offender that has demonstrated a disregard for the law and public safety. Bloody remains from aborted babies, used needles, and other dangerous material were dumped on a public sidewalk in a predominately residential neighborhood. People that care about public safety do not engage in that kind of appalling behavior,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation. “Add to that the botched abortion incident on June 12, and we have a dangerous abortion clinic that must be heavily fined and closed. We anxiously await the court’s decision and pray it is one that will permanently protect the public from Dr. Emily’s shoddy abortion practices.”


Botched Abortion Emergency Takes Place at Clinic Caught In Dumping Scandal

Video documents shoddy dumping and medical practices

The Bronx, NY — An ambulance transported a patient to the hospital from Dr. Emily’s Health Center abortion clinic in the Bronx, New York, yesterday morning as pro-life activists photographed the incident. Witnesses, who wish to remain unnamed, told Operation Rescue that the victim was carried out of the clinic on a covered stretcher to the awaiting ambulance.

“This incident is something we have expected to see at Dr. Emily’s abortion clinic,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation. “Late last year, we were involved in an undercover investigation at this same facility where illegal dumping was taking place. From the sloppy way Dr. Emily’s was handling its trash and patient records, we suspected dangerous abortion practices as well.”

In January, 2012, complaints were filed by Operation Rescue against Dr. Emily’s and its abortionist, Brian E. Park, for numerous violations including the illegal dumping of infectious waste and private patient information after pro-life activists discovered trash piled on the public sidewalk and spilling out of an unsecured dumpster. The trash was in black unmarked plastic bags. When the activists opened the bags, they were shocked by the contents.

The bags contained the following:

  • Bloody human tissue remains from abortions and other bloody refuse.
  • Documents and other materials that contained patient names, and other identifying information along with information about medical procedures done on the patients.
  • Drug-related paraphernalia including drug vials, syringes, and used needles.
  • “Unfortunately, someone tipped off the clinic that someone had been in their trash. Dr. Emily’s moved the trash so when the Sanitation Department went out there, they did not discover the same conditions. Since then, the case against abortionist Brian Park has been closed and the illegal dumping case has been swept under the rug. Bloody evidence in possession of pro-life activists that was supposed to be picked up by the Sanitation Department was never collected. It is appalling that this public health threat was not taken more seriously,” said Newman.

    “We were told that Dr. Emily’s is a repeat offender, which should have made the consequences of further violations more severe. Instead, the authorities did nothing. We can’t help but think that if action had been taken on the dumping complaints, perhaps the woman injured yesterday somehow might have been spared.”

    View Dr. Emily’s clinic profile page at