Air Force Medical Resident Caught Participating in Abortion Training at Nebraska Abortion Facility

Get the Air Force out of the abortion business! By Cheryl Sullenger Bellevue, NE — Jade Michelle Stobbe is an accomplished young woman who, at first glance, appears to have a bright future.  She serves as a Captain in the United States Air Force at Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha, Nebraska. Having earned a […]

80-Year Old Abortionist Keeps Working as Authorities Turn a Blind Eye to Her Abuses

By Cheryl Sullenger Baton Rouge, LA – Mary Francis Gardner is 80 years old.  She can no longer drive her own vehicle. Even though she walks with a walker, she still often requires additional human assistance to get from her vehicle into her place of business.  Yet, despite her advanced age and obvious physical limitations, […]

New Photo Shows Kansas Dem Senate Candidate Bollier is Extremist Planned Parenthood Activist

PRESS RELEASE Topeka, Kansas – Democrat candidate for the U.S. Senate Barbara Bollier has filled up Kansas mailboxes and airwaves with campaign rhetoric claiming she is an “independent moderate” who “leads with Christian values.” That rhetoric now appears completely untethered to reality. Operation Rescue, a national pro-life organization based in Kansas, has obtained a photo […]

Planned Parenthood Must Lose Medicaid Payments for Aiding Human Traffickers, Rapists

By Troy Newman, President, Operation Rescue Planned Parenthood staffers are actively fighting against the girls and young women of this nation who are victims of rape and human sex trafficking. This should cost them their Medicaid provider eligibility nationwide, if President Donald J. Trump wins re-election. Thanks to President Trump and to the men and […]

Senate Races that are “Must Wins” for Pro-Lifers, Including One the Dems Want Us To Ignore

By Cheryl Sullenger Washington D.C. — For President Donald Trump to be able to advance his America First agenda in his second term, it is imperative that the Republican Party maintain or expand their control of the Senate. Right now, there are 34 Senate seats up for grabs in November.  While polls are notoriously unreliable […]