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Sebelius Sworn In As Politically Damaged HHS Secretary

Washington, DC – Kathleen Sebelius was sworn in yesterday as the new head of the Department of Health and Human Services after seven weeks of delay, hours of contentious debate in the Senate, and a narrow vote. “We must remember that even though we did not block Sebelius’ confirmation, we started out this process with […]

Unsealed! Newly Released Video Testimony Shows Admissions that Planned Parenthood Illegally Trafficked in Aborted Baby Body Parts then Lied to Covered it Up

By Cheryl Sullenger San Francisco, CA — Sixteen unsealed excerpts of sworn video testimony from Planned Parenthood executives was released yesterday by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), which shows in their own words that Planned Parenthood was involved in obtaining “donations” of fetal tissue organs from women having abortions, only to illegally sell it […]

Palm Sunday Botched Abortion in Wichita, Kansas, Happens Days after Gov. Kelly Orders Abortion Facilities to Stay Open

By Cheryl Sullenger Wichita, KS – While churches remained closed on Palm Sunday in fear of the Coronavirus, Trust Women Wichita was open for business, conducting approximately 40 abortions – one of which led to a medical emergency that required a woman to be transported by ambulance to Wesley Medical Center for care the abortion […]

Kansas County Votes to Halt Abortions, but Democrat Governor Says Abortion is “Essential” Despite COVID-19 Spread Risk

By Cheryl Sullenger Wichita, KS — Sedgwick County commissioners voted 4-1 on Wednesday to approve a recommendation to limit abortions as non-essential procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The vote came after pro-life activists made the commissioners aware that women from several states, including Louisiana – a COVID-19 hot spot – were flocking to the Trust […]

California Abortionist Exposed to COVID-19 Conducted Abortions in Kansas Despite Not Being Tested, Pro-Life Leader Says

Note: It has been reported in at least one news source that information in this report regarding the California abortionist at Trust Women is untrue. Operation Rescue stands by this report and our sources as being accurate and trustworthy. So far, no documentation has been presented to prove otherwise. -OR Staff, 4/2/2020 By Cheryl Sullenger […]