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New Details Emerge In Shocking Case of “Aborted” Baby Born Alive

[UPDATE: A paragraph was inadvertently omitted from this article during editing. We have added the paragraph, in context, to the story below and highlighted it in bold lettering. -OR Staff] By Cheryl Sullenger Hialeah, FL — In a case where a baby was reportedly born alive then intentionally killed by abortion clinic workers in July, […]

OR To Call for FL Abortion Mill Prosecution Under Federal Law

Hialeah, FL — Police in Hialeah, Florida, have closed an abortion clinic after discovery of a dead 22-week old baby that a tipster said was born alive and killed by clinic staff. Police are conducting a homicide investigation while an autopsy is being performed on the infant’s body. Operation Rescue will call for all clinic […]

Dead Baby Closes Florida Abortion Mill

At first glance, the headline seemed odd: “Dead Baby Found In Hialeah Abortion Clinic.” After all, aren’t abortion clinics in the business of producing dead babies? What makes this discovery newsworthy is the sordid tale of a botched abortion, a baby born alive and possibly killed after the fact, suspicion of evidence tampering, and a […]