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Why is Mom in Jail and Abortionist is Not?

Wichita, KS — Below is a column that appeared in the Wichita Eagle concerning a horrific case of child sexual abuse on two sisters that resulted in four pregnancies over the course of many years, including one abortion and the birth of twins on one of the girl’s 12th birthday. The step father who abused […]

Illegal CA Abortion Mill Closed By State Health Department

[This illegal abortion mill in West Covina, CA mentioned in the article below, was closed by the State Department of Health for operating without a license. It is refreshing to see a governmental agency consider the health and safety of the public and take action against an illegal abortion business. The State of Kansas, where […]

Truth Trucks Confront Liberal Protesters at Two G.H.W. Bush Appearances

Abortion photos turn heads in Denver, CO and Wichita, KS Wichita, KS — The Truth Truck traversed the streets of downtown Wichita last night as a handful of anti-war protesters gathered outside the Century II Convention Center during an appearance by former President George H. W. Bush. While it was nearly impossible to read the […]

Federal Judge Blocks MO Law Requiring Prompt Emergency Access and Protection of Parental Rights

[Jefferson City, MO — Missouri recently passed pro-life legislation that would have done two things: require abortionists to have hospital privileges within 30 miles of their killing site, and allow civil suits against those who would take a minor girl for an abortion across state lines to avoid the state’s parental consent laws. These two […]

“It Was Horrible, Horrible!”

A First-Hand Account of What Goes on Inside a Chula Vista Abortion Clinic [Editor?s note: The abortion mill mentioned in this article was picketed for many years by Operation Rescue missionary Cheryl Sullenger and other pro-lifers in the San Diego, CA area. This mill is part of a chain of six mills owned by the […]