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Grand Jury fails to issue indictments in late-term abortion death of Texas teen. Wichita, KS – Sedgwick County District Attorney Nola Foulston has issued a statement indicating that the Grand Jury and concluded its work and failed to indict abortionist George R. Tiller on charges related to the third-trimester abortion death of Christin Gilbert, who […]

“We’re Buying an Abortion Mill—And Kicking the Baby-Killers OUT!”

UPDATE: We were able to raise the purchase price for this abortion clinic in time. Now, renovation of the building is currently in progress. Donations to Operation Rescue can be made by clicking any of the donation buttons below. -OR Staff _______________ BUT… we need YOUR HELP within the next 30 DAYS— or the abortionists […]

New Head of American Gold Star Mothers Leads Hypocritical Double-life

While honoring the sacrifice of veterans, Pulliam helps to abort late-term viable babies. [Operation Rescue honors the fallen soldiers who have fought to secure the blessings of liberty in our great country. Gold Star moms should be revered and honored for giving America heroes to defend her land. However, abortion, the act of killing a […]

Operation Rescue Buys Abortion Mill: Closed Clinic Will Become OR Headquarters and Memorial to Pre-born

Wichita, KS — Operation Rescue has announced that it has purchased the building that housed Central Women’s Services, an abortion mill located at located at 3013 E. Central in Wichita, Kansas. The building will be renovated and serve as Operation Rescue’s headquarters, and will feature a memorial to the pre-born. Quick action closes mill Operation […]

Grand Jury Day for Tiller Employees? No Babies Die In Unusual Day At WHCS

Wichita, KS — Women’s Health Care Services, the late-term abortion mill run by the notorious George R. Tiller was closed to new patients on Friday, June 16, 2006. Fridays are usually heavy first-trimester abortion days. Pro-lifers suspect that the clinic was not in full operation because clinic workers may have been testifying at the Grand […]