The Grand Jury investigation has Tiller running scared!
Now it’s time to take this battle into the court of public opinion – and WIN!

Wichita, Kansas
Monday, 9:30 AM
Dear Friend of Operation Rescue,

I’m not kidding. The victory we’ve been waiting for. . .and working so hard for all these years. . .can finally be ours!
You see, right now the infamous late-term baby-killer George Tiller is in the fight of his life!
He’s facing a citizen-called Grand Jury investigation that is bound and determined to find out if Tiller did indeed perform ILLEGAL ABORTIONS according to Kansas law!
WE know he did.
In fact, WE TOOK PICTURES of the very-pregnant young mothers as they were going into Tiller’s killing center, one after another, to have their babies killed-sometimes for such trivial reasons as, “I want to go to a rock concert, and this baby would get in the way.”
Another young mother got a late abortion from Tiller because of an upcoming PROM!
Unbelievable, but true!!!
Yet another far-along mother told one of our sidewalk counselors that she and her baby were perfectly healthy, but she was getting an abortion for financial reasons.
I’m not making this up! Those are some of the actual reasons given by some of Tiller’s patients!
The problem is, Kansas law FORBIDS the killing of a pre-born baby after 21 weeks gestation for ANY reason other than to save the life of the mother, or if the pregnancy would cause her a “substantial and irreversible impairment of a major bodily function.”
George Tiller KNOWS this all too well.
And yet, he gladly kills perfectly healthy third-trimester babies in the wombs of perfectly healthy mothers ALL THE TIME-and he charges as much as $10,000 – $20,000 each!!!
He’s been breaking the law for YEARS. So long, in fact, that. . .
Tiller Thinks He’s

He flagrantly violates the restrictions in the late-term abortion law (KSA 65-6703), as well as the law that requires him to get a second opinion from another physician who is NOT connected to him financially.

Well, when you look at Tiller’s record, it’s as if those laws didn’t exist.
He certainly thinks THEY DON’T APPLY TO HIM!
First he tried to STOP the citizen-called Grand Jury investigation. But he LOST that battle. Praise God!
And currently, Tiller is refusing to hand over 2,000 medical records, which the Grand Jury has demanded!
No surprise there. Tiller knows that if the Grand Jury gets its hands on those records. . .

You see, those records reveal every detail of the ILLEGAL abortions Tiller has performed on late-term babies-again, usually for such trivial reasons as a “rock concert”. . .a “prom” . . .or temporary “stress” and “anxiety.”
Tiller has already spent millions of dollars to keep those records secret.
They’re the #1 reason he put his money into the campaign against former Attorney General Phill Kline, who was in the middle of investigating Tiller when he was unseated by the now-disgraced EX-Attorney General PAUL MORRISON. (Praise God AGAIN for that victory!)
Tiller and his ilk blasted Phill Kline as “Snoop Dog” for wanting to inspect a few abortion records that did not even contain any patient names or other identifying information. Tiller won that battle. . . but only for a little while.
We once again joined with other groups and employed a little-known Kansas law that allows the citizens to demand a GRAND JURY INVESTIGATION-just by gathering enough signatures-we quickly went to work and helped gather nearly THREE TIMES the required number of signatures! (That’s how much the people of Kansas can’t stand George Tiller!)
And after several attempts by Tiller and his “Lap Dog” Paul Morrison to block the Grand Jury, the courts said it had to proceed! (Praise God!)
The investigation began a few weeks ago. The Grand Jury even called yours truly to testify. While I can’t discuss exactly what I told the Grand Jury, please rest assured that it was powerful and accompanied by meticulous documentation.
One week later, the Grand Jury issued four subpoenas for 2,000 of Tiller’s abortion records and other files!
I say that a lot lately. Things are going our way!
And yet, I write to you today with urgency in my voice-because. . .
We Haven’t Won YET!!!

Far from it.

In fact, we now need to take this battle into the “court of public opinion” – and expose Tiller’s crimes to the light of day.
You see, Tiller’s lawyers recently filed a motion to “quash” the Grand Jury’s subpoenas for the 2,000 records-and the Judge denied their motion! Again, Praise God!!!
Then they asked for a “stay” of this order (to put it ‘on hold’). . .and again Judge Paul Buchanan denied their request! God Bless Judge Buchanan!

However, now Tiller’s lawyers have filed a “mandamus” action with the Kansas State Supreme Court in another attempt to keep his abortion records from being scrutinized by the Grand Jury.

Yes, they’re that desperate!
Tiller is that scared!!
And his appeal is that ridiculous!!!

And to top it off, now the new Attorney General Steve Six, an appointee of Tiller crony Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, has filed a similar motion with the Kansas Supreme Court asking it to quash a Grand Jury subpoena he received asking for incriminating evidence in his posession.
Can you imagine if Al Capone had appealed to the Supreme Court to keep his illegal bootlegging and organized-crime records out of the hands of FBI?!?
Give me a break!!!

But that’s George Tiller for you!
He thinks he’s above the law.
Well, he’s not.
He’s the son of an illegal abortionist (Jack Tiller)-and he’s boldly following in his daddy’s blood-stained footsteps.
To the Tillers. . .


Jack Tiller killed babies LONG BEFORE abortion was legal (as far back as the 1940’s)-and boy George took over his abortion practice in 1974 when Jack, Mrs. Tiller, and George’s sister suddenly had their lives “terminated” as their airplane flew into a mountain near Yellowstone National Park.
In fact, it was when young George discovered that his Dad committed illegal abortions that he was “inspired” to abandon his career in dermatology and turn to killing babies!!!
Since then, George Tiller has performed no less than SIXTY-THOUSAND ABORTIONS!
He says abortion is his “calling.”
Surprisingly, he claims to be a Christian! And he’s a “respected member” in Reformation Lutheran Church (ELCA) in Wichita!!!
Well, I can’t read into his soul, but I’m pretty sure his “calling” isn’t from ABOVE-that’s for sure!!!

And, from all the available evidence, it’s clear that George Tiller has NO INTENTION of obeying the laws that prohibit late term abortions in the State of Kansas.
Tiller seems to feel he must follow his father’s legacy and perform illegal abortions.

He’s even displayed a huge sign outside his clinic saying, “Women need abortions, and I’m going to do them!”
Well, when you’re dealing with a sick individual like that, reason and fairness go out the window.
So it’s no wonder he’s adamantly refusing to turn over his records to the Grand Jury.
It’s no wonder he’s willing to spend millions of dollars to unseat an Attorney General like Phill Kline in order to prevent an investigation.
It’s no wonder he donates millions to pro-abortion Kansas politicians like Gov. Kathleen Sebelius and others so he can keep them in his pocket and use them whenever he needs to.
And it’s no wonder he’s willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on LEGAL FEES to fight against this Grand Jury investigation. . .the previous Grand Jury investigation into the death of Christin Gilbert (who had Down Syndrome and died from a botched abortion and cover-up at Tiller’s mill). . .and every other single investigation of which he’s ever been a target.
For Tiller, killing babies isn’t about the money (like it is for most abortionists).
For Tiller. . .

He’s on a “mission“-and it ain’t from God.
But if it isn’t from God, it’s from the other guy.
Understanding this is key to understanding how to fight George Tiller.
That’s why I’m explaining all this to you-and it’s why I’m writing today to ask for your utmost help. . .
We’re Taking The Gloves Off!

As I said at the beginning of this letter, it’s all out WAR in Wichita.

Yes, Tiller’s back is against the wall. But he’s not going down without a fight!
With his “deep pockets” he can outspend us any day of the week.
Plus, the nation’s largest pro-abortion organizations are RAISING MONEY to help pay Tiller’s legal expenses! Groups such as NOW, NARAL, the National Abortion Federation, and the National Coalition of Abortion Providers (et al.) are jumping to Tiller’s aid, (and vilifying Operation Rescue).
That means he’ll be able to have his slick lawyers file one motion after another. . .one appeal after another. . .one you-name-it after another just to stall, balk, delay, buy time, and do everything they can to frustrate the justice system.
He’s even hoping that the Grand Jury will grow weary of all this and just drop the case!
But WE-you and I-can’t let him get away with this.
That’s why we at Operation Rescue have a new plan to take this battle into the “court of public opinion.”
Yes, the Tiller investigation has been getting some press here and there-but we want to launch a massive multi-media campaign that will keep the pressure on George Tiller and his high-priced lawyers. . .like nothing they’ve ever seen!
Here in Wichita-which the pro-aborts themselves have called “Ground Zero” in the fight over abortion-the citizens are overwhelmingly pro-life and Christian.

They don’t like having the world’s most notorious baby-killer living here and serial-killing in their midst. Tiller has made Wichita “the abortion capital of the world”-and the people of Wichita don’t like it one bit.

Until now, they’ve assumed there was nothing they could do about it. After all, abortion is “legal” in America, right?
But they didn’t know that Tiller has been breaking the law (KSA 65-6703) for years and years-and that the citizens can do something about it through the Grand Jury process.
Now we need to blow this story wide open-and keep the power of public scrutiny focused on George Tiller’s darkest secrets.
Like all criminals, Tiller prefers operating in the dark. Behind closed doors. Accountable to no one.
Like a toxic mold or bacteria, he thrives in darkness.
The one thing he won’t be able to survive is being exposed to the light!
After all, sunlight is the best disinfectant-and we intend to shine the light of day on Tiller’s vile late-term baby-killing-for-convenience “enterprise of evil.”

To do that, we want to run powerful radio spots on several local stations here in Wichita-to make sure the people of this great city realize what’s going on right under their noses. . .and that this is their chance to put a stop to it!

We’ll run our radio spots on Christian as well as secular stations. And we’ll flood the airwaves with the truth about George Tiller!

He Won’t Be Able To Escape It!

Everywhere he goes, people will know that he kills late-term babies-sometimes just because the mother wanted to go to a rock concert or the prom!
Even people who say they’re “pro-choice” can’t stomach that.
But to run these radio spots, we’re going to need your help.
On the biggest talk-radio station, for instance, the cost of a 60-second spot is just $35.
Well, we want to run hundreds and hundreds of these radio spots from now until the Grand Jury releases their determinations in order to stop those who want to interfere with this investigation from obstructing the process.
These people – some of them corrupt politicians and lawyers – need to know that there is so much public attention on this case that they dare not try to obstruct it, lest their corruption be exposed!
And that means we need your help. Quickly!
So I need to know: Would you be willing to HELP sponsor these radio spots?
Every $35 You Give
Helps Put A Radio Spot On The Air!

Click here to make a donation online.

Again, we need to run hundreds and hundreds of these spots.
So if you can, would you be willing to sponsor TEN spots for $350?
If not, could you sponsor EIGHT spots for $280?
FIVE spots for $175?
THREE spots for $105?
Even sponsoring just ONE spot for $35 will make a BIG difference in the fight against George Tiller!
We MUST expose him to the people of Kansas. . .to the light of day. . .and to the powerful “court of public opinion” in order to keep the system honest.
Because even if he gets the Kansas Supreme Court to protect him (if they say he doesn’t have to turn over his records), we’re not through with him!
We have other cards up our sleeve that Tiller doesn’t even know about yet!
And as long as we have THE PUBLIC on our side, Tiller’s days in the baby-killing business are numbered.
However. . .if the Grand Jury does indict Tiller and his case goes to trial, it will be even more vital to have the “court of public opinion” on our side.
The “liberal” mainstream media in Kansas is on Tiller’s side, naturally.
They come to his defense-and attack us-every time.
But once the people know the truth about Tiller’s illegal late-term abortions, it will be a different story.
And Only You Can
Help Make This Happen!

Your sponsorship of one or more radio spots will help us get the truth out about George Tiller-and strike while the iron is hot! (Click here to donate now.)
That’s very important.
Right now, we’re in the best position ever to put George Tiller out of the baby-killing business-and perhaps behind bars where he belongs!
We must not squander this opportunity. We’ve worked six grueling years for this! And through your support, you’ve been an indispensable part of our labors!
So we can’t afford to delay.
We MUST start running those radio spots immediately-or risk losing this pivotal battle.
I know you care enough about the babies to give every last dollar you have, were it feasible to do so!
But I’m not asking for every last dollar.
I’m asking for $35. . .$105. . .$175. . .$280. . .$350. . .or any amount you can possibly give. (For more giving options, click here.)

We’ll put it to use directly in our multi-media “Public Exposure” Campaign against George Tiller-which will also feature the powerful presence of our Truth Trucks all throughout Wichita!
Your gift will help “keep the heat” on George Tiller-and force him to keep defending himself against the many criminal charges against him. . .as well as the ones yet to come!
You see, we estimate that Tiller has already spent over a hundred thousand dollars on his lawyers during this Grand Jury investigation-and this fight is far from over!
The Grand Jury can still investigate Tiller for another two months. . .or longer!
And then, once he’s indicted, he’ll have to go to trial for the real fight of his life!
Of course, causing Tiller to spend his blood money on his $400/hour lawyers is not what we’re all about.
We’re only concerned with saving the lives of the thousands of little babies killed at Tiller’s late-term abortion mill every single year.
We want George Tiller and his accomplices to STOP killing babies-period!
But it’s clear he’s just as committed to killing babies as we are to rescuing them.
We’re fighting against PURE EVIL here!
And that means we can’t rest or let down our guard for one minute until justice is done. . .and the babies are saved.
Anything less is tantamount to surrender.
I’m not about to surrender. And I don’t think you are either.
In fact, we at Operation Rescue are turning UP the heat!

And I pray that you’ll join us. (Click to donate now.)
It’s the only way we’ll win this epic struggle to stop the most notorious baby-killer who has ever lived.
This is our only opportunity. If we lose now, we could lose forever.
I’m not exaggerating. The pro-aborts call Tiller’s mill “Ground Zero” in the fight over abortion. And I agree with them.
We will never get another opportunity like this.
Therefore, we simply can’t afford to fail.
And it would be the most serious sin if we failed because we weren’t willing to make the sacrifices necessary to achieve this victory for God and for the babies.
Remember: God is depending on us! He works through “human instruments” like you and me.
What’s more, the babies are depending on us! There are babies in their mothers’ wombs RIGHT NOW who are on their way to Tiller’s mill to face the most cruel and most painful death imaginable!

They will be poisoned. . .injected… their skulls crushed. . . their brains sucked out. . .and then incinerated in Tiller’s Nazi-like cremation oven-right in the middle of Wichita, Kansas. . .in the middle of America. . . where everyone knows about it but is BLIND to it!!!

But the smoke from the burning babies does NOT get ignored by Almighty God!!!
HE looks down on our nation as that smoke rises to Heaven.
HE has to breathe the smoke of His precious children’s burning bodies every day that George Tiller remains in business!
And I PITY our nation for what will happen when God unleashes His wrath upon us for ALLOWING Tiller to murder and burn 60,000 babies. . .in plain sight. . .in broad daylight. . .in what we believe is a VIOLATION of the law!!!
I pray that day of wrath never comes.

And you and I can prevent it from coming IF we do everything in our power to STOP TILLER NOW-while we have this God-given opportunity to do so!

Never before has an abortionist like Tiller been in so much trouble.
Never before have the courts refused to cave in to the demands of the abortionists.
And never before have the eyes of the nation been focused on such a pivotal battle to “dethrone the king” of the abortion cartel.
Putting George Tiller out of business-and in prison-will be the greatest victory we could ever achieve for the babies and the cause of life.
We’ll send all abortionists a devastating message when they see George Tiller go to prison!
He’s their leader, their “kingpin” and their “godfather.”

It Will Be Like Putting
A Mafia Crime Boss Away!

But to do that, we need your help.
Your donation now will make the difference in the fight against George Tiller!
Again, the radio spots we’re going to run cost just $35 for a 60-second spot. So your generous donation of $350 will help pay for TEN spots-reaching 50,000 people in Wichita and the surrounding area ten times!
Could you please make that special sacrifice?
I know $350 is a lot to ask-but there is so much at stake!

But ANY amount you can give will help get the job done:
$280 for 8 spots. . .$175 for 5 spots. . .$105 for 3 spots. . .or any multiple of $35 that you feel called to make. (Please consider making a donation now.)

With your help, the light will shine in the darkness.
Tiller will be exposed for illegally killing late-term babies.
And he will go to prison where he belongs!
Then and only then will all the baby-killers realize that we will not rest until they stop the wholesale slaughter of God’s innocent children!
And only then will God withhold His terrible wrath from our nation, where the blood of the innocents already soaks the ground and cries out to Heaven for vengeance!
Please give whatever you can, as much as you can.
We need you now more than ever before. . .

Or Else George Tiller Will Once Again
Get Away With Murder!

Please don’t let that happen.

Because this is both a spiritual and a physical battle, we need your prayers. . . your sacrifices. . . and your financial assistance.
Pray that God protects us from the powers of darkness.

And give so that we can shine the light in the darkness. . . and overcome it, once and for all.

I thank you, in advance, for being such a blessing to our cause. God knows who’s fighting for His babies, and who’s not.
Your sacrifice will never be forgotten.
May the Lord shower you with His blessings, in every way you need, for doing the right thing, right now.
God bless. For His defenseless children,
Troy Newman
President, Operation Rescue
P.S. Remember: This is our one opportunity to STOP GEORGE TILLER -and do it legally, peacefully, and “respectably”. . .like everyone’s always been telling us to do!
Think about it. . .
Operation Rescue has come from getting arrested in the streets. . . getting jailed and fined and sued by everyone imaginable, including Janet Reno. . . and getting vilified in the news media. . . to now working through the criminal justice system to get George Tiller investigated by a Grand Jury, and hopefully indicted, prosecuted, fined and sentenced to prison!
They even asked me to testify! Talk about a “180”!
But again, this fight against George Tiller has really just begun. And we need to fight him not only in the criminal justice courts, but in the court of public opinion.
That’s why your support is so vital as we launch our “Public Exposure” campaign with our radio ads and Truth Trucks blanketing Wichita, Kansas.
Again, the radio spots are just $35 for a 60-second spot on the biggest talk-radio station in town, reaching 50,000 listeners every day. That’s very affordable! And very effective! (Click to give now.)
And so I urge you to give as much as you possibly can —in multiples of $35 –so we can run our radio spots hundreds and hundreds of times and conduct a public exposure campaign that will keep all eyes on Kansas — and the corrupt system honest — while the Grand Jury continues to investigate George Tiller’s wrongdoings.
ONLY YOU can help make this happen!
Please don’t leave it up to “someone else”-or assume that we’ll raise enough money without you.
We never do. We have only a handful of supporters, and we need each and every one of you!
Listen: If we lose this battle due to lack of funds, I wouldn’t want to have to explain to God why I neglected to do my part!
Even if you can send just $35 now, it will be a GREAT help in this time of need for all of life saving work. (Donate by clicking here.)
I ask you to pray about it. . .to search deeply. . .and seek the Lord’s guidance for how much He wants you to give.
After all, this is His battle. . .but remember, He works through YOU.
Are you in?
For giving options, including our mailing address, please click here.
Note: Your gifts are not tax deductible.