Randall Terry Does NOT Speak for Operation Rescue
June 15, 2009
Recently, Randall Terry, who left Operation Rescue 18 years ago, has recently made statements in the media to which we must now comment.
Mr. Terry has said, among other things, that he believes the murder of late-term abortionist George Tiller “has the potential to propel us more quickly to our goal.”
Operation Rescue repudiates this statement as being completely false and out of touch with the reality of the situation. Operation Rescue has strongly denounced Tiller’s killing. Randall Terry is not affiliated with Operation Rescue and does not speak for this organization in any way.
In fact, it is Operation Rescue’s position that the Tiller murder was a set-back to the pro-life movement, especially since peaceful and legal means were making progress. OR had a number of complaints progressing through the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts, which had taken the first steps in the process to revoke Tiller’s medical license. Those complaints against Tiller are now closed.
“Tiller’s killing denied the pro-life movement a victory through due process that would have been a clear boost for the pro-life movement,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Mr. Terry’s comments are offensive and out of touch. His comments are only meant to inflame emotions and garner him personal publicity and financial support, to which he has no accountability. He does not represent Operation Rescue in any way. It is a shame that he continues to confuse and even deceive people with his mischaracterizations. We have no choice but to set the record straight.”
Operation Rescue Clarifies Misrepresentations Concerning DNC Activities
August 19, 2008
Operation Rescue issues the following statement, attributable to Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Policy Advisor, Operation Rescue:

It has come to our attention that Randall Terry is representing himself as being “of Operation Rescue” and is further making public statements that “OR Activists” are “planning arrests” during the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado.
In fact, Randall Terry is not associated with our organization, Operation Rescue, nor are Operation Rescue activists “planning arrests” or any other activities in concert with or under the direction of Mr. Terry during the DNC.

Former National Operation Rescue Leaders Publicly Support Operation Rescue Director Troy Newman After Randall Terry Files Unbiblical Lawsuit
For more information or interviews contact: Jeff White at 909.744.4479
MEDIA ADVISORY, May 29, 2008 /Christian Newswire/ — The men and women listed below were prominent national leaders of Operation Rescue during the period of Randall Terry’s involvement in the organization.
They are stunned and angered by Mr. Terry’s public attacks against the excellent work of Troy Newman and Operation Rescue in Wichita, Kansas, especially in the face of Mr. Terry abandoning Operation Rescue leadership over 15 years ago.
They felt Mr. Terry’s vindictive and unchristian actions along with the harmful impact on the great work of Operation Rescue demanded this strong public response.
The former leaders have long disassociated from Randall Terry after his repeated refusal to submit to biblical restoration and oversight and Mr. Terry’s continued negative lifestyle choices. These leaders can no longer work with Mr. Terry on any public projects.
Some of Mr. Terry’s unbiblical lifestyle decisions include:

  • Misstatements and deception to donors about his financial situation.
  • Misuse and lack of accountability with respect to hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations from the pro-life community.
  • Improper and immoral relationships.
  • The Operation Rescue leaders are praying that Randall Terry repents and seeks God’s help for spiritual restoration, healing of shattered and broken relationships and restitution of all ill-gained funds. They are also willing to sit down with Mr. Terry and other Christian leaders, in a biblical fashion, for prayer and to discuss their concerns.
    Jeff White, former National Tactical Director with Operation Rescue, states, “It is with grief and brokenness that we send out this statement. For years, many have prayed and counseled with our brother Randall Terry as he continued in a sinful and manipulative lifestyle. Sadly, he has rejected all counsel and guidance from many Operation Rescue national leaders and chose a self-centered life narrative.
    “Throughout this time, we have chosen to remain silent in hopes that somehow Randall would find his internal spiritual bearings and return back to a life of integrity and purpose. However, this is not the case.
    “We now feel compelled to speak up because Randall’s actions are hurting the work of Troy Newman and Operation Rescue in their efforts to see George Tiller end his barbaric abortion practices in Wichita, Kansas. Additionally, we can no longer remain silent while Mr. Terry continues to fleece unsuspecting pro-life people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars for his personal and selfish gain.”
    A partial list of the Operation Rescue leaders who, with great sadness, have signed this statement include:
    Rev. Keith Tucci, former National Director
    Rev. Joseph Foreman, former acting National Director
    Rev. Patrick Mahoney, former National Media Director
    Jeff White, former National Tactical Director
    Susan Peters, former National Spokesperson
    Ken Reed, former Regional Director
    Katie Mahoney, former Spokesperson
    Rev. Joseph Slovenec, former national leadership team
    Cheryl Conrad, former regional leader
    Operation Rescue Board of Advisors and Supporters News Release: Randall Terry links arms with Planned Parenthood, George Tiller and the abortion industry as he attempts to shut down Troy Newman and Operation Rescue.
    Contact: Jeff White, 909-744-4479
    MEDIA ADVISORY, June 6, 2008 /Christian Newswire/ — Statement of Operation Rescue Board and Supporters:
    “The advisors and supporters of Operation Rescue stand behind the powerful and effective job they are doing in bringing an end to the senseless killing of innocent children through abortion. We are seeing the fruits of their dedicated labor as they work to end the barbaric practice of America’s most notorious abortionist George Tiller.
    We have full confidence the court will uphold the United States government’s decision to give the trademark of Operation Rescue to Troy Newman. It is with a deep sense of regret that we are witnessing Randall Terry bring this unbiblical and unmerited lawsuit against Mr. Newman and Operation Rescue. Sadly, Mr. Terry is wasting thousands of pro-life dollars to fight against an organization that has worked so diligently to honor Christ and end abortion.
    We can only hope and pray Mr. Terry will return back to the sacred calling of ‘rescuing those who have been unjustly sentenced to death’ instead of pursing his failed attempts to become a country and western singer, radio talk show host, politician and Islamic scholar.It’s both tragic and ironic that Randall Terry has now linked arms with Planned Parenthood, George Tiller and the abortion industry as he attempts to shut down the life saving efforts of Operation Rescue and Troy Newman.”
    This will be the only public statement issued on behalf of Mr. Newman and Operation Rescue concerning Randall Terry’s unbiblical lawsuit.
    Statement Concerning Randall Terry’s Wichita Press Conference Today Attacking Troy Newman
    Contact: Cheryl Sullenger, Operation Rescue Senior Policy Advisor, 316-516-3034
    WICHITA, Kansas, June 6, 2008 /Christian Newswire/ — Operation Rescue has released the following statement:
    Randall Terry is attempting to make a tempest in a teapot. We will not argue our legal case in the court of public opinion. We are confident that we will prevail against this harassment suit at trial.
    The former Operation Rescue leadership team has already spoken concerning Mr. Terry’s unbibilical lawsuit. (See above, or click here to read.)
    As for Mr. Terry’s smear campaign against Troy Newman’s character, the fruit of his 15 years of full-time Christian ministry speaks for itself. We will not dignify Mr. Terry’s baseless allegations with a response, but instead will remain focused on the original intent of Operation Rescue: saving babies from death and closing abortion clinics.