On January 13, 2005, a 19-year old disabled girl named Christin A. Gilbert died at a hospital in Wichita, Kansas, from complications to a third trimester abortion procured at Women’s Health Care Services, and abortion mill owned by the notorious George R. Tiller.
Fortunately, Christin’s tragedy is perhaps the best-documented abortion death in the history of Roe v. Wade. Based on the documentation, there is reason to believe a number of Kansas laws were violated during Christin’s abortion at the hands of George Tiller.
No charges have ever been filed against Tiller for killing Christin. While a complaint has been filed with the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts, it has become clear that this disciplinary board is reticent to take action against Tiller for actions that led to the death of Christin. In fact, the lack of interest in Christin’s death by the authorities and the media indicates that they hope to sweep the matter under the rug.
If there is to be justice for Christin, it will have to be brought with the help of the people of Sedgwick County.
Here’s how…
The State of Kansas provides that the citizens may call for the convening of a Grand Jury though a petition process. It takes only 2,850 signatures of Sedgwick County registered voters to force a Grand Jury investigation. Once the Grand Jury convenes, they have the power to fully investigate Christin’s death and any other possible criminal activity at Women’s Health Care Services.
Your help is needed to gather signatures calling for a Grand Jury to investigate Christin’s death. As long as those responsible for Christin’s needless death are allowed to escape justice, women remain at risk of suffering a similar fate.
40,000 Signatures Cannot Be Ignored
Our goal is to garner 40,000 signatures and present them on January 13, 2005, on the one-year anniversary of Christin’s tragic death. When the County receives petitions with 40,000 signatures, they will sense the public outrage and will be highly motivated to take the investigation seriously.
We urge you to contact your pastor and encourage him to announce the petition drive at services. Remember, we are simply asking for a Grand Jury to investigate the suspicious abortion death of an innocent, disabled teenager.
But if the investigation discovers what physicians and attorneys say they will find, this could be the means of ending Tiller’s child-killing in our community forever!
Please help bring justice for Christin.
Sign a petition today!
This is a legal petition. You must be a registered voter in Sedgwick County, Kansas, in order to sign and/or circulate this petition.
Each petition must be notarized. We will provider a notary public for anyone gathering signatures.
DOWNLOAD PETITION HERE (PDF) — Petitions must be copied front to back.
Please turn your petitions in to:
2501 E. Central
Wichita, KS 67214

If you have questions about the petition. please call the Operation Rescue Office at 316-516-3034.
Additional information and downloadable petitions are available at www.justiceforchristin.com
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