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NEW!! Public Safety Scandal: Maryland OHCQ Licensed Abortion Facilities That Failed to Meet Requirements
PDF document; 20 pages
Poorly trained abortion facility staff. Unsterilized surgical instruments. Unsanitary facility conditions. Patient injuries and deaths. Abortion clinic administrators who appear to have no idea how to operate a medical facility. These startling violations are not referring to Kermit Gosnell’s now-defunct Philadelphia “House of Horrors” abortion mill, as one might expect. Instead, these violations were found at licensed surgical abortion facilities in Maryland – some repeatedly with no guarantee that all affecting patient safety have yet been corrected, according to a new Special Report released today by Operation Rescue titled, “Public Safety Scandal: Maryland OHCQ Licensed Abortion Facilities That Failed to Meet Requirements.”
Abortion Collaborators: Exposing the Unfruitful Works of Darkness
Booklet — 23 pages
This booklet contains an essay reviewing references to historical collaborators and makes the connection to collaborators of the abortion holocaust. It contains a (now outdated) list of abortion collaborators who did business with the infamous late-term abortionist George R. Tiller of Wichita, KS. Nevertheless, the concept of the abortion collaborator is still very much worth reading.
Bio-Ethics in an Age of Emerging Biotechnology
Booklet — 41 pages
Explains in simple terms the new technologies dominating today’s headlines then deals with the ethics from a Biblical perspective.
Fetal Age Deception
Booklet; 18 pages
This exclusive investigative report details how abortion clinics manipulate ultrasound imaging to falsify fetal ages in order to avoid compliance with the law. This method is said to be used by the infamous late-term abortionists LeRoy Carhart and Kermit Gosnell.
Their Blood Cries Out! Chapter 20: “Rescue”
Excerpted Chapter — 5 pages
This moving chapter is an excerpt from the powerful book Their Blood Cries Out! by Troy Newman. It discusses the need for rendering practical assistance to the abortion-bound woman and her pre-born baby as a natural fruit of a repentant heart dedicated to Christ.
Too High A Price For Scientific Knowledge
Article — 2 pages
This article, originally published in the San Diego Union-Tribune, examines why the price of human embryonic stem cell experimentation is beyond our moral ability to pay.
The Use of Graphic Photos of Aborted Children in the Public Forum
Booklet — 13 pages
This apologetic essay gives a Biblical defense for the public use of graphic pictures of aborted babies. Another oldie but goodie!
Why Supporting A CPC Is Not Enough
Article — 2 pages
This essay was written to explain to Christians why a presence at the local abortion clinics is of vital importance in stopping abortion. This is an older article, but still worth the read!