RED HOT Supreme Court ACTION News !!! . . . STOP ABORTION NOW! . . . Read how you can help Operation Rescue launch a FULL SCALE ATTACK on legalized child-killing! . . . STOP ABORTION NOW!

Announcing Operation Rescue’s
Full-Scale Attack on Legalized
Baby-Killing in America…

. . .and how YOU can play an active role in the
life-or-death fight to overturn Roe v. Wade!

“Now that we’re so close to victory, we’re taking the fight to a whole new level. But we’re going to need EVERYONE’S help!”
— Troy Newman * President, Operation Rescue

FROM: Wichita, KS
Tuesday, 9:30 AM
Dear Friend of Pre-born Babies,
This is an urgent message — a call to action — for every pro-lifer who is serious about helping to put an end to legalized child-killing in America, once and for all.
If we act now, we can finally STOP ABORTION NOW in America—putting an end to the senseless killing of more than a million babies every year!

But it’s going to require the efforts of every good pro-life Christian in America—to pray, to work, to sacrifice, and then pray some more!

If that’s you, please read on — because we really need your help. We’ve got a massive, full-scale attack underway… and I think you’re going to like it.
Here’s what it’s all about…

We Are So Close To Victory
Yet So Dangerously Close
To Defeat, Too!

With the recent nomination of Judge John Roberts to the Supreme Court, we in the pro-life movement now have an unprecedented opportunity to finally restore moral sanity in America.
How? Through a “peaceful coup” in the Supreme Court, which would lead to the eventual overturn of Roe v. Wade.
Hello, my name is Troy Newman and I’m the President of Operation —the #1 activist pro-life organization in America. Perhaps you’ve heard of us.
In the 1980s we carried out peaceful, nonviolent rescues—“sit-ins” if you will—at abortion mills all over America. We were very effective. And we not only saved countless lives through our rescues, but we made abortion hit the front pages of the national news.
These days we don’t do many “rescues” anymore because Bill Clinton made it a federal crime to save babies at abortion mills. But we’re still out there on the streets, closing abortion mills and rescuing babies in other ways—and still bringing abortion to the attention of every person we can find.

We speak for the babies—because they’re the one “interest group” in this fight who can’t speak for themselves.

And now, with the recent nomination of John Roberts to be our next U.S. Supreme Court Justice, we need your help—immediately—to launch massive demonstrations on the streets of Washington, D.C. from now until mid-September.
Because, for the first time in 14 years

ABORTION is going to be the #1 issue
on everyone’s mind!

It’s no secret that when John Roberts goes through the confirmation hearings in September, he is going to get grilled by pro-abortion Senators like Ted Kennedy, Arlen Specter, Charles Schumer, Diane Feinstein, et al.

They’ll want to know where he stands on ABORTION—and little else.
That’s because they’re afraid that he’ll join with the other pro-life Supreme Court Justices and overturn Roe v. Wade.
As you may know, only one vote is needed to over turn Roe.
And the pro-aborts are deathly afraid that John Roberts will be that vote!!!
Already, the rabid pro-abort leaders are screeching in horror at the thought that John Roberts might be a strong pro-lifer.

  • They know he’s a loyal family man and a faithful, conservative Catholic who has adopted two children…
  • They know that Roberts was the lawyer for the Justice Department who won the famous “Title X” case that cut off federal funding of abortions…
  • They know that his wife Jane is a strong pro-life activist who has worked for many years with “Feminists for Life” and other organizations…
  • And they know that John Roberts went to bat for Operation Rescue back in 1992—in a case before the Supreme Court known as BRAY et al. v. ALEXANDRIA WOMEN’S HEALTH CLINIC et al
  • He also stated in a previous case that, “Roe was wrongly decided and should be overruled.”

They know that John Roberts could be the one to bring down Roe—finally!—after 32 years of child-killing in America.
And they’re not shy about opposing him with everything they’ve got!

Here’s what the pro-aborts are saying…

“Everything we know about Judge Roberts’ record indicates that he will be a solid vote against women’s rights and Roe v. Wade.”

–Eleanor Smeal, President of the Feminist Majority

“The nomination of John G. Roberts raises serious questions and grave concerns… Roberts went on the record calling for Roe v. Wade to be overturned.”

–Karen Pearl, interim president of PPFA

Now, let me emphasize: NO ONE KNOWS FOR SURE if John Roberts will be the one to help overturn Roe.
But what really matters is that ABORTION is now the #1 issue on everyone’s minds!

And that’s where we come in
. You, me, and Operation Rescue…

We believe that if Roe v. Wade is to be overturned, it will happen only if you and I remind our government leaders and the American people that ABORTION IS MURDER—AND WE MUST STOP ABORTION NOW!!!
DID YOU KNOW most Americans hate abortion?!?
It’s true! According to a recent Zogby poll that asked Americans if they think abortion is homicide, 56% said “YES” and only 36% said “No”!!
That’s a huge 20% difference—which is a “landslide” victory in politics!
Americans are ready to Stop Abortion Now.
And I have a plan for doing exactly that.

The Truth Trucks!
Showing the TRUTH about ABORTION
to millions of people at a time!
24 hour Prayer vigils at the SUPREME COURT

From now until the confirmation hearings, I am personally going to devote every waking hour to educating the American people about abortion.
After all, this is the best opportunity we’ve had in decades. We dare not waste it!
So my entire staff and all our volunteers are going to take our message—the truth about abortion—directly to Washington, D.C. and across America.
One of the “vehicles” for our message is something we call the Truth Trucks.
Perhaps you’ve heard of them.

The Truth Trucks are big huge commercial trucks plastered with massive pictures of aborted babies that are impossible to miss… and impossible to ignore!
The Truth Trucks hit people right between the eyes with the graphic truth about abortion.
They feature big, color pictures of aborted babies—which the pro-aborts in the news media NEVER allow the American people to see.
As a result, the Truth Trucks have a huge impact on people! And they’ve already saved countless babies’ lives!!

I can’t begin to tell you how many phone calls and e-mails I’ve personally received about the Truth Trucks. I stopped counting a long time ago!
But love ‘em or hate ‘em…

NO ONE can ignore the Truth Trucks!

And that includes United States Senators, who are going to be looking straight at the Truth Trucks every day that we’re in Washington, D.C.—from now until after the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee John Roberts.
We firmly believe that the Truth Trucks will have a tremendous impact on all 100 U.S. Senators. And we believe that many of those Senators may vote for John Roberts as a direct result of the Truth Trucks!
It will make heads turn. And stomachs turn.
But most of all, hearts and minds will turn…


You see, John Roberts needs a straight up or down vote by the Senate to be confirmed as our next U.S. Supreme Court Justice.
And with our Truth Trucks, our prayer rallies, our press conferences, and our relentless presence in Washington, D.C.—telling the truth that the pro-aborts never want people to see or hear—I believe we can make the kind of impact that we’ve only dreamed about before. (View our Schedule of Events)
That’s because we’re going to be everywhere in Washington…

We’ll be there on Capitol Hill… in front of the Supreme Court… in front of the Senate Office Buildings… and on the streets of Downtown where all the lawyers, lobbyists, and reporters work.
We’ll be at all the monuments… on all the bridges and highways… and everywhere else that our Truth Trucks can be seen by hundreds of thousands if not millions of people!

We will be all over the news, too. We will no doubt get harassed by the police and the Secret Service (like we always do). We’ll probably get pelted with rocks, bottles, cans, paint, and the epithets of hatred that spew forth from the mouths of those who hate Our Lord God with a passion… and hate unborn babies even more!

But my goal—with your help—is to have no less than THREE Truth Trucks canvassing the streets of DC from now until mid-September when the confirmation hearings will be held.
In addition, we plan to send ALL OF OUR STAFF and volunteers for prayer vigils, press conferences, and other cutting edge activities designed to be a voice for the pre-born on the world stage. We will be the advocacy group reminding the nation and the world that we must STOP ABORTION NOW!

Now, getting three Truth Trucks along with all our staff to Washington, D.C. and having them cover the streets of our nation’s capital, and sponsoring prayer vigils is going to require a lot of money.
But without that money, the Truth Trucks and part of my staff will have to stay home. My staff is experienced and savvy when it comes organizing events that will turn hearts and capture the attention of the media. In fact, I am proud to say that I have the best activist staff in the world.

But they will be grounded if we don’t raise a minimum of $20,000 in the next few days.
You see, it takes $25 per hour to operate a single Truth Truck. That’s mainly because of the high cost of fuel these days.
And in addition to fuel, our crews of volunteer drivers and staffers have to eat, and they need a place to sleep and shower while they’re on the road for 6 to 8 weeks (possibly longer).
So altogether, our ministry outreach in Washington, D.C. will cost us that considerable sum of $20,000.

And this is where YOU come in…

Very few people can drop what they’re doing, leave everything behind, and drive a Truth Truck around Washington or help organize prayer vigils and media events for 4 to 8 weeks.
Fortunately, we do have the volunteers who are ready, willing, and able to handle this vital job.
So what we need now are people who can sit down and write out a check for $50… $100… perhaps $200… $500… maybe even $1,000 or more!
That’s what we need—desperately—right this minute…

…or all is lost.
There will be no other activist groups on the street proclaiming the Sanctity of Life and demanding an end to abortion. There will be no other groups duplicating our efforts.
I firmly believe that if the Truth Trucks or my staff have to stay home for lack of funds… and we’re not able to put the hard truth about abortion in front of everyone’s face for the next 4 to 8 weeks in Washington—then we shouldn’t be surprised if the shrill “pro-choice” rhetoric of the very-well-funded abortion movement WINS this all-important battle over ABORTION and Roe v. Wade.
You can bet your bottom dollar that the abortion industry will be pulling out all the stops to block John Roberts’ confirmation.
They FEAR that if he sits on that bench, their billion-dollar business could be OUTLAWED OVERNIGHT!!!
And they know that when Roe falls, legalized abortion is doomed all over the world!!
They can’t afford to lose this fight.

And neither can we.
They’re going to invest millions—because they stand to lose BILLIONS!
But we don’t stand to make a dime off ending abortion. In fact, I am hoping to work myself OUT of a job by ending abortion in America!
We’re just here to SAVE BABIES.
And yet, we don’t need “millions.”

We need just $20,000.
But even that amount—a drop in the bucket compared to the blood money that will be spent to keep abortion legal—is HUGE to us.
In fact, it’s about $19,999 more than we have right now!
And that’s why I’m writing to you today.
I urgently need your UTMOST sacrificial donation so we can put THREE Truth Trucks and my hard-working staff with decades of experience on the streets of Washington, D.C.
Unlike the abortionists—who make $500 for ten minutes worth of “work” killing babies—we must raise our money one person, one gift at a time.
NOW, Planned Parenthood, and NARAL get checks for $100,000 or even $1,000,000 at a time from billionaires like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, George Soros, and Maurice Strong. They are planning on spending 10 million to oppose Roberts.
But we depend on gifts of $100… $50… even the precious “widow’s mite” gifts of $10 or $5 from faithful, elderly grandmothers on fixed incomes who can’t stand the thought of babies being torn apart in their mothers’ wombs… and they want to do something to stop it.
God blesses us with each and every gift we receive—because He knows and we know that it came from someone with Christ’s love for children in their heart.
NOW and NARAL can have their million-dollar grants from billionaires. It’s blood money, and it’s cursed.
But every gift we receive is BLESSED!
And let me tell you… when we’re out there on the streets from sunrise to sunset, driving amidst hostile crowds and praying in the middle of groups of angry pro-aborts, we need all the blessings we can get!!!
Right now we need to be blessed with $20,000—or else the Truth Trucks, prayer vigils, press conferences, and other cutting-edge First Amendment outreaches will not happen… the only public voices for the pre-born will be silenced when they should be doing the Lord’s work of telling the truth about abortion all throughout Washington.

I’m not kidding. This is the most important battle of our lifetime.

Think about it: We’ve been fighting against legalized abortion for 32 long years.
We haven’t had a chance at vacancy on the Supreme Court for 14 years now.
But now we have a pro-life President who has just nominated an apparently pro-life judge for the Supreme Court—and all we need is one vote to overturn Roe.
All we need is one more pro-life Justice to overturn Roe v. Wade.

One more! You see, the Supreme Court decisions that would have overturned Roe in the last several years have consistently been 5-4… 5-4… 5-4.
[Stenberg v. Carhart (2000), Casey v. Planned Parenthood (1992), Webster v. Reproductive Health Services (1989), Thornburgh v. American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (1986) —All 5-4 pro-abortion wins.]
This is a very winnable fight. I’m highly encouraged and enthusiastic.
But it is NOT a “done deal” by any means.

If We Don’t Do Our Part,
We Could Lose!

That’s why we’re going to hold PRAYER RALLIES on the steps of the Supreme Court—for THREE DAYS before the confirmation hearings start. That is three days of prayer that will likely take place while ranting pro-aborts scream and chant around us.

You see, God wants us to go into the “lion’s den” and SPEAK for His innocent tiny children who have no voice.
The babies are the only “interest group” who can’t lobby… who can’t march… who can’t hold press conferences or write letters.
Therefore, we have to speak FOR them!
The pro-aborts are already there in Washington, spewing their hatred and gospel of death.
But we will be there with the Gospel of Life and praying for God’s omnipotent intercession.

Truly, God wants us to fight for His laws, which are supposed to be above the laws of men.

He wants us to help regain the Supreme Court and restore both sanity and morality to our once-Christian nation.
He wants His Ten Commandments restored to places of honor—not thrown out like yesterday’s garbage!
He wants His sacred institution of marriage to be officially recognized as a union between one man and one woman—not a union of homosexuals and deviants!
He wants the Terri Schiavo’s of the world to be loved and cared for—not killed by starvation and dehydration by rabid euthanasia fanatics!
And He wants us to respect the processing of creating human life, which is His domain—not the domain of mad scientists who want to play God by cloning humans and then harvesting their body parts or fetal stem cells for profit!!!
And my friend, ALL OF THIS is dependent upon one body of just NINE people…


Nine judges will decide all of these crucial issues in the next few years.
In 1973, just seven judges sentenced 42 million babies to the most cruel death imaginable.
And now, in 2005, we finally have the opportunity we’ve been waiting for—to have FIVE Justices on the Supreme Court who put God’s laws above man’s!!!
As far as we can tell, John Roberts could be that fifth vote that will tip the scales of justice back to justice.
FIVE VOTES are all we need.
And together we can make that happen.
Your financial help… your unceasing prayers… and God’s omnipotent grace will make the difference—at last—and it will all happen within the next few weeks.
But we CANNOT do it without you.
We don’t have the $20,000 that we need—and we must raise it immediately if we’re going to put three Truth Trucks and our staff on the streets of DC.

Will You Help Us?

I hope I can count on you to come through for us and help us do what we absolutely must do in the next 4 to 8 weeks.
I know I’m asking for a lot. In fact, I need to ask you to dig as deep as you can inside your checkbook and find a gift amount that is suited for the task at hand.
Could that be $1,000? I don’t know. But I know that there are many people reading this letter right now who could send us $1,000. Might that be you?
Others could send us $500. Will you?
Still for others, it may be a real sacrifice to send $100… $75… or $50.
And that’s especially true for those who might struggle to send $35… $20… or $10.
No gift is “too small” in the eyes of the Lord—and certainly not in ours.
The $20,000 we need will come in one gift at a time. Even one dollar at a time is okay… as long as we reach our goal and get our three Truth Trucks and all our staff on the road, headed for Washington, D.C. in the next several days.
YOU can make that happen!
In fact, we have no one else to turn to. The entire pro-life movement is made up of people like you who care enough to give generously when we can truly make a difference for the babies.
This is one of those times.

God only knows when we will get another opportunity like this.
We must show Him that we will not squander His blessings.

When He puts victory within our reach,
we must grasp it with all we’ve got!

And imagine how President Bush will react if we pro-lifers don’t do all we can to support him when he has put victory within our reach! Do you think he’ll be anxious to go out on a limb once again if we let him down?
Think again!
This is it, my good friend!
It’s now or never.
And so I must ask you…
Will you send us your utmost gift of support so we can fight this battle and WIN?
God knows how much we need your help, and I know He will bless you immeasurably for coming to our aid… for doing your part… for fighting against the sick baby-killers… and for saving the next 45 million babies from being murdered in their mothers’ wombs.
Our land is already soaked in blood.

It’s time we make it STOP.
And now we can.
Won’t you send your life-saving gift… today?
Until abortion ends,
Troy Newman
President, Operation Rescue
It’s finally within our grasp!
Our three Truth Trucks will help drive the pro-life message home as we canvass every mile of street and highway in Washington, D.C. for the next several weeks.
Our seasoned staff will organize prayer vigils and other events to maximize attention to our pro-life message.

But ONLY YOU can help us get there.
Together, we can end abortion.
It’s time.
Are you with us?
P.P.S. Remember, most Americans hate abortion!!!
A recent Zogby poll showed 56% of Americans believe abortion is homicide!
Americans are ready to Stop Abortion Now.
But we need YOUR HELP to get that message out!
That’s why, as our way of saying “Thank You” for any gift you can send us now, I’m going to send you one of our powerful “STOP ABORTION NOW!” bumper stickers.

And if you can give a donation of $35 or more, I’ll also send you a signed copy of my book, Their Blood Cries Out, which reveals the deep spiritual reasons why our nation must stop shedding the innocent blood of babies… or else we’ll feel God’s wrath in ways that will make 9/11 look mild by comparison.
For your minimum donation of $20 I will send you our collectible “STOP ABORTION NOW!” lapel pin.
We really need your help. Please don’t click off this letter and forget about it.
Send your check today to:
Operation Rescue
P.O. Box 601150
Sacramento, CA 95860
For your convenience you may call our toll-free number to make a donation with your credit card. The number to call is 800-705-1175.
You can also make an instant, life-saving donation online. Just click here!
But whatever you decide, please PRAY for God’s will to be done regarding our next Supreme Court Justice. God is waiting to see what we do with this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
If we turn it down, we may not get another.
Please join with us—and may God bless you!

If for some reason you have technical difficulties with PayPal, please call our Toll Free number 1-800-705-1175 and we will be happy to take your credit/debit card donation over the telephone!