Pictures Prove Wesley/Tiller Connection in Botched Abortion

Tiller photographed at hospital with victim of bungled abortion WICHITA, KS — As ORW staffers snapped pictures and ran videotape at 12:20 PM today, an ambulance arrived at Women’s Health Care Services, the infamous late-term abortion mill owned by George Tiller, and transported a young blonde woman to Wesley Medical Center after being injured at […]

Apostate George Gardner is Dying from Cancer
Served as Tiller the Killer’s “Priest of Baal”

Wichita, Kansas – May 27, 2004 Operation Rescue West has learned that apostate minister George Gardner, 68, of the Unity Church of Wichita, has lung cancer, which has spread to his brain and lymph nodes. Gardner’s condition is regarded as very serious. He is currently in California seeking a holistic cure to his terminal illness. […]

Operation Rescue to New City Manager: “Friends of Tiller Need Not Apply”

Pro-Abortion politics are a thing of the past in Wichita, so go home if you are a friend of the abortion industry! Wichita, KS — As the city of Wichita narrows the search for a new city manager, the nation’s foremost activist anti-abortion group, Operation Rescue West, has a message for the nominating committee: Friends […]

Tiller Report now available online!

The TILLER REPORT is a 34 page report containing information gathered by Operation Rescue West’s investigation into America’s most notorious late-term abortionist, George R. Tiller. Read the startling picture of a man with an overwhelming need for respect and recognition, who is plagued by drug and alcohol addiction, and who distances himself from close personal relationships, yet claims a cultish pseudospirituality. His propensity toward substance abuse and blame shifting, along with his macabre fascination with death, leads reasonable people to have concerns about his psychological stability. In addition, this report presents documented evidence of a troubled medical practice with a history of botched and coerced abortions, abortions on minor girls as young as 12-years old, and an abortion survivor who was mercilessly left to die. The report shows that Tiller has exhibited cruel, cold-hearted treatment of women. It exposes Tiller’s death camp incinerator where the broken bodies of his tiny victims are burned in a manner that is reminiscent of the Nazi concentration camp ovens.

The report shows that, time after time, Tiller has managed to dodge criminal prosecution in spite of numerous pieces of legislation that have been passed for the express purpose of limiting his abortion business. ORW’s investigation also reveals the shocking truth, that members of Wichita’s business, political, and religious communities have aided and abetted Tiller, allowing his killing business to expand and flourish.

Late-Term Abortion Clinic Manager Quits Under Pressure
Klaege was subject of ORW’s “Year of the Rebuke”

Wichita, KS — Carrie Klaege has left her job as clinic manager at Women’s Health Care Services, the infamous late-term abortion mill run by George Tiller, the nation’s most notorious abortionist. Operation Rescue West conducted prayer walks and other educational outreaches in Klaege’s Bel Aire neighborhood as part of their “Year of the Rebuke” campaign.