Over $83,000 in Fines Assessed in Texas for Illegal Dumping of Aborted Baby Remains

Austin Texas – The Texas Commission on Environment Quality has released documents to Operation Rescue that show two Texas abortion clinics and the disposal company Stericycle have been slapped with fines in excess of $83,000 for illegal dumping of aborted baby remains. The fines are the result of complaints filed by Operation Rescue against Whole […]

Media Advisory: Texas Medical Board Will Hear 3 Abortion Cases Today, 7 Others at a Later Date

Austin, TX – Disciplinary hearings for three Texas abortionists are moving forward today, while hearings for two others have been postponed. The Texas Medical Board will hold hearings beginning at 10:00 AM (Central time) for Robert E. Hanson, Alan Molson, and William W. West, Jr., who are under accusations for various abortion abuses based on […]

Sordid History of Abortionist Karpen Should Be Considered By TX Medical Board

Austin, TX – When the Texas Medical Board considers the cases of five abortionists this Friday, one of those who is scheduled to make an appearance is Douglas A. Karpen. His history deserves a closer look. The complaint against Karpen is based on two recordings made by women who had scheduled abortions at Northpark Medical […]

First Half of ‘Texas Ten’ Abortionists Face Disciplinary Hearings Friday

Austin, TX – Five Texas abortionists are scheduled to appear before the Texas Medical Board on Friday, October 28, and answer to allegations of wrongdoing based on complaints filed by Operation Rescue based on a three-month undercover investigation. Abortionists set to appear are Robert Hanson, Alan Molson, William W. West, Jr., Franz Theard, and Douglas […]

Paying the Piper: Abortionists Face the Music at Upcoming Hearings

For decades, pro-life supporters have dreamed of seeing abortionists on trial. Today, Operation Rescue is hard at work making sure every abortionist has his or her day in court. Currently, abortionists all over the country are facing hearings in the coming weeks with state disciplinary boards and criminal courts. Below are a few important cases […]