Disturbing Trend: More Abortion Clinics Moving into the Late-Term Abortion Business

The Status of American Abortion Facilities in 2019 PART TWO OF A TWO-PART OPERATION RESCUE SPECIAL REPORT By Cheryl Sullenger A new survey of abortion facilities in the U.S. has revealed a new, disturbing industry-wide trend that shows that overall in 2019, surgical abortion facilities have expanded into the late-term abortion market, where lucrative multi-day […]

2019’s Top Ten Most Read Reports from Operation Rescue

By Cheryl Sullenger Wichita, KS – Operation Rescue had a challenging, but productive year in 2019, as reflected in our top ten most read reports.  While these reports may not reflect a comprehensive look at our work to end abortion in America, they do reflect what our supporters – and even a few haters – […]

Ohio Official that Licensed Dangerous Late-Term Abortion Mill Worked on Obama Presidential Campaign

Operation Rescue calls for Amy Acton’s resignation as Exec. Director of the Ohio Department of Health By Cheryl Sullenger Columbus, OH – When Ohio’s pro-life Governor Mike DeWine appointed Dr. Amy Acton to serve as Executive Director of the Ohio Department of Health, he may not have realized that, as a registered Democrat, Acton and […]

New Ohio Department of Health Director with Ties to Abortion Charities Keeps Discredited Abortion Facility Open

By Cheryl Sullenger Columbus, OH — Earlier this month, after a four-year legal process to terminate the abortion facility license of one of the nation’s most notorious late-term abortion facilities, it finally appeared that the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) would be allowed to uphold the law.  But the abortion facility and the new head […]

When Two Worlds Collide: Planned Parenthood Meets the Russian Collusion Hoax and Reveals a Surprising Truth

A Special Investigative Analysis from Operation Rescue By Cheryl Sullenger Washington, DC – Most Americans who casually watch the news look at the day’s events as a collection of unrelated stories.  It would astonish most people to learn that many news stories that capture headlines today are related in some way to each other. Such […]