Operation Rescue Leader Faces Jail

Jeff White goes on trial for displaying remains of a preborn baby at Pro-abortion March WASHINGTON, DC — Operation Rescue leader Jeff White will go on trial tomorrow at 9 AM in the nation?s capital for displaying the remains of a pre-born baby outside a Washington DC abortion clinic during the pro-abortion March for Women?s […]

New Documents Verify Abortion Death

Crack Operation Rescue investigators continue to uncover key evidence in late-term abortion tragedy WICHITA, KS — Operation Rescue investigators have obtained public documents that confirm the abortion death that occurred on January 13, 2005, when a 19-year old “developmentally disabled” Texas woman was rushed by ambulance from a late-term abortion mill owned by George Tiller […]

Alive or Dead? Another Tiller Patient Hospitalized

New abortion injury comes just five weeks after death of woman after abortion WICHITA, KS — An ambulance carrying a patient of Women?s Health Care Services, the infamous late-term abortion mill owned by George Tiller, arrived silently and without fanfare at the Wesley Medical Center Emergency Room at 11:21 AM today, just 5 weeks after […]

Dolly the Sheep Cloner Gets License to Clone Humans

Operation Rescue warns that human cloning is dangerous and unethical London, England — The man who cloned Dolly the Sheep has been granted a license today by the British government to begin cloning human embryos for research. Ian Wilmut, who cloned Dolly at the Roslin Institute in Scotland in 1996, has been given approval to […]

Life of the Party Tour Goes to the Super Bowl

Jacksonville, FL – The Truth Truck fleet spent Saturday cruising Jacksonville and surrounding areas testifying on behalf of the pre-born to the huge crowds that had gathered to party on the eve of the Super Bowl. Thousands of party-goers were confronted with the sobering truth about abortion as three Truth Trucks, clad with images of […]