MO Judge Rules Abortionists Will Not Testify; Resets Preliminary Injunction Hearing for June 5 in Planned Parenthood Licensing Case

By Cheryl Sullenger St. Louis, MO – Judge Michael Stelzer issued two rulings this afternoon on motions filed by Reproductive Health Services Planned Parenthood in St. Louis, Missouri, in response to subpoenas issued by the Department of Health and Senior Services that sought testimony from several Planned Parenthood abortionists in a an abortion facility licensing […]

High Drama in Missouri as State Subpoenas Abortionists that Planned Parenthood Doesn’t Want to Talk

By Cheryl Sullenger St. Louis, MO – Subpoenas were issued by the Missouri Attorney General’s office yesterday for several physicians who have conducted abortions at Reproductive Health Services Planned Parenthood, which is fighting to stave off revocation of its facility license that allows it to do abortions. This set off a flurry of filings by […]

Who Are the Abortionists at Missouri’s Last Abortion Facility and Why Have They Refused to Cooperate With Licensing Officials?

By Cheryl Sullenger St. Louis, MO – The Reproductive Health Planned Parenthood in St. Louis, Missouri, is considered to be the most dangerous abortion facility in the U.S. due to the increasing frequency with which ambulances that have transported women from that abortion facility, including three within a recent 22-day time span. It is the […]

St. Louis Judge Issues TRO Allowing Planned Parenthood to Stay Open for Four More Days

By Cheryl Sullenger St. Louis, MO – Moments ago Judge Michael Selzer issued a temporary restraining order preventing the facility license of a troubled Planned Parenthood abortion facility in St. Louis from expiring.  Judge Selzer ruled that Reproductive Health Services Planned Parenthood may remain licensed and operating until June 4, 2019, at 9:00 a.m. when […]

Awaiting Judge’s Decision: Missouri Governor and Health Department Head Speak Out About Planned Parenthood’s “Unprecedented” Lack of Cooperation

By Cheryl Sullenger St. Louis, MO – Planned Parenthood’s motion for a temporary restraining order blocking the state from enforcing laws and regulations is in the hands of Judge Michael Francis Selzer this morning as the nation awaits his ruling that could pave the way for Missouri to become the first abortion free state since […]